Monday, April 30, 2012


There's a lot to love about going home. You've heard it all before. I know, I know.
But here's the photo that most perfectly captures "there".

It's the radio, man. 

It's the big, clunky cd player/radio on the bathroom counter. It would almost be enough that the shower head is so tall that I don't have to hunch. It's a bonus that I can LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR and shower without interruption and/or the hazy notion that the house might be burning down around me while I shower. But the fact that I can also blare the radio whilst showering? It's revolutionary. It's a unique kind of awesome. It's home.

We've musical-chaired around with sleeping arrangements, over the years. But I've decided that I am happiest in my little sister Keisha's room. She's in Africa right now, training in high risk midwifery.

I miss her. (Isn't she pretty?)

I hugged her on New Year's Day and cried into her hair, refusing (like I always do) to tell her goodbye. I stink at goodbyes. I'm the worst ever. I should be used to not telling her goodbye, but this time felt different. I wanted to protect her and just keep being her big sister. I didn't want her to go.

But also? I really wanted her to go. I wanted her to embrace the call and quiet the haters who tell her she needs to just stay home and find a husband. (fyi, I used to be one of the haters)  It embarrasses me that it took my own bumpy journey to see the true beauty of hers. So I petted her hair and promised her she was doing the right thing. I told her I was proud of her.

But I definitely didn't tell her goodbye.

I haven't heard her voice since that night and it's hard. It would be nice if God cared more about our earthly, American comfort than he did about the lostness and the ache of the world...

So I cozied up in her bed and read Isaiah from one of her Bibles. I slept well, surrounded by these faces, these members of her family (yours and mine, too).

Keisha has played such a role in inspiring where we are in life right now. She's taught me much. She's encouraged us every step of the way.

My mom took this picture with the big camera. That's always an adventure. I think you're catching on, Mama! This is one of my favorite pictures ever.

 She also took this one, which is interesting, because it so closely resembles...

 This one.

This is Angie's arm. Angie is the one who made my bar-stool dreams come true. We had never met, but Saturday changed everything.

Two words: La Fiesta.

She hauled in a big box of pastries for dessert, and I knew I was in love. She didn't bat an eye that most of the salsa was gone when she arrived a mere