Friday, May 18, 2012

Roof Update (Because I'm sure you care...) (not)

Pewter Gray.

Not charcoal. Not black.

Not Fox Hound or whatever the other one was called.

Not Weathered Wood. (Confession: I used to pick nail polish and lipstick based solely on the name.)

Not tan.

Although while I'm thinking about it, a bunch'a ya'll'ns owe Tan a big, sloppy apology. What's so wrong with Tan, yo?

This is the original object of my tan fascination, as seen on the cover of one of my four inspiration binders. (I love you, Pinterest, but these binders have been with me for 12 years now. I'll not abandon them.)

True, we had already decided against tan for various reasons, but what can I say? I feel protective of her. She may be a little quirky, but that's usually not a bad thing.

A friend of mine sent me this link and referred to my situation as "your tan/light grey discernment process". It spoke to my soul, and not just because my soul always longs for the truth to be told in as wordy a way as possible.

And now, a word from my main girl, Tan (and her muse, Jeremy):

  haters gonna hate 

But back to you. I love you, man. I might get all in a wad over the roof venom you're prone to spewing, but in the end, you help me make sense of the earth-toned voices in my head.

You made valid points about the lighter shingles potentially staining.

You're probably right about having a little more contrast.

Staci? You're an angel, sent from above, where there's nary a mauve roof to be seen.

What I'm trying to say is, thank you for blatantly disobeying my orders. Thank you for not agreeing just to agree.

For those of you who did agree, thank you. You are my favorites.

Just kidding. I don't play favorites.

Except when it comes to salsa.


  1. i love the seth godin quote...hilarious.

  2. Well, if you REALLY wanted to be original, you could have used all of the above…

    Wouldn't THAT be special?

    : )

    Happy Pewter Picking Day to YOU!

    Julie M.

  3. That photo of the kid on the unicorn bike?! Kills me. I emailed it to my husband and all he gave me was a weird look. Ole' stick in the mud! ;)

  4. Pretty sure those are our EXACT shingles...we also have white siding. Bet you won't think twice about them once they are up! Way to make a choice!!

  5. Great choice ... better than the lighter gray you'd shown first. We have light gray shingles on the house we're renting and they are too light. I think "too light" would limit your paint choices. A darker gray allows for many siding colors!

    But who am I to say ... we're currently selecting metal siding and metal roof colors (for a forested site, so we're going with metal everything for fire safety), and there are very few natural looking colors so we're going with dark brown and medium brown!

  6. I was totally going to say pewter, but I didn't want to add to your dilemma.

    (That is absolutely not even true.)

    Great choice! Did LJM approve?

  7. Well, I missed the discussion, but it sounds like it was very interesting.
    I wanted the green or red metal roofs that are making a comeback around these parts. I was outnumbered. I have black-turned-dark-gray-because-of- the-hot-sun-shingles.

  8. For the love of all that is HOLY you had better pick TAN!


  9. I'm not gonna lie. I really liked the light gray and only sorta/kinda like the tan. But I'm nearly positive the pewter is the better choice.

    Ohmygoodness your house is going to be sovery yummy!

    Happy Weekending :)

  10. Pewter Gray is perfect especially with the texture designed in. Cant wait to see the color choice for your front door! Love home building.

  11. I LOVE it--a little bit like a nice cozy gray sweatshirt for your house. :)

  12. I was at the Springfield (ohio) Antique Market today and thought of you when I saw a display of sprinklers, hah.

  13. That unicorn bike photo is one of my favorites. That, combined with your writing, just brightened up a junky day. :)

  14. My most fav house in Tiny Town is white with a tan roof. Tan is all kinds of good and then some.

    I am so printing Jeremy out and sticking him up on my fridge. He is every kind of awesome.

  15. Good choice! I'm so excited to be mentioned on fpfg! Not to be picky but can you relink me to my other blog Pointed and Shot? The other one is a family blog I'm just a member of.

  16. Good choice! I think you'll be happy with it. :) Happy Saturday!

  17. Great choice! I think your house just found its very own "state" shirt!

  18. I agree. Although black and gray are the usual colors for a roof, I think tan can pass as a roof color. I mean, it kind of makes that house in that picture look warm and seem like it’s on the country side. Plus, since it’s unusual, it can make your house pretty special. Anyway, good luck on your new roof! I’m looking forward to see it.

  19. I have that same magazine clipping in my file! I love that house, but sorry, have to pass on the tan! ;)
    Becky M. Muncie

  20. Thanks for a nice read, really made my day! More power to your blog.

  21. Your roof is amazing! I love its very light color, and I love how flawless it looks up there. I think it has an added aesthetic appeal to your lovely home, and it went well with the greenery and simplicity of the surroundings. Nice!

    Randell Jeffries

  22. Tan is actually not a bad choice for the roof. In fact, one of my neighbors has a newly installed tan roof, and my wife went absolutely gaga over how it looked! Now, she spends every waking hour trying to convince me to replace our old gray roof. After seeing this, I think I’m becoming a fan too!

  23. I like that tan roof color too! We have the same roof color too and isn't it just very pleasing to the eyes? Having a cool colored roof will surely reflect heat and sunlight thereby making your house cool, even during the summer. Good choice!

    -Joann Winton

  24. Yes, haters gonna hate, but what’s important is that you’re happy and comfortable with your own choice. :) And Joann is right, tan has that sense of making your house look calm and soothing to the eyes. In fact, it will help you out in maintaining your roof ‘cause it will be easier to spot the dirt and damage.

    Kermit Lukacs

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  26. Tan is a brave choice, but looks like it turned out great. Risk well taken! :) Regards, John Jones of Roofing Miami

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