Friday, June 8, 2012

Wallpaper and Petunias (not in that order)

I have exactly two blissful hours to myself this morning. Here are my thoughts, in random order.

* I have a strange thing for overexposed flowers.
* I love living in this little town. It feels like home to me. I don't really want to leave.
* I'm excited to move and fit ourselves into our new town. I'm ready to leave.
* I was made for walking. There. I said it. I'll never be a runner.
* I hope I can find a nice, tranquil, safe walking path in our new town, because life makes more sense after a brisk walk.
* I like to jog for tiny bits and pieces of the walk. It makes my calves feel purposeful.
* I never thought I'd like living in town so much. Surprise! I love hearing lawn mowers and cars and kids on bikes through the open windows.
* Peanut Butter Captain Crunch  can almost seem like a healthy breakfast if you think about it hard enough.
* I should probably fold those blasted socks.
* I can shower and get ready without disturbances such as yogurt throwing or toothbrush licking!
* But I kind of like being lazy in my sweaty walking clothes.
* Public libraries rock my world.
* So does this girl.
* Sometimes the best way to get a niggling thought out of your head is to just say it out loud. (A text works in a pinch, too.)
* Will my wallpaper arrive today?

You heard me right. I made my first official house purchase last week. It is a roll of wallpaper. After losing innumerable hours of my life to peeling seed packets, cows, horses, Victorian flowers, foxes, seashells and ivy from countless walls, I have now thrown myself yet another curve ball and decided to wallpaper the desk nook. Cory is beyond exasperated.

I  haven't told you about the desk nook? Well, I'm pretty excited about it.

I found the wallpaper by accident last week, while kidding myself into thinking Anthropologie might have some great clearance bargains on curtains.

What do you think? It screamed my name, what with the gray pin-stripes and the watercolored blooms of indeterminable origin.

The original price for one roll was $128. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that'll have me laughing for a while. The clearance price? $35. I only needed one roll. I am pumped.

But back to the curtains. Any thoughts? The living room has 3 windows, which means I need 6 panels, which means that I need to find something pretty economical. I'm looking for something in a fun color, with a larger-scale pattern.

Something like this middle fabric.

Attention all seamstresses: Is having curtains made an economical option? The fabric is Waverly brand and can be found on sale at JoAnn's. How would I know how many yards of fabric I would need?

Help a sistah.

In other news, it's Friday! And the sun is working its magic on my soul. We'll be spending our evening watching Calvin smack a baseball around. What's your plan, Stan?