Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And You Thought I Forgot

The kids are down for their one-hour of blessed solitude and I'm inhaling sweet cherries and scouting curtains on Pinterest when I come upon this pin.

What I really want to know is, why do ya'll'uns keep me around? Apparently my version of "soon" means roughly one month. For the love of Pete.

Sidenote: I say that to myself. All the time. "For the love of Pete." It might very well be the thing I say out loud to myself most often. I never cease to exasperate me.

Anyway, the winner of my copy of Anything is: Blogging Mommy of Two. Hit me up with your addy, Girl! Forgive me for taking so stinking long. And forgive me in advance for not shipping it to you in a timely manner.

The rest of my afternoon includes laundry, garage sale prepping (July 6th and 7th, locals!) and chicken stir fry for dinner. Ruby has a hot date to go ride Buck the horse.

I will continue to refer to Calvin only by his Korean name today, as requested.

Sidenote Two: He told me (for the second time this week) that he when he dies, he would like two Korean flags on his grave. He will also be marrying a Korean girl, but don't worry, he'll teach her English.

I have the prettiest jar of home-picked raspberries waiting for me in my fridge, the funniest kids being quiet down the hall, and the windows are open.

It just begs to be said again: This life is a bottomless basket of goodness. I will never understand how I got so lucky.

Talk to you later, skaters. But first, a couple more of my favorite Anything quotes.

Little deaths always feel like big deaths until you let go. After you let go you wonder, what was the big deal? - Jennie Allen, Anything

All my life I thought I had God's stamp of approval because my life wasn't going badly. Now I was faced with the fear that it might actually be the opposite. What if my life was going so beautifully because I wasn't chasing after God? - Jennie Allen, Anything

(That book is such a slayer.)