Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Once, Twice, Three Times a Grandma

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and sometimes it throws you two. Sometimes, things are so coincidental that all you can do is laugh.

Here's an example: Haven found out she was expecting. Then Robert found out his "Baby Mama" (his words) was expecting. Both babies were due on June 18th, which happens to be my birthday. Only then Robert's Baby Mama found out she was having twins, so now the tally was up to 3 birthday babies.

I'm not gonna lie: I sort of loved that all these crazy babies were going to meet the world and party with me on June 18th.

But then Becky went a week early (twins will do that to you) and Haven went late (as in, while-I-was-on-my-two-day-vacation late).

I met all the babies and suddenly, life seems even better.

I wasn't expecting that.

I spent plenty of time stressing over everything, worrying that no one was ready, wishing things could be different.

I wasn't expecting to fall in love three times over. I wasn't prepared for the pride I would feel over my biggest kids with their littles.

Here's the miracle of tiny babies: They are a blank slate. They're wide open with promise and grace. They don't see us through the same lens as everyone else in the room. The shadows of our past mistakes don't settle down around our shoulders, making even our good parts seem more like a fluke. They see only who we are right now. Life becomes an opportunity to be exactly who we always knew we were. Everything moves forward, nothing in reverse.

They are brand new and all they really need is love. And, well, food. And sleep. And stability. And books, they need books. And songs. Diapers, clothes, blah blah blah.

But mostly, just love.

And security.

I'll stop now.


Say it with me: Love! 

I know a thing or two about the love Robert and Haven have to give. I know it's there,  just waiting for a reason for its big, bad debut.

There will be hard days and harder nights, but God has a purpose in each of them.

So I've become that lady, the one who shows baby pictures on my phone to perfect strangers, the one who can't sleep at night because I'm spending all my time wondering how everyone's doing.

What a gift, to be a part of these lives.

It goes against my strongest instinct to not force them both to sign an oath stating that they will text me daily updates for the rest of eternity.

I guess this kinda makes me a Grandma(ish). I mean, sort of. But not really, because I'm not that old, people. Even if my wrinkled mug seems to be telling a different story lately. Even if the receptionist at the twins' doctor visit took one look at me and announced, "So, you must be Grandma!" Uh, no. I did not birth Becky when I was 13. But thanks for asking.

Becky's words to me: "Now who's gonna go saying something like that?" (insert that face. you know the one.)

My words to Becky: "Promise me that you'll never say that to someone unless her hair is white and all of her teeth are missing. All of them."

We were both a bit scarred, but it wasn't anything a fountain Coke couldn't fix.

Hey - Guess who else is entirely smitten with Avery? :)

That's her name. Avery. I love it. And know what else? One of Robert's sons is Avery. Just to make the whole thing a tiny bit more strangely, wonderfully, confusing.

But really - is she not the cutest little girl you have ever seen in your entire life?

Life just never, ever stops with its unexpected goodness.


  1. Wow, congrats grandma! Babies are so exciting!

  2. I confess, I am a little jealous over all the babies in your life. But, I will bide my time...

  3. Goodness gracious...when you say "drama" you mean it! How lucky you all are to welcome such perfect little blessings. Avery is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!!

  4. i wil pray for God's amazing grace and abundant love to OVERFLOW upon these babies. haven, and robert and becky that is. that it may flow even more beautifully into the real babies lives. may God grant grace and wsidom and more grace as they all learn and grow together. what a blessing you and cory must be to them right now.

  5. Wowy wow wow! Just when you think your heart can't get any fuller. BAM!

  6. Just smell their heads, Granny, and soak in all that yumsciousness.

  7. Baby love!! Let's face it, you're the cutest grandma in town.

  8. So, so sweet. Love those baby faces.

    I stopped coloring my hair. It's a losing battle and I'm proud of my grandma status. Thankfully, I still have all my teeth. Must have been all the dental assistant training. ;) Ha!

    My daughter is five days overdue with baby girl number two. I know she's holding out for the 4th in honor of her mama's patriotic soul.

  9. They are beauties. How crazy that all of them came into your life at the same time, practically! And all around your birthday….is that not a sign of something or what? Life has a funny way of taking twists and turns that we can't plan for. How blessed those Haven, Robert and their babies are to have you there to guide them and to be an example of a loving and real family. Enjoy those yummy babies!

  10. Is it me or is there just something about the contrast of a tough looking dude holding a tiny baby??? :) Congrats grandm...er.... Aunt Shannon!!! So precious.

  11. Congrats!! They are so amazingly perfect and beautiful! But, what's the other baby's name?? :)

    1. Anthony! Note to self: Do not write posts at midnight. :)

  12. oh man that's awesome!!
    i love all the unexpected confusing will they be ok goodness of your life right now, granny ;)

  13. Oh my word! Sweet little babies...congratulations to everyone! =) Especially you, Grandma. (I can't believe that lady asked you that...Think before speaking people!!)

  14. Congrats :) I took my 4 year old son to the doctors office with me & the receptionist said "is this your grandson?" Seriously? She has my info & age right in front of her face! I guess she thinks I had a baby at 16 & my baby had a baby at 16? I was highly irritated & she laughed & said she wasn't good with ages why would you assume someones a grandma & not go for the latter & make a grandma feel young? I had to share my experience. Love your blog! The babies are adorable & my favorite picture is Silas with Avery it melted my heart.


  15. Granny Shanny! I love the new babies in your life! How blessed your are! How blessed they are to have such a hip, young gramster. Praying your big kids see and feel God's presence in their new roles as parents.

    Love to you all!

  16. amazing! what blessings all around.
    i'm taking your wise "grandma" words and putting them in my pocket...you're so so right on!

    congratulations, lovely lady!

  17. Oh girl you do not know how timely your words are:

    "They are a blank slate. They're wide open with promise and grace."

    I needed to hear that today in a bad way.

    I have so much to fill you in on.

    These babies are beautiful.

    Love that Avery name, plenty much for it to go around. :)

    And that Siley.... LAW.

    Be still my heart.


  18. Three babies????!!!! Now that is heaven on earth, Farmgirl.
    Three times the sweet little cries.
    Three times the sweet little smells.
    Three times the teeny tiny sweet little clothes.
    So far I haven't been mistaken for a grandma, but when my oldest was 18, he and I were visiting a college and checked into a hotel where the clerk thought we were married.
    Me and my 18 year old son.
    He was especially mortified. (Rightly so.)
    No fountain coke could help that one.

    1. This just cracked my butt up so bad.

      (Don't tell the kids I said butt.)

  19. Awww, what an awesome post. Such healing words and warm fuzzies for me. I read it twice in a row and I'm not finished.

    (Is it weird that I secretly hoped Robert & Haven had gotten together? It is, right? So I'm glad you got us attached to Becky, too, so I can move on with that...)

    Great big blessings to all! Such beautiful babies!!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Here's a conversation that happened last Syear in my mini van (pre-pregnancies)

      H: Yeah, Joe is totally in love with me. He wants to marry me.
      R: He wants to MARRY you?
      H: Pretty much.
      R: Hmmm. No offense, but I could never marry you.
      H: Yeah, I could never marry you, either.

      The end.

      I cracked UP in the front seat! That pretty much settled it.

  20. Babies do have the ability to reel us in. Haven't held a newborn in a while. ;(

  21. Is it weird that I saw you last night in Meijer and felt a little bit like I had seen a celebrity. It made me happy in a down home sort of way. I considered saying Hi and that I love your blog, but I decided that was waaayyy too far out of my comfort zone. : ) But today, I'm wishing I would have. So here I am saying Hi from the comfort of my keyboard. : ) So, let me introduce myself . . . I'm Karen Boone. I'm friends with Keisha (she helped us out lots at The Barn in between all her travels) and I read your blog. Speaking of K, has she made it to Australia? I haven't checked facebook since she sent out her most recent update. Happy day and enjoy Ohio! : )

    1. WHAT?!? I wish you would have said hello! That's the Meijer I used to work in. Yup. Right at home, I was. :) I hope I wasn't being a weirdo somehow, when you saw me...

      Just got an email from Keisha and she's safely in Australia.

      Thanks for saying Hi, Karen!

  22. Awesomeness. And by the way not all us grandmas have white hair and no teeth. I may or may not be on my way to smack you. LOL Those babies make me anxious for baby Clifford to get here in August!

  23. I know this road well, I know how hard it is. But then you see those sweet babies and it doesn't matter how they got there, just that they're there. Your big kids and all their babies are blessed beyond measure to have your family to love on them!

  24. they are so lucky to have you, sweet girl. each one of them.

  25. had no idea that both of your older kids were expecting babies....so glad that they have all arrived safely into the world....I'm sure you'll do a great job of grand mothering them. :)

  26. Truly breathtakingly beautiful babies. Love this post!!!

  27. Beauty full babies, all of them just like their grandma. Sorry, I just HAD to!

  28. I love it. Perfectly imperfect, all of it...That there was three, two with the same name, due on your birthday. If you ever questioned it before I think it's just another little-big reminder that you are right where you should be in the middle of their lives. I wish I could come snuggle a baby. Have fun, Granny.

  29. Isn't it the best?? I go by Mimi because I didn't birth my oldest at 12. But the relationship I have with her {now 22 month old} baby is one of the deepest, most unexpected joys of my life. Enjoy that times three!

  30. Blessings!! I want to hold them all. And kiss their foreheads and babysit.

  31. This is truth. It made me cry. We spend so much time wishing for different when really, this is perfect.

  32. I became a true grandma at age 34. My granddaughter is now 2 1/2. She was unexpected, that is for sure! But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Congrats to you all!

  33. Awe so precious! God has blessed you abundantly with so many that need your love and guidance.Nothing Sweeter! I was a Grandma at 43 and my daughter was 16 shy 20 days of being 17 but what a blessing our lil Man has been to all of us.Life Changing~Blessings to all

  34. oh, they are beautiful. i'm sweet on those three already! (and i'm rather impressed with how that receptionist handles all those files when she is legally blind. the wonders, they never cease.)

  35. friend. my womb is aching. I am in dire need of shan-time. let's do it.

    I want these babies!!!

  36. flowerpatch:

    Adorable pic of Silas and baby. How was your 4th? Always look forward to reading your posts.

  37. Love coming here to read what God is doing in your family. And that first picture - beautiful!


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