Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zakka Attacka

Zakka, a Japanese term, has been "loosely translated to mean 'miscellaneous goods', 'many things', or 'sundries', but it has grown to mean a style that embodies a kind of simple charm and uniqueness -- something handmade that is useful yet pleasing.

Back when I first became pals with Jess, I would refer to her as "my artist friend". She is an artist to her core. She's always wowing me with her craftiness then dismissing my raves like it ain't no thang.

She recently left a vintage fruit crate of hand-made goodness in my mud room and I'd never hoard the swoonery, so let's party it up, Zakka-style.

Each item featured is one-of-a-kind and can be purchased by emailing Jess at

She accepts payment via Paypal, check, money order or, if you are local, you can pick your item up from me and pay cash.

Zakka box sale ends Monday, June 18th, so don't tarry, fine lassies!

**Jess is giving away 2 super secret collage key rings. To enter, tell us in the comments who your favorite artist is or what your favorite work of art is.**

Collage key ring - $6.50 each

(I bought one of these collage key chains months ago and it's my very favorite.)

Stenciled key ring - $5.00 each

Yo-yo barrettes - $6.00 per pair

Set of 4 linen napkin rings - $12.00

Quilted collage coasters - $10.00 for a set of 4

Size 6 toddler slippers - $20.00

Vintage fabric pillow - $12.00

Insulated lunch tote - $28.00

Wristlet - $14.00

Fine Vintage sampler - $10.00

Up-cycled erasers - $8.00
(I bought one of these at a craft fair not realizing it was hers. It is perfect.)

Set of 2 Farmgirl notecards (same design) - $4.25

Pack of 4 Trillium notecards - $7.00

Yo-yo posies - $3.25 each

Crocheted headband - $14.00 each

Go here to like the Jessica Flores Design facebook page.

Email Jess at to purchase and for shipping info. And don't forget to enter the key ring give-away!


  1. My current because it changes with the seasons of my life favorite work is Two Sisters, Valencia by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida. When I first saw it at The Chicago Art Institute I nearly wept from the beauty of it. Current Favorite artist and truth be told she has been for quite some time Georgia O'Keefe. The colors and the simplicity. She painted what she saw even when it was just clouds or rocks. I perhaps would look at that and say there is nothing to paint. That inspires me.

  2. I love Frida Kahlo. I could stare at one of her paintings all day!

  3. I'm a Jackson Pollock fan. This baffles my husband.

  4. Can my 7 year old be my favorite artist?? This girl can make something beautiful out of coffee filters, lots and lots of tape and markers! Her creativity blesses me and inspires me...she is an artist to the core!

  5. Love these key rings! I think my favorite art would have to be jewelry. I am a sucker for it! But I do appreciate all kinds for sure. Thanks!

  6. My fav artist is my cousin, Jessica Hiemstra, she is super talented and we have a huge canvas by her above our mantel. I love it.

  7. You are never going to believe this, but I have been making yo-yo barrettes at my house. It's true. Addicted. Like crack bark.

    This is all so lovely!

    My favorite artist at the moment is sweet Hannah Singer! She is wooing me with her earrings. :)

  8. My fav artist is my hubby. Started a degree in art but ended up going the "more responsible" way. I encourage him to complete that art degree as often as I can. I really hope he does it one day.

  9. My mother is a talented artist, and I must say my personal favorite! I also have always had an affinity towards the black and white images of Ansel Adams. (His Yosemite photos speak to my childhood memories.)

  10. I'm embarrassed to say I don't have a favorite artist. I'll be scouring the web today to figure it out. But all this stuff is so stinkin' cute. Love it - all of it :)

  11. Actually I would have to say my favorite artist would be my boys. They are 8 and 3 and every time I see one of their art projects I’m amazed at their imagination, love them!

    Probably not the answer you where searching for but thats what came to mind first :)

    PS I do like your friend Jess’s creativity path.


  12. Favorite artist? I'm just learning about art while homeschooling my kids ... and Mary Cassat is one of the first ones we've studied. I also like the biography of Grandma Moses.

    I have an "artist friend" too. Your friend is really creative! Fun stuff!

  13. Oh how could I choose m favorite artist. I have so many and they are all different. It used to be Mary Englebreit and I still love her. I love so many of the new etsy let me choose........All is Bright for her beautiful rageddy dolls.
    Your friends items are great. I will be checking out her site.

