Monday, May 14, 2012

Leading the Revolt

It appears that today is the official day that I abandon all my good sense in honor of the greater good - a.k.a. summer. Don't even bother telling me that it's not summer. I won't listen.

Summer can be a lot of things, it can be sprinklers and floaties and Cheez-Its in a sack lunch. It might be sandal tan lines. If we're lucky, it'll be watermelon granita.

But more than anything, summer is when the flip is switched.

It happened today. I have no explanation. I didn't even see it coming.

All I know is, I never made the bed.

I thought about it. I knew it would only take 30 seconds. I'll regret it in a few more hours.

It's the beginning of the end, it seems. Only really, it's the beginning of the beginning. Because something comes over my summer state of mind. Life feels big enough to put an unmade bed in its place. It seems silly to care so much, all of a sudden.

It's not every day. It's just now and then. And it feels really dang good.

I stacked the dishes like I had plans to wash them, then I walked away without warning.

 I sorted the darks. The end. I had other plans.

Wanna know what my other plans were?

They were a nap, people. A 45 minute nap in my unmade bed in the middle of the afternoon. It was cool enough that I needed the sheet and warm enough that I didn't need more. A blissful, decadent, uncharacteristic, just-because-I-could-and-the-two-littles-followed-suit nap.

The room was sunny, the street was buzzing. I drifted in and out while the rest of the house was quiet as a thought and the world kept turning past the windows.

So from now on, there will be days when the house is a mess because we're only in it long enough to  cause a scene. We can't be troubled to stick around and take care of it. We're too busy pinkening our noses.

I promise you, I'll start to forget to get groceries. And when I remember? Mostly fruit.

We've done the drill all winter long. Now we're all geared up for some good, clean, rebellion.
 Speaking of rebels:

Dear Siley,

Why do you look like such a three year old? When did this happen? How did you become big enough to put your own toothpaste on the brush? I can't wait to party with you this Summer, Bubsie. I think we'll have even more fun than last year.



  1. Siley's mouth is just beautiful.


  2. I had something to say and then that pic of Siles showed up and out the window it flew.

    Where are his baby chesks? What are you doing to him? Law, Shan. Can you not be trusted with your littles?

    He doesn't even look like the baby anymore.

    If he wasn't so darn handsome looking like a pre-schooler I'd call the authorities on you.

    Also, I never made my bed one day last week. I never even cared.

    Martha Stewart was giving me a bad itch for a new quilt. It's all her fault, really.

    Or, we could probably blame it on Summer here too. I pined over a basket of strawberries last week. I haven't been the same since.


  3. You just described everything wonderful about this time of year! YAY!!

  4. i read mark driscoll's blog the other day about naps. he sites luke 8:23. summer or not, naps, here i come.

  5. i think that should say cites. or maybe not. i can't decide. clearly, i should have napped today.

    1. It is definitely "sites". ;) Don't even worry your pretty little head about it.

  6. Oh! I am so happy Summer has come to you already! This made my day. My day, my week, my month! I wish I could let Kaish skip school one day this week and just enjoy pre summer with me. He is counting down the days. Hoping and hoping they will fly by. And me too. : )

    1. Calvin's last day is one week from manana. One week? Impossible!

  7. YES. Summer is here. I was just thinking today as I goofed around by the pool as if I didn't have a mountain of folded laundry to put you think parenting style is depended on weather? because in the winter i have to have an activity and blah blah or my kids try to murder each other. They start getting cabin fever. In the summer we just hang out outside in our swimsuits or...underwear. I feed them cold pizza for breakfast. It is awesome.
    By the way, I ate seven avocados in two days and I thought of you. We are having a serious, serious guac obsession in these parts. It is all I had for dinner those two days. That...and strawberries. I highly recommend it. Also, what are your thoughts on Cotija cheese? Life altering, or what.

    1. I am so supremely down with Cotija, though up until this exact moment I thought it was called Cojita. Hablo un poco. Oy.

      And I'm with you on the parenting style/weather phenom, though where exactly does that put you SINCE YOU LIVE IN CA?????

  8. Fruit, yes. Naps, yes.
    You and Nic are making me long for summer here. And that's saying a lot seeing as summer around here is always a sticky, humid, oppressive 100 degrees or more. But it equals freedom and fun so i'm gonna long for it.
    That boy is a total charmer and he's not even looking at me. How do you discipline him?

