Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aqua Velva

I've been having that problem where I worry that my hodge-podge of stuff for the new house may look a bit, well, hodge-podge. So I rounded a bunch of it up just to see how well everyone mingled. A group date, if you will.

Imagine my surprise in seeing that they are almost all aqua. And here I thought I was an equal-opportunity decorator.

Every time, I swear I'm gonna change.

Every time, I do not.

But what I can tell you is this: It's more stressful than it should be to pick lights for every room in the house.

And what I can also tell you is: There's going to be some ferocious hodge podge up in there. Here's why: I just don't love a nondescript light. AND...I kept all of my vintage fixtures from the old house and the older house. (Read: It's free and I'ma use it.)

Imagine these baskets upended, handles hacked off, lightbulb glowing.

Do you dig it? Can ya'll dig it? 

I'm not entirely sure where they will hang, but oh, they will hang. You'd better believe they'll hang.

Now, what are your sincerest thoughts on the following scenario: Silver pendant, galvanized sconce, painted chandelier (pictured above), white barn lights or orangey egg basket lights (not sure which it will be) all in one room?

I'm so for real.

 I get it, it might be wonky. But you know? It might just be so wonky, it's right.

For anyone who cares, that aqua lamp was scored at a thrift store in Dunlap Tennessee for One Dolla! Good gracious. And to think some people collect t-shirts.

Frame: $5 at the shop in town.

Chair: $7 at a recent flea.

Tool box: $30 at Green Oak Antiques in Rochester. (Splurgey, I know. Don't even go there.)

Chandy: $90 eight years ago on ebay and I have loved it every day since.

Lamp shade: Ikea, because it felt wrong to leave without buying something.

Bar Stool: TJ Maxx by way of Angie Pants.

Funny story that I keep forgetting to tell you: Before I went to meet Angie (whom I had never met before) to get the stool, my mom kept accidentally saying things like, "Oh that's right, today is the passing of the stool!" and "So, how was the passing of the stool?" Every single time we both busted up. This from the grandma who still can't bring herself to say "poop". (She used to say "BM" but we have eased her into "stinky" over the years.)

Also, why do you even come here? Surely not to read BM anecdotes.

But here's where things get interesting. Barn Light Electric is offering a $1,000.00 gift certificate to one lucky winner. Second place is $500. Third is $250.

I know, we all say we never win anything. But yowza, this sure would be a fine time for my luck to kick it into high gear.

To enter, all you have to do is:

1. Take a look around Barn Light Electric's incredible website, and choose your favorites.

2. Feature your picks on your personal blog.

3. At the bottom of the post, include directions for entering
so your followers can enter, too
(you can just copy and past the instructions below to make it easier!)

Here's what I would pick:

I would so throw this up in the hallway, just to add further confusion to the earlier kitchen/dining scenario I rolled out just a few lines up.

I see you in the kids' room, warehouse pendant.
(And yes, I did say "room". As in singular. But we'll save that story for another day.)
So, what would you pick? Might as well give it a shot. After all, someone's got to win.

How to Enter:
  1. Look around online at Barn Light Electric and pick lights you’d love to own
  2. Feature your lighting picks on your personal blog, and link to the lights if you can!
  3. Copy/Paste these rules at the bottom of your blog article so others can enter
  4. Once your personal article is up, you must email your blog link to be qualified to win. The contest ends Monday, July 2nd, 2012
  5. Don’t have a blog? Find out how you can enter by reading the Official Rules