Monday, July 9, 2012

Survival of the Sweatiest

Well, we survived. Mostly intact. Indeed, we chose the three hottest days on the planet for our garage sale. But there was just no turning back, baby.

On set-up day, I found myself wandering out to the garage numerous times, whereupon I would look at the hot disorganized mess in front of me, slide slowly into a trance, then turn and head back inside. My brain underwent a rare type of paralysis induced by extreme heat and wimpy-ness.

On day one of our sale, my ankles started to swell.

On day two, I wore a sports bra under my tank top like it was a normal thing to do. Just the thought of hardware of any kind...I simply couldn't hack it.

Customers kept say, "There's a cold front coming in on Sunday!" I wanted to cut them.

But then there was this. Help me. Can your heart take the cuteness? My friend Sasha told me about the Lemon:Aid project through Bloodwater Mission so I got a kit and put the kids to work. They spent Friday morning serving up cups of Countrytime for donations. Ruby kept shouting, "Free lemonade! I mean...."

In the end, they earned $72, which will provide clean water for 72 kids for one year. It was so much fun to watch them get excited about it.  They are learning at a very young age that they have a responsibility to act on behalf of the powerless. Beautiful.

 Meanwhile, we came dangerously close to death in the tomb-like garage.
And now, here I sit, watching Rick Bayless make ceviche on PBS at 12:22 in the ayem. And I don't even like ceviche.

I'm terribly uncool when it comes to sushi. You just might as well know it.

Also, I've never had my eyebrows waxed. Like, ever.

I don't understand the fuss about Katy Perry.

I want people to stop picking on Jessica Simpson.

I tried to wear my apron skirt to the sale and it wouldn't zip all the way.

I need my fingernails to be short. Always, always short. When I make a fist, I must not feel them on my palm. It is imperative.

And on that note, I shall retire to my boudoire. Which reminds me: I need to tell you about the housecoat I bought at the SV.

I am old and weird.



  1. You make my day. : ) Just sayin'.

  2. yay for the lemonaid stand! so happy you did it!!! and you survived the sale. there should be a badge for that. ; )

  3. So glad you made it! I thought about you all weekend as we melted into puddles here in VA. I don't even know how you did it; I'm pretty sure I would've wimped out and just given everything away willy-nilly. However, your actual survival is encouraging to me as my veryown completely unorganized yard sale is this upcoming Saturday.

    Fortunately there's a cold front coming tomorrow ;)

    p.s. Yay for the littles' Lemon Aid success. Makes my heart happy...

  4. I'm sorry to hear the sun blazed down upon your yardsale.....way to stick it out! Do here in Texas, we've been roasting too, and today when I was attempting to save a baby goat who became a little too overly confident and got his head stuck in some fencing, I felt all 110 degrees of it.

    I'm a redhead, so I freckle.

    I earned a few new freckles today.

    By the way, your kiddos make my heart melt for their servant's attitude. And my ankles swell every summer :)

  5. YOu are so funny. I live in Ohio and I can't believe you had a yard sale this past weekend. I wanted to cry just going to get our mail. I even thought about people have yard sales when I saw signs in our town, "Oh, you poor people trying to have a yard sale today. ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?!?" HAHA kidding. You are brave. The lemon-aid stand is priceless, what a beautiful activity for them. I may have to look that one up for my kiddos. The eyebrows? I am a waxing virgin as well. I have always thought since I have light (now partially light with gray highlights) hair that I never needed waxing because you couldn't see my eyebrows. Now I will look in the rear-view mirror in my car and about have an accident when I see them in natural light. Holy cow. I now store tweezers in my purse. How long have they been like this and nobody told me? Hope you have a great week... I am sitting on my sun porch right now and it is definitely cooler outside!

  6. I am swooning for the apron skirt!!!

  7. If I had a garage sale over those days everything would have had to be 1 cent. Math would have been "This is your brain, forget the drugs."

  8. Glad you do always bring a smile to my face. Maybe because I keep thinking..."Me too!"

  9. glad you survived! it was a hot one! We decided to clean up the yard in the heat..was real smart.I just kept saying to myself.. surely all this sweat is shedding pounds.I hoped at least.

