Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Weekend

We spent five blissful days in Ohio over Memorial Day weekend. Calvin and Ruby both got the pukes while we were there, and it was still blissful.

I almost feel like I could just stop right there. It seems a fitting summary.

But of course, I've never been one to make a long story short.

Over the years, Cory and I have plotted and planned a way to get my parents to move up here, to Indiana. It came close, a time or two. But it never did pan out. And it always made me sad.

Now, everything has changed and I no longer have a barn of my own to moon over, and I have to say, theirs is a suitable stand-in.

Through all my worries and nerves about our move to the city, it calms me down to remember that we'll always have this, our vacation retreat in an Ohio corn field.

We did it all, while we were there.
And by "all", I mean almost nothing.

During one particularly fortunate stretch of 24 hours, I did the following:

Finished The Language of Flowers.
Started Far From Here (on the hammock).
Ate a slice of raspberry pie.
Ate a slice of peach pie.
Ate a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie.
(Sidenote: I actually prefer to call them "slivers" of pie. It's got a less gluttonous ring.)
Took 3 naps.
Listened to the radio while I showered.
Didn't brush my hair.
Wore a plaid shirt with a flowered skirt.
Ate a slice of peanut butter sheet cake.
Ate sweet peas fresh off the vine.


I'm just saying, it's my favorite vacation destination.

And not just because it comes with built-in childcare assistance.
  The most exciting part of all was Mr. Sweet Cheeks, son of my beloved cousin, Vickie.

They flew in to town and made it all even better.
His lips made it better.
And his blue eyes.
And his baby thighs.

One afternoon, Vickie and I skipped town. We mini-vanned it out of Dodge, like any good moms-on-the-run might do. We headed straight to the Salvation Army. Then JoAnn's. Then Taco Bell. Because we're just that wild.

All the Saints were on our side when we discovered that it was 50% off day at Salvation Army. I tried on eight things in the little dressing room where the entire store can watch your britches drop to the floor. I've never felt so exhibitionary. Let's not even talk about the two padded office chairs lined up for front-row viewing....

But that's not really the point. The point is - I tried stuff on at the SA. Never been done before. There was some kind of magical glow in the air. Everything looked better than right.

In the end, I bought my friend a perfect J Crew sundress for $2.50 and grabbed a white belt for a different friend.

Only upon returning to the Betty Draper rental did I realize that a) the belt isn't exactly white and b) it's actually quite ugly.

I blame the magical glow.

On our last day there, I became convinced that the puke bug had bitten me. I could barely keep my lids open. My stomach felt lop-sided.

So, I took to the hammock and waited it out.

It turns out, I was just extra-lazy and over-pied.

So lay it on me - where's your most relaxing place on earth?


  1. You lost me at the pic of Siley in the chair.



    1. Over pied sounds like a condition for Joy. ;)

      Those gorgeous faces make me smile.

  2. Your wild trip to The Sally, JoAnns & Taco Bell sounds magical to me. So does all the pie.

  3. Um, that pretty much sounds like perfection to me Missy - so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. We just got back from 6 days in our favorite place - my parent's vacation house in Colorado. It's a little house on 10 acres at 9,000 ft. surrounded by pine, fir, spruce, and aspen. We spend hours drinking coffee and rocking while looking out at the birds and the fox that comes up the drive every night at dusk. And we play scrabble. And read. It's like one long sigh. Love it!

  5. My Squirrel. And - I might add - you can add that to your destination too. It can be your second favorite - I'm totally cool with that. There won't be nearly as many pie slivers there tho-but you might find a greek yogurt or two.

  6. The beach! And we're headed there soon. Can't wait.

  7. Replies
    1. ...are you sure about that? :) Maybe I need to leave the state for awhile so I can fully appreciate the beauty of Ohio. ;)

  8. Raspberry pie? Why have I never eaten such a thing? Yum.

  9. Oh my goodness, it sounds like I have yet to visit the most relaxing place on earth. But I will... just as soon as you tell me when I can go visit your family. ;)

  10. We've been sporting a vacation all week long and I think I topped my record for most naps in a week and even one day kicked a long one. I'm embarrassed to say just how long that nap was, but it was the kind where you wake up stupid and happy all in one.

  11. Okay so I been reading your blog for a while now and can't seem to figure out where in Ohio your family lives. Having lived in Ohio my whole life you are speaking my language, girl! Should we ever meet I'm sure we would be friends. Just the fact that you say sliver of pie cracks me up... I say that too but have never given it a thought that other people might not. Love your blog! Love your writing!

  12. Long Beach Island, NJ - little medicine for the soul, for me and my whole family! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  13. Miss Ruby in these pictures? Absolutely gorgeous. What a beauty, that girl.

    Your Ohio is my Wisconsin. Going home is my very favorite.

  14. Cruising around the lake while sitting in the front of our 1979 Mark Twain Boat. Orange boat, I might add. We rock the 70's.

    The roar of a boat motor can lull me to sleep in a matter of minutes.

    I was in your hometown today. Too bad I didn't read this post earlier because I might have enjoyed it a little more had I known there was so much yummy pie in the area.

    Cute pics of your kiddos.

  15. My bed is my haven !
    Your break away sounds positively gorgeous. A city girl like me only dreams about hammocks and pies.

  16. peas, pie, naps, and free childcare... favorite vaca spot? understandable.

    most relaxing room :)

  17. You had me at 3 slices of pie & peanut butter sheet cake...all w/in 24 hours?

    My favorite's a toss up. Lake or James Island. No, it's definitely James Island.

