Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Scoop on the Chat

We had our first Support For Adoptive Parents chat with coaches from Parenting Mojo an hour ago. It was so much fun. I felt a little clammy right before it started. And that was before I knew I was about to have technical difficulty. (Story of my life.)

Luckily, my readers know how I roll by now. Perfect is overrated.

I saw the little faces in the boxes on my computer screen and I wanted to high-five each one. Or blow them a kiss. Something. I got sincerely verklept over the thought of all of us being right there, "together".

I just love you, readers. I mean it, man. I've known it all along, but being connected in real life made me know it even harder. You guys rock. You support me like no other. You make me laugh/cry/whatev. I always feel like I get so much more from you than what I can possibly give. Just know that my love runs deep. We are family.

I warned call participants ahead of time that I'm a big claw-talker. Alas, as large as they are, the claws were not picked up by the webcam.

Good thing Cory was lurking around in the background.

Get a load of the flapping.

I would never lie to you.

Here's something interesting. Notice all the junk in the previous picture? While Cory was taking photos he suddenly got a crazy hair and started tidying up. While we were on the call. I had to remind myself that I was live and in action, because what I wanted to do was stage-whisper to him that it's sort of against my religion to stage photos.

My real life involves many piles of paper. I don't have the energy to hide it anymore.

Also, I only fixed the front half of my hair, because I knew no one would see the back of my head unless something went terribly, terribly awry.

And now here I am showing everyone.

If I did feel inclined to put my best foot forward, I would have only shown this photo. 1) The junk has already been moved by Mr. Clean  2) My claws are resting dormant  3) You can't really see the back of my noggin 4) You can't tell that the top button of my jeans is unbuttoned because I ate two bowls of taco soup when one would have been plenty.

While Cory and I chatted, Silas was already tucked in to bed (no nap today) and Calvin and Ruby were in their room having "Quiet Reading Time". If you could have only heard the party that was shaking down the hall.

Calvin did also write a four-page report on Korea during the hour, which was both irresistibly cute and quite timely, given our topic at hand.

Page 1: Korea!!!! :)
Page 2: Seouls soccr tem is the tigrs.
             Korea has the most citys out of the hole contry.
Page 3: Food (drawings of bowls of rice with chopsticks, the Korean flag and an unidentified square object)
             Rise is the man cors of the dish.
             Kim-chee is poprler ther to.
Page 4: Citys in Korea are big or huge! They have more then 100,20
             The most empourten thing is to have fun. :)

Have I mentioned that I'm awfully fond of my shorties?
That's Tina on the screen. She's amazing. As I wrote to one participant, "She's perfect, because she's not overly "friendy" or gushy, she's intelligent and direct, she's kind and supportive, she's therapisty enough to remind you why you're there. I just can't say enough about her."

Now you know. I really can't say enough about her.
See? I tell no lies.

So, for those of you who joined us, thank you! It made my flipping month to see your pretty faces. I wanted to run in and change into sweatpants, put my hair in a ponytail and camp out with all'ayoun's for three more hours.

For those of you who weren't able to join, for whatever reason, we will be scheduling another call soon. Stay tuned.

So, what was your reality tonight? (No staging.)