Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Summer Always Is

This is what we did last week, in the 93 degree heat. Is the world ready for soccer players as cute as these? They were such troopers. By the fourth day, Ruby would run over to me during water breaks and holler, "Mom, are we done now?" Poor baby girl. It was so blazing hot.

Every single day, after soccer camp, we shuffled quite begrudgingly off to the hospital for a blood draw. I have discovered anew that a chocolate shake from Rally's can go a long way toward redeeming a cruddy afternoon.

Also? I really liked having some alone time with my main squeeze, even if tourniquets were involved.

Truth be told, I've been feeling a little whiny lately about summer's ridiculous, incessant rush. 

I feel like we just haven't done enough of this.

Or this...

I just haven't had enough opportunities to set up a make-shift kitchen on my plastic folding table in the carpeted dining room.

Back in May, I dreamed of swimming 'til our toes puckered and crafts on the rainy days. Turns out, it doesn't rain anymore in these parts and we're too dang busy to swim.

It can make a hormonal girl get a little weepy, if she lets it.

The good news is, we camped with friends all weekend. Calvin didn't leave the lake for something like 17 hours straight. Ruby perfected several moves on the "gymnastics swing". Silas threw sand at other kids. Cory and I stuffed our faces. I avoided the port-a-potty as if it was the plague itself.

A fun time was had by all!

So that's what I'm focusing on tonight. Yes, the summer is going way too fast. Yes, my expectations are, as usual, too high. Yes, there have been some wrenches thrown about.

The grass is crispy brown, but the sky is so blue, baby. The barns and the clouds and the haphazard hay, it still stops me in my tracks. The peanut butter sheet cake is prolific. The berries are ready.

Summer is still summer, even when she's misbehaving a little.

I'll take her any way I can get her.