Saturday, May 5, 2012

Promise of a Saturday

A friend kept me out way too late last night, but I woke early this morning feeling like the whole world was possible. The sky is gray, but I still want to reach up and touch it.

There are parties to attend. Food to make. Piles to sort. Faces to kiss.

I need to buy a bottle of ranch dressing and I'd like to read two more chapters of my book.

Then tonight? A double-date. swoon

This is the promise that comes hand-delivered in the wide-open, jam-packed gift of a Saturday.

{What's yours wrapped in?}


  1. Well good morning! We're off to Home Depot to do their free kids' workshop...they're making planter boxes and hopefully we'll pick up some plants for them while we're there. I'm thinking cacti as there does not seem to be a green thumb among us. :) Then we might just go crazy and get a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's. We're a wild bunch around here... Have a great weekend!

  2. I have to tippy toe around the house today because hubby is preparing a sermon.

  3. Hubby and the boys (four of them) ran off to see the Avengers movie. I'm home alone eating apple jacks for brunch then off to find some shoes I can wear to work without crying. THEN off to work for a nine hour shift.

  4. The local botanical garden had their Plant Sale today and it was a glorious day to be out and surrounded by plants and flowers! Also, how can Cinco de Mayo be a bad day when salsa and lots of it are involved??

  5. We are installing a fence in our backyard today! Super excited to have a place to corral the doggies AND let them run free and chase balls!

    Rest assured, I will have photos of Brad posted where I gush about how "cute" he is!

    Have a great Saturday! Who are your co-chairs?


  6. painting - i've graduated from mere gopher to Primer!! (but my dear FIL is putting the most wonderful shade of GREEN on my bedroom walls!) then, picking out carpet!

  7. A photo session with the little girl. A swim in the lake (the big girl and a friend, not me). Draping clothes and towels over the fence. Trying for the 4th time to get in touch with the dryer repairman. Installation of a new clothesline (makes me smile)! Gratitude that my husband made it a priority in his Saturday. Pride that my boy dug the holes for the posts. Decluttering. Big thunders, maybe rain? A chapter of my book here and there. A netflix video on the treadmill. Drooling for the leftovers from our dinner date last night before Wicked (great show). Repotting my chives. Ant bait.

    Thank you for asking. Have a great time tonight!



  8. yes. saturdays are my favorite. my bro graduated from The Citadel today! but you already knew that. have fun on your double. i'll be celebrating with my bro, eating southern cuisine at it's finest tonight - pork butt and baked mac & cheese. and i'll try to find some veggies to eat - just for you.

  9. It's wrapped in a swoony double date, an afternoon full of sunshine and lots of bright new flowers from the green house!

  10. A morning run, making homemade laundry detergent, playing frisbee with the boy, doing laundry until there are no dirty clothes in the house (until we get ready for bed, sigh), and just enjoying the day.

    Enjoy that double date!

  11. ugh. saturday is already done. boo :( ok, so here's what we did: lounged with coffee and cartoons till 11am. took a little road trip to TN to see where davy crockett lived (we just finished a unit study on that stud). orderned pizza as we drove home. picked it up. went home. ate. cleaned up. watched two episodes of good luck, charlie via netflix. put the children to bed and watched a movie. good times.
    today we're skipping church because i accidentally shaved a stripe bald in the middle of Jack's head and we're trying to save his dignity. so i'm doing some laundry. hopefully reading. planning our LAST week of school!! making monster cookies. and going to bed early :)
    sound so fun?? don't be jealous...
    oh! i forgot blogging. i will blog today too :)


  12. Our Saturday is done, too! Soccer game, dance competition, playground time a dinner out (woohoo!) and time with grandma.

    AND - (you're not going to believe this...I just read Alicia's post) Finishing a 2nd grade project on Davy Crockett!!!!

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