Thursday, May 17, 2012

Help Me Rhondas, Part II

 My week thus far can be duly summed up by the following conversation:

Me: So, are we gonna go tan?
Cory: (aghast) NO!
Me:  I thought you said you wanted to!?
Cory: I have no idea what would have ever made you think that.
Me: I like it!
Cory: Well, I do not.
Me: (perplexed) (speechless)
Cory: Ohhhhh! You mean the shingles for the new house!
Me: Uh, yeah. That's what we've been talking about all day.
Cory: I thought you wanted me to go to a tanning bed before vacation.


For the record, neither of us will be going to a tanning bed. And yes, we are going on a 3-day whistle-stop vacation next month. And we are deep in the throes of choosing shingles and siding and door knobs and faucets for the new house.

I have discovered that I'm just not cut out for the big picture selections. Quite regrettably, it appears that I simply don't have it in me.

Our first choice for shingles was tan, like we had on our farm house. Granted, it was never a popular choice. Little Jerry Martin (not to be confused with Cory's Dad, Big Jerry Martin) (No, they are not related) tried to steer us away from it. We stayed the course.

(Memory jog)

After the roof was on and LJM retrieved his microwave, we got a call from the previous owner, asking if we planned to put a different color of siding on the house "since you put a tan roof on it".

The house was white, people. Since when do white and tan not match?

When we mentioned tan shingles to the builder on Tuesday, he avoided eye contact and muttered, "I don't think that's what you want to do...." and hauled us off to see a larger sample. I still liked it. Haters gonna hate.

Then my mom confessed (again) two days ago that she was never wild about the tan roof.


So after 12 solid hours of waffling and seeking then rejecting the advice of near-experts, we decided on Fox Hollow Gray. The clock was ticking. The builder needed a decision.

We emailed him, "We're going to go with Fox Hollow Gray. Thanks!"

He emailed back, "Okay. I do think you should stop by and look at a panel of Fox Hollow Gray since it is a very light gray shingle."

Cue instantaneous second-guessing and self-loathing.

Now it's your turn, friends and countrymen. The house will be all white. Not a single whip-stitch of accent color. Should the roof be Fox Hollow Gray (lighter than charcoal, but not the lightest) or Weathered Wood (a medium brown)?

Don't even say Charcoal or Black. Do not even dare to say it.

Hold the phone. I just found this pin and while our house won't really look anything like it, it is white. And I do like the slate gray roof.

Help me.


In other news, the neighbors' peonies have bloomed and they generously allow me to pretend that they are partly mine.

And my kids continue to be so dang cute that I can arrange them on a pile of junk in the garage and still believe that they could collectively sweep every Gap Kids model clean off their feet.

And I am officially infatuated with chicken lo mein. Never underestimate the commoner.

And I wrote about the blues over at Beautifully Rooted

And I am nose-deep in The Language of Flowers, so I'll catch up with you again in, oh, three days?

But enough of my life. We're got a roof to pick.