Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Summer Always Is

This is what we did last week, in the 93 degree heat. Is the world ready for soccer players as cute as these? They were such troopers. By the fourth day, Ruby would run over to me during water breaks and holler, "Mom, are we done now?" Poor baby girl. It was so blazing hot.

Every single day, after soccer camp, we shuffled quite begrudgingly off to the hospital for a blood draw. I have discovered anew that a chocolate shake from Rally's can go a long way toward redeeming a cruddy afternoon.

Also? I really liked having some alone time with my main squeeze, even if tourniquets were involved.

Truth be told, I've been feeling a little whiny lately about summer's ridiculous, incessant rush. 

I feel like we just haven't done enough of this.

Or this...

I just haven't had enough opportunities to set up a make-shift kitchen on my plastic folding table in the carpeted dining room.

Back in May, I dreamed of swimming 'til our toes puckered and crafts on the rainy days. Turns out, it doesn't rain anymore in these parts and we're too dang busy to swim.

It can make a hormonal girl get a little weepy, if she lets it.

The good news is, we camped with friends all weekend. Calvin didn't leave the lake for something like 17 hours straight. Ruby perfected several moves on the "gymnastics swing". Silas threw sand at other kids. Cory and I stuffed our faces. I avoided the port-a-potty as if it was the plague itself.

A fun time was had by all!

So that's what I'm focusing on tonight. Yes, the summer is going way too fast. Yes, my expectations are, as usual, too high. Yes, there have been some wrenches thrown about.

The grass is crispy brown, but the sky is so blue, baby. The barns and the clouds and the haphazard hay, it still stops me in my tracks. The peanut butter sheet cake is prolific. The berries are ready.

Summer is still summer, even when she's misbehaving a little.

I'll take her any way I can get her.


  1. What a fun filled week end. Tell me did you stay the night in a tent?? I know you!!!!!!!!

    1. Mom- Please see my reply to Meaningful Nest. I responded to her before I read your comment. Ha! You do know me...

  2. I really want to be that outdoorsy camping lovin type of girl but the dang port-a-potty gets me every time. And summer is always in a hurry here as well. Just as we're gettin all good and acquainted....bam! She's out the door. If you ask me, she has commitment issues.

  3. It's just too hot isn't it? Poor Calvin looks so hot. Is he doing okay? They are all getting so tall. Summer is moving fast. Maybe it will slow down after the 4th. I hope.

  4. I, too, have mental to-do lists of how amazing I should make summer...since I am a teacher and off (I know, I'm blessed), I really put the pressure on myself to be super-mom, super-domesticated diva, super-wife, super-friend, you name it. This summer I am really trying to enjoy it all, weather, my kids, my strengths, as well as forgiving some of my weaknesses. Summer goes way too fast and since it's the most carefree of the seasons for me, I need to embrace it and quit the stressing and pressure! I love that you went camping and had a ball. That is what your kids will remember.

    1. But do you love it that Siley and I drove home and slept in our beds at night??? (I loved it.) :)

    2. that is hilarious. farmgirl is not a campgirl. : )

    3. ...and that is precisely why she holds the honorary key to my heart. Camping in tents is not for us. No, no, no.

  5. I don't understand why anyone would ever pee in a port-a-potty. Real girls pee on trees, just like boys. Only, you know, thy squat.

  6. if i could take you away with me to california(my gma bought us tickets - she's dying to see us) next week i would, it's like in the 70's there. can you even imagine?? anyways, i hope and pray and pray and pray that your summer will have lazy days ahead without blood draws. xoxo. keep looking up.

  7. I am feeling very rushed here myself. My bucket list doesn't have a good dent in it yet.

    Tell Siley hi. I haven't forgotten him.

    Oh, and I'm planning a trip. Will swing by and pick up you, then Coopster, and then on to stay with Janie Fox. I already said you'd go, so you can't back out.

    Oh, and I don't know when. :)

    If ever. But just so you know. Janie promised to cook us ribs,


  8. You have been haunting my thoughts so much. I finally found time to tune into FPFG and here you were kinda camping. Love you!