    YES!! LOVE the Lemon:Aid stand. Great way to get the kiddos involved on their level.

    and lastly do I spy that great blue art cabinet..from your boys room??..I'm sure it amazing-ness sold? Did it sell? Would make an excellent school room cabinet? Let me know if you still have it would maybe be interested

  10. Very cool about the lemonade.

    My first husband and I bought that exact, same oak table. Or at least the chairs; I recognize the chairs. My brother and SIL have had it for the last 8 years. It's held up really well. I went formica only to turn around and go pine...b/c my kids destroyed the formica.

  11. I seriously don't know how you did it. We have been in hibernation for some time now. What a great lesson for the littles to learn. I have to go trim my nails now. Thanks for the reminder. I am also a member of the short nail club.

  12. woot woot!
    you could you please come and help me organize my garage sale?

    i get a nasty tick every time i think about tackling the ridiculous amount of things swelling in the basement and garage. :/

    heeeeelppppp! :)

  13. What I need to know is did you sale all of those treasures or did you have to haul all your junk back into the garage? (Please say garage with a British accent here for effect.)

    Cutest Lemonaders Ever. Amen.


  14. Thank You for being obedient in answering Gods call to build a well and provide fresh water to those with out it. I know that one of my own "littles" will never be the same because of it. He has discovered his "burden."

  15. I am old and weird. You are young and weird.


  16. dude. the blue shelf? why can't you ship to oregon?!

    i'm with you on katy, sushi and jessica, and eyebrows. we must be soul sistas.

  17. It's not normal to wear a sports bra under tank tops? Seriously? You been living under a rock or what! I, of the liberated and hot-blooded sort, have been doing it since forever and I thought the rest of the world did, too.

    Another option: skip the bra all together. It feels mahvelous!

  18. We are selling some things via Craiglist these days - a little bit each week until our garage is purged. I just can't stand the thought of sitting in 100 degree heat - I'm a wimp.
    No eye brow waxing? You are a lucky gal. Mine need it desperately - I look like a Sesame Street character, and I hate plucking. Also I do not understand the Katy Perry thing. And I'd rather eat a good pizza than sushi any day. :)

  19. Love that you couldn't hack to hardware this weekend. And go those awesome kids for scoring their $72!

  20. Buwahahaha we may be the only people who threaten to cut people during charitable events. My husband said I should get a black heart tattooed somewhere prominent, so people know what ther getting Into before we speak. Ahahaha
    I tried to be cool once. I went to sushi with a huge group of cool people. They were so excited. I was nervous to put raw items in my mouth certain it would be like licking sewage. I was right. I gagged into my husband's face go promised to love me even if I defiled the sushi countertop. I love him

  21. I heartily agree with you on all things within this post, especially fingernails and Jessica Simpson. LOL

    And I LOVE that your little peeps did the lemon:aid stand this weekend- we did ours on Friday too and HUGE fun success. :)

  22. To funny! I have never had my eyebrows waxed either. High Five for doing the garage sale - and I feel you about the hotter than you know where weather. I am a cool weather girl and temps in the 90's and 100's is not okay in my book! We spend the first few days of the heat wave with out electricity - it was knocked out in the storm on last Sunday and didn't come back on until Thursday. I posted a cute picture on Sunday that might make you laugh about the heat - I know I felt this way...

  23. That Lemon:Aid stand is great!! I'm glad they made some money! I too have never had my eyebrows waxed, I'm contemplating it though and until recently have always had short nails.

  24. Oh my word! Someone who finally agrees with me about Katy Perry. I just do not see the appeal. I also have the fingernail issue. I think we are twins, but you are the skinny one, and I am the less hairy one because I definitely wax multiple areas of my facial region.

  25. I am sure you wrote great deep words but all I could see was that blue shelf like thing and the huge music framed print. I want them both. Ergggghhh.

  26. I love what I got at your sale. Crazy me,'s still just sitting there. I haven't put anything up. Oh well...what is this about a housecoat? And what's the SV? You had me laughing, though.

  27. Girl, you want to talk about survival?! Try camping against your will in that beast of a heat wave. ;) I nearly didn't make it. Given the chance, I would've chugged all of that Countrytime. No joke.

    Yay for a successful sale and woohooo for all that clean water!! Awesome.

    P.S. Totally stealing this title for my new blog post. Ok? Ok.

  28. what an awesome looking garage sale ! I LOVE garage sales ! We don't really have them in the UK, we have car boot sales instead, which are equally as awesome. So glad the kids had fun !