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  10. Oh my....I read 'pinkening our noses' as 'PICKening our noses'! I wondered what in the world you needed to be so busy picking your noses for! LOL! It's time for this mama to go to bed!

    oh, and you have me craving fruit.

  11. Dear Leader of the Revolt,

    You did yesterday what I did Sunday! No bed made, no dishes washed and a nice long nap in the afternoon. Isn't it fun to that? I'm thinking if I were to make that a habit it wouldn't be nearly as much fun, but I enjoyed the day Sunday. :)

    Siley is really growing up. I can see it in his face...oh my goodness...before you know it he'll be hiking off to school too!


  12. I'm IN! In fact, dinner happened so late last night that I went to bed with all the dishes still on the table. The kitchen looks like we were raptured. I should be so lucky...then I wouldn't have to actually clean it up.

    I've never seen stainless steel trim on a countertop before. I kept scrolling back up during your post just to see it again. Of all the design delights in your rental kitchen, the built-in can opener is the one that stole my heart, but I'm warming up to that stainless trim.

    Also, Silas is pure preciousness! I love that his shirt says "bring on the bad guys". :)

    "...we're only in it long enough to cause a scene." You're the best.

  13. Ya know, Martin Luther was a rebel. So were Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Some rebellion results in really great things.
    Happy Summer!

  14. You have explained summer perfectly! You know, this has NEVER happened in my almost 22 years of marriage, but.....I'm not making the bed today! *hee hee hee* Oh my gosh, it almost feels naughty, but not......

  15. Love me some summer! Enjoy! :)

  16. Yay! I'm totally on board. I didn't make my bed today either (or yesterday but that's because my hubs was still in it when I left, so I claim no responsibility for that one).

  17. Holla! This is me the t today. I woke up at 6:30 and took a thirty minute nap at 8:30. I was tired and why the heck not?! We're heading out into the sunshine and there's 12 days of laundry to do. It can wait. It's going to be a banner day.

  18. Oh. My. Word. I love this post. Almost as much as I love summer. You captured it all so perfectly. Now excuse me while I grab some bananas and a box of triscuits for a hike/picnic and wherever else whim may take us...

  19. I keep wanting to have a clean house. Yeah, that's not in my nature. We have a lived-in home. Good enough. In a perfect summer we're there only to sleep.

    (Course, then it begs the question, have the cats been having parties while were away and why are there so many dishes in the sink?)

  20. It's happening over here, too. The sure sign, in addition to some of those you listed, is grass clippings scattered throughout the house. No matter how much I vacuum, make others vacuum, or remind - "Wiping your feet is a nice thing to do!" The outside is coming IN --- and it's a good thing!

    Oh the bliss of a Napping House!
    (Do you LOVE that book?)

  21. this post should definitely go in the new york times best-seller book that we all hope you write!!!

  22. A nap is my most favourite thing in the whole world. Followed up by dinner out.

  23. Awesome about the nap :) And did you get a picture of my sink piled with dishes for your post?? ;)

  24. It comes to our attention that unmade beds and unwashed dishes and laundry are so unimportant to our being, that the peacefulness that comes from sunshine, soft sheets, and a sense of calmness brings that peace in us that we really crave. I love that feeling of blooming, lawnmowers buzzing, and barefoot kids on bikes. It's like each season brings with it it's own sense of newness that we want to jump into.

  25. Good LAWD, Siley is cute!!

    Your kitchen area filled with plates and such made me smile. In a weird way that I can't explain, it made my day.

    I've enjoyed such days. They are rare- the naps when you're not sick but feeling fine and just because. LOVE that.

    Have a beautiful evening!



  26. Hey at least you only live like that during the summer time :-) for us, the chaos sort of reigns supreme :-) dirty dishes live in our sink, and the laundry rarely gets folded, let alone put away haha

  27. yeah for the freedoms of summer! And I have a feeling your messy house is much cleaner than my messy house. just sayin.

  28. I did a double-take on my four year old this morning.
    He just looked older all of the sudden.
    It is wild.
    I was gone for a few hours, and he grew up.
    It startles still.