Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sneaky Vacay

All I'm saying is, you know you're desperate for a vacation when you fly all the way to Florida only to fly back two and a half days later. It was lightening fast. It was extra perfect.

These yahoos came with us. Andy provided the entertainment. Timi joined me as an additional voice of reason amid the din of.....two guys who have been friends since they had baby teeth and full heads of hair.

The nice thing about vacationing with friends is that you actually end up with a few photos of yourself. Thanks, Andy!

Here's what we did on our vacation: We slept in, lounged around watching videos on CMT, hit the pool, drank pina coladas, ate fried fish for lunch, hit the beach, watched a little reality TV, read some books, ate grilled fish for dinner, watched movies, ate dessert.

Rinse. Repeat.

It was brilliant in every way.

 We did a little shell-hunting.

We got raccoon eyes.

At some point, inspiration struck and we did, well, this.

I have no earthly idea why we did it. It just seemed like the right thing to do. (Still a little bitter that Cory missed my imperfectly-executed herkey.)

Some home-front excitement/drama erupted while we were gone. I didn't get all caught up on my sleep. I'm allergic to shellfish. The starfish amputees scared me a little.

But for two little days, I was fancy-free to my core. I didn't worry about cabinet hardware or doctor's offices. I was inspired and reminded of some of the things I'm most thankful for.

The big bonus: We still have all of July ahead of us!

So, here's to the shortest vacation! {clink} I liked you, Shorty.

PS - I have key-ring winners!! 

1) Ann: My favorite artist is a local named Eileen. She creates folky/vintage collages with paper and paints over them. Best thing hanging in my house (besides my kids' work) is one of hers. Oh, and as far as famous, I love the painting Thanksgiving by Doris Lee, not because of how it looks but because of how it makes me feel.

2) Tami: My mother is a talented artist, and I must say my personal favorite! I also have always had an affinity towards the black and white images of Ansel Adams. (His Yosemite photos speak to my childhood memories.)

Email me your address, Ladies!


  1. Fun! We have yet to take a vacation sans kids, I think we are due! Glad you could sneak away, even if it was just for a shorty!

  2. So glad you got away! I imagined your herkey. It was all kinds of fabulous. Spirit. Let's hear it.


  3. How wonderful!! Sounds so great!

  4. Fun! The short vacay still looks like you were able to squeeze in lots of good times with good friends. I'd take it!

  5. That sounds like just what you needed! I am in awe that you can do a herkey. I'm 99 percent sure that is the single thing that kept me from making the squad in 7th grade. I hope your shorty was extra restorative.

  6. I'm still laughing at the photo of you two taken by your friend.

    sounds like my kind of vacation.

  7. I need a vacay of the short variety. Glad you got away! Hope you frame that blurry photo - it's a keeper.

  8. Once,when I lived in Vegas but wanted to be anywhere else, I was given a plane ticket to go anywhere southwest travels. I had to use it in 24 hours because it was expiring and I had to be gone for only a day as my hubby had to be to work. I chose Reno. My daughter was 4 months d at the time, so I loaded her up, pointed randomly on a map,and then decided Pierre seemed like a lame spot to waste this opportunity. I went where my heart was. I chose Reno. My brother and sis n law were great. They took us to as many places as possible in that tiny time frame. We fished, we shopped for fudge, we hunted pumpkins, we picked apples, we hid fish under a tree. Good times. Still a very memorable trip.

  9. looks like a blast. love that last pic. super cool. we are vacationing with some friends at the end of the summer. never done that before and we'll have our kids! eeeek!!!! but i love their kids and we parent similarly so it will be awesome...can't wait.

  10. What a way to kick off Summer. I can't wait to get a closer look at Cory's new hair cut.

  11. How fun! You know if you'd been much closer, I'd have had to pull up a chair and crash your party!

    I was going to tell you that another really cool place to visit in FL is the Apalachicola area...St. George Island and Carrabelle are towns close by. I've been all over FL and they were so different, unpopulated and quaint. I mean, if you're going for an Orlando experience, that is not the place for you, but I thought it was so cool there.

    And of course the Tampa Bay area is incomparable, really. Heaven on earth, actually. ;)

    1. I'm always replying to my own comments. I know.

      But also, Mexico Beach is really close to Panama City Beach, but unpopulated, too. Ok, my ode to FL is over for now. But seriously, next time, Crabby Bill's. Amen.

  12. These are such great pics! Looks like you had so much fun :)

  13. Too fun! Love the pictures! :-)

  14. You were in Fl ?! Hope the floridians were nice.we can be a bit testy depending on our origin of birth! I'm an Alabama girl so sweet n southern down to the core. Wink. Looks like a blast! I've been begging husband to load up the camper for a stay cation. We've nevere stayed at the national park in our camper and I think it might be fun.

  15. yay for vacays! glad you went with good friends. :))