    Your ugly belt comment cracked me up only b/c I've so been there.

  18. Over-pied? Perfect! My in-laws had a vacation place in a town called Fair Haven, NY (can you imagine a more perfect name for a a perfect place?). There was water, boats, walks, farmer's markets and PEACE. They sold the place but I truely have visions of moving there some day.

  19. My Peaceful Place

    In the morning, camping.
    Husband and me sitting on a bench (stump, ground..)
    Coffee in hand.

    Rugrat still sleeping in the tent.
    Hear the early morning birds?

    All the best,

  20. I'm with you. I moved to Atlanta 10 yrs ago and have tried and tried to get my parents to move here from east central Indiana, but I've given up. I am thankful that we get to visit their house that lies in the middle of corn fields (or soybeans depending on the year) and that my kids get to enjoy the "nothingness" of riding bikes and the four wheeler, running on acres of yard, and climbing in the tree house that my grandpa and dad built me. And I get to sit in a rocking chair on the back porch with my mom sitting next to me. Perfect indeed.

  21. laying on the couch at exactly 8:14 every night and drifting off to my evening nap on my groom's lap. It's my slice of pie.

    Btw, I went on my first consignment binge the other day...scored practically a whole wardrobe (two weeks worth of clothes...given that I repeat) for $43! Amazing!

  22. Aspen Colorado. My Summer of '86 there was a slice of heaven- the combination of music and nature was beyond amazing. I tell the hubs that if we were ever to win the lottery, we'd have to get a place there.

    A close second, Jersey Shore. Not as depicted on the show. Love the ocean smells and sounds.

  23. My only question is... can I come next time?

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. over-pied...that's so me!

    Just took an amazing trip to Tuscany....looking over the vineyards with only the noise of the tractor was monumental!

  26. The Language of Flowers - go! I just finished it, too, and no one else I know has read it. (Okay, I don't actually know you. In my head, we are friends though.) What did you think? I'm dying to discuss it with someone! :)

    1. I dug it. The end got sort of hard to read. It had me nervous for a bit. But overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was unique and compelling and made me think and feel - the perfect combo!


  27. sounds perfect except for the pukes. poor thing.

  28. a)my front porch
    b)granddads with golf carts are the best.

  29. The picture of those clouds is just amazing....

    My most relaxing place is on the couch, with my husband, a little sun shining through the windows and the door cracked for fresh air. No better place, in my opinion. =)

  30. Most relaxing? Probably the mountains in Colorado when I make it there (it's rare, but I used to live in Sedona, AZ and would make weekend trips to Durango and Pagosa Springs)-in a meadow with flowers, no other people and mother nature. That is when life has seemed truly amazing to me. The beaches of the caribbean are a close second..although sometimes we have peeps trying to befriend us which I'm "against while relaxing". :-)

    All of your babies are SO cute but Miss Ruby is really starting to look like a pretty young lady! And the doggie she's petting? Love.

    Rock this Friday, Shiny!



  31. do i have to answer?
    oh my word is Mr. Sweet McCheeky-cheeks a handsome little thing.

  32. I just read Far From Here in 48 hours. The author, Nicole, lives just 10 minutes away from me. I thought it was super compelling--hope you enjoy it.

  33. Ah, pie. My idea of Heaven is a pie buffet every day whilst I commune with the Lord. And what is there about Salvation Army, or as I call it Sal's, that is just so much stinking fun? And kids placed in a family by special. Barns are grand and doing nothing on occasion is restoring.

  34. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It's a "hill station" built by the British in the early 20th century on a mountain in the rainforests of Malaysia. We leave the hot equator, climb (in a car on a paved road) up through the rainforest, stopping only for my 2nd son's predictable puking and a massive waterfall before reaching the top. 3 tiny towns come out of nowhere and they are cool. As in 60-70 degrees all year round cool. The British planted tea and strawberries. We stay in a chalet with a ridiculous view of the mountains. If you glance they look like the Appalachians, but when you look closely they're more exotic. It is quiet there. THere are bathtubs. Daily 'gentle' thunderstorms. Iron bathtubs that are so long I can actually stick my legs straight out AND be laying down. And because it's so cold, water comes out of the tap COLD. The highlands proved to me that I took cold tap water for granted all my life. Never again. I cook and bake with pleasure because I don't sweat a drop, wear socks in the kitchen and watch my kids playing outside in jackets through a bougainvillea arch by the window that the housekeeper has spent the last 5 years growing and shaping. There are rose gardens everywhere. We eat tandoori chicken and the Indian lady at the shop gives my kids large candy bars. It is so. stinking. fun. It is agenda-less and full of family-ness.
    Girl. It was a long (good) Saturday. But it was hot. I needed this thought! Happy Saturday! (ours is already done)

  35. The pond of Keith and Arlene Hicks, New Paris, Ohio.

  36. My dad's :) At the base of the Blue Mountains in Washington....Lilacs lining the back of his yard, raspberries bushes, GREEN every where (I live in the desert part of WA so this is key!) big red barn behind the house (it's his neighbor's but it might as well be ours since I grew up playing in it and we took family pics there a few years back) always a nap waiting around the corner, Papa G is always up for a tractor ride, bbq....we go for things like the fair, hot air balloons, family reunions, family in town, grade school friends back in the country, and the Country Store....where treasures are just waiting to be found. Oh and the sunsets!!! And thunder storms! And my almost 4 year old is enthralled with the neighbor's dozens (no joke) of cats. Happiest place on earth :) Although I am still working on getting him to put a hammock!

  37. Your pictures always look like they belong in a magazine!

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