  14. Dude.
    Girlfriend's got some serious skills! I adore all of her creations :) favorite artist?? Yikes. That is a toughie - I am a lover of alot of things. I guess I will have to go with Ansel Adams. I love black & white, nature, and I LOVE Yosemite.

    ps - she doesnt have an Etsy store? Or did I miss that somewhere...??

    1. She does have an Etsy shop. (You can find it linked from her blog, which is linked above.) We decided not to overtly promote the Etsy on this post. Thought it might get confusing since she's selling so much fun stuff here.

  15. Hmmm, favorite artist - I also don't really have one. I have a friend who has a ministry making clay crosses and I adore this friend, so maybe she's my favorite. Also, I love John Wind Jewelry!

    Love the simple charm of Jess' sweet pieces. How fun to have her as a friend!

    Thanks for the give away!


  16. Right now my favorite artist is my sis-in-law Aimee. She creates the most beautiful art on old barn doors. Check her out!

    Those key chains are super cute!

  17. I'm so boring but I love Monet :)

    and those keychains!!

    xo ellie

  18. I'm not sure how to even choose!!! I really do love art and artists of all's all so unique and inspiring!!! Loving Jessica's's all so fun and lovely!!!! I'd love one of those cute keychains <3

  19. Those key chains are crazy cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Oh, and "zakka" might be one of my new favorite words. :)

  21. What cute key chains! I might have to find a new spot to hang my keys b/c my 3 yr old daughter will want to "play" with them! My favorite artist is my neighbor, Leslie Vance. She creates beauty all around her & has the coolest art studio!!!

  22. One of my favorite artists right now is Lisa Leonard. Her blog is inspiring and I love her jewelry peices! Your friend Jess is seriously talented! How cute are those toddler slippers!!

  23. My favorite artist is a local named Eileen. She creates folky/vintage collages with paper and paints over them. Best thing hanging in my house (besides my kids' work) is one of hers. Oh, and as far as famous, I love the painting Thanksgiving by Doris Lee, not because of how it looks but because of how it makes me feel.

  24. I'm loving Katie Daisy ( and have several prints of her paintings in my home. Cheery but subtle.

    Also...could that insulated lunch tote be any cuter? Adorable!

    Meredith W.
    murdkitten at yahoo dot com

  25. of my favorites is Dottie Angel. Eclectic, crazy, one of a kind...
    Kind of like the sweet key chains!

  26. oh for the love. i want it all. is she willing to accept payments over 5 years?? ; )

    my favorite artist? our girl, becky strahle. her painting of my house that i won is my most favorite of all. : )

  27. Today I would say Wayne Thiebaud- taught a lesson on him for my daughter's Kindergarten class this past school year so his is the first name that popped in my head. He paints mostly food and layers the paint to look like thick fluffy frosting, but of course I love most crafters/artists I see when I am out in about!

  28. Ok...favorite artist. I saw Dali in Spain and was swept away. There was so much intensity. I could see the post-war processing going on. But I am a love love love Sarah Faulkner and J. Rutland makes me happy.

  29. Aw her stuff is darling! love those key rings:)

  30. I must say my fav is Bob Ross. I saw an amazing sky on our recent road trip & actually said to my husband that it looked like Bob Ross painted it. I'm sure the Lord felt like thumping me in the head.

    Loving all these beautiful things!

    1. Oh shoot. I should have said the Lord is my favorite artist. That would have totally made up for my Bob Ross sky comment. Why does He even love me?!

  31. Love all those things! Having creative friends is awesome :)

  32. I'm pretty jealous that Jess is your friend. I don't have a mud room, but she can totally leave things on my porch.

  33. Loving each of these things! So beautiful and creative! I want a keyring!!

  34. I love Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec! And those keyrings are super duper cute!

  35. Cuteness! I love it all!

    The little totes? the keyrings? She's one of "those people" who can do everything well, yes? Darn. It. :-)

    I'm going to check out her shop and FB page, thanks for the links!

    Hope your Sunday is fabulous!



    PS: watched Jim Gaffigan last night with Brad and thought of you...

  36. How lovely! All of these things are just gorgeous! My favorite artist is my 3 year old, she can draw some pretty sweet potato looking people :)

  37. Vincent van Gogh -- the bedroom one he did. Do you know it?

    LOVE all this cute stuff!

  38. OH I just love all of it. I hope I'm not too late to be entered. Pick a favorite artist? impossible it's like picking a favorite child or pet or pair of shoes I love way way way too many to pick. I'd lose sleep if i had eo pick one. Thanks for the chance.
    Karen R