Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zakka Attacka

Zakka, a Japanese term, has been "loosely translated to mean 'miscellaneous goods', 'many things', or 'sundries', but it has grown to mean a style that embodies a kind of simple charm and uniqueness -- something handmade that is useful yet pleasing.

Back when I first became pals with Jess, I would refer to her as "my artist friend". She is an artist to her core. She's always wowing me with her craftiness then dismissing my raves like it ain't no thang.

She recently left a vintage fruit crate of hand-made goodness in my mud room and I'd never hoard the swoonery, so let's party it up, Zakka-style.

Each item featured is one-of-a-kind and can be purchased by emailing Jess at

She accepts payment via Paypal, check, money order or, if you are local, you can pick your item up from me and pay cash.

Zakka box sale ends Monday, June 18th, so don't tarry, fine lassies!

**Jess is giving away 2 super secret collage key rings. To enter, tell us in the comments who your favorite artist is or what your favorite work of art is.**

Collage key ring - $6.50 each

(I bought one of these collage key chains months ago and it's my very favorite.)

Stenciled key ring - $5.00 each

Yo-yo barrettes - $6.00 per pair

Set of 4 linen napkin rings - $12.00

Quilted collage coasters - $10.00 for a set of 4

Size 6 toddler slippers - $20.00

Vintage fabric pillow - $12.00

Insulated lunch tote - $28.00

Wristlet - $14.00

Fine Vintage sampler - $10.00

Up-cycled erasers - $8.00
(I bought one of these at a craft fair not realizing it was hers. It is perfect.)

Set of 2 Farmgirl notecards (same design) - $4.25

Pack of 4 Trillium notecards - $7.00

Yo-yo posies - $3.25 each

Crocheted headband - $14.00 each

Go here to like the Jessica Flores Design facebook page.

Email Jess at to purchase and for shipping info. And don't forget to enter the key ring give-away!