  9. Oh, girl, I hear ya. I may or may not have cried this past week when the rush of summer caught up to me and I realized that things won't be calm-ish until mid July. But then I ate a slice of watermelon and all seemed right again.

    My tiny Korean was a red sweaty mess this week at our soccer camp. He and Ruby would've made quite the duo.

  10. I was just thinking the same thing today! Summer is going by too, too fast!

  11. summer so far is totally overwhelming me!
    i mean, i don't have a stitch to complain about, God is so very good, but can't it just SLOW DOWN?!

    ps camping is NOT a fun summer activity in my book...i'm such a baby.

  12. may each summer day be just enough, just what is needed so that when september roles around (and it always does) you will be filled up with summer and all her glory.

  13. YOURS is my favorite blog in the entire blasted universe, I tell ya'. I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE!!! Yes I'm shouting, thank you very much, because I am very excited! THANK YOU for writing words that touch my heart in ways that (apparently) only you can! Every. Single. Time. xoxoxoxo

  14. I love the way you write, too.
    And that barn photo? Spectacular!

  15. Thanks for being so honest about expectations.
    I need to admit...more myself and probably my family, too...that my expectations are too high.

    Blue sky, PB cake, and those smiles.

  16. Aw Shannan, I am praying Calvin will soon have no bloods draws necessary. Our Mackenzie is scheduled for kidney transplant from her Momma after 9 years of illness. Relief does come, dear girl. So happy to see he is still enjoying this short, hot summer. Best Blessings to your family

  17. Feeling the need to REALLY enjoy this summer before my oldest heads off to college in the fall. We did enjoy a day in Amish Country last Monday and saw the same rows of hay, and the beautiful barns and buggies on our way to buy cheese and just be together. Best day so far this summer.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful, perfect summer--wrenches and all ;)

  19. Where are Ruby's shinguards?

    Emerson plays soccer twice per week. Last Monday they played at 6pm in 94 degree heat. I was babysitting him and told him if he didn't want to go, it was okay as it was scorching and there's NO shade there. He played the whole game. I felt nervous. At a break, I forced gatorade on him.

    When all was said and done he said "I'm really hot and tired. I played the whole game!" and he also told me "No, I can't hear you when you're cheering for me."??? I'm LOUD. That's called focus, I guess.

    I also feel as if summer is moving by with lightning speed. I make myself feel weird because I seem to think I'm supposed to be hanging outside constantly. Then I feel guilty if I don't as "winter will be upon us sooner than I think!"

    I found summers less stressful living in other states because I didn't feel like I had to shove a year's worth of fun or joy into a few months.

    Que Sera Sera!

    I will only camp in the rockies. THAT is fun and beautiful as you wake to such amazing beauty and glory. Even then, one or two days camping MAX and then a hotel. I don't enjoy being filthy. And in the mountains: No toilets.

    Good Stuff Maynard!


  20. summer, it has it's ways doesn't it. glad you guys had a great time camping! :) you cracked me up about the port-a-potty.

  21. I don't know which is more delish - the thought of the peanut butter cake, that farm photo, or those cutie pie kiddos. I should say the kiddos. But oh, that cake. Mmmm.

    Amen to the daytime camping only! Sleeping is for the great indoors. No two ways about that.

    It is crazy how fast summers go by! In fact, I distinctly remember thinking that I'd only been alive for 10 summers. And that seems like just the other day...

  22. loving your summer fun!
    dying to hear more about your little man!

  23. You know what gets me? Lots of people I know have made these "summer lists" of all these things they're gonna cram in in three months. That's all fine and dandy until they feel the need to wave their darn list in front of everyone's faces and scream "Look what we crossed off today!" like they are better mothers for it. It's icing on the cake when they blog about EVERY single one too. You know what i'm happy doing? Nothing. Waking up in the morning, listening to my kids, doing what they want to do. Somedays we don't leave our backyard. Other days we're a little more adventerous. But I think it's good to take a good ol' slow down and chill for a bit, ya know? Just be happy doing what you're doing. That's all that matters. xo