Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Rusted Chain Jewelry Giveaway

Three days ago I shamelessly snapped some photos of my neighbor's peony buds, all fisted up and ready for a show.

It didn't prepare me for this evening, when I drove past one of my favorite flower beds in town only to discover the peonies in full bloom. They're the perfect pink, fluffier than my grandma's old powder puff, full-on debutantes with eighteen petticoats and teetery heels. And it's only mid-April.

It's turning me all askew, watching the flowers bloom so early. Part of me loves it because it's so unexpected and unusual. I'm noticing more. Appreciating more.

The other part of me thinks, "What about all the brides who planned their wedding for late May just so they could have peonies?" and "What will mother's day be like this year, without all the tree blooms decorating the day?"

(These must be what they call first-world problems.)

All I know is, life feels extra-swoony right now. It feels like a gift. It puts me in the mood for celebrating, and what could be more celebratory than a fun jewelry giveawy?

My friend Beki from The Rusted Chain pretty much rules the school because 1) Her personalized jewelry is clever and beautiful and I want to wear it all at the very same time.  2) She has put up with a whole lot of technological stupidity and general untimeliness from yours truly and hasn't broken up with me (yet). 3) She's a fun Twitterer. 4) She is real life friends with P-Dub and (sorta) has proof. And it's funny.

Oh, and 5) She's offering a $50 credit to her store for one lucky FPFG reader.

Crack open a fresh Dr. Pepper and have a look at her store.

Image of Celebrate Family necklace
I liked this for a bloomless Mama on Mother's Day. 
Image of Est. Necklace
And this? 
Perfect wedding shower gift. She'll forget all about those dang peonies.

To enter, tell me your favorite piece. I'll draw a winner on Wednesday.

Beki is also offering 15% off all orders for FPFG readers. Just type "FARM15" to redeem the discount. Expires Friday!