Friday, July 13, 2012

Curtain Call

Remember when I wrote that guest post saying you should pull design inspiration directly off the hangers in your closet?

I present to you....

My living room curtains.

After much angst and consternation and the throwing-up-of-hands, I happened upon this "tapestry", from Urban Outfitters. It is only fate that dropped me unwittingly onto the bedding section of the website.

Each "tapestry" (it's so not a tapestry...) cost $30 and will make two panels.

That means curtains for 3 windows for less than $100.

Pros: It is a large-scale repeating pattern, which is what I was looking for. I like the colors.

Cons: They are ten past crazy. And I have the orange chair to contend with (have I mentioned that I don't really like things to match?)

But I'm anxious to see them up against the white walls, all the same.

The lesson here is clear: When life gives you cheap lemons, slice them down the middle and slap 'em on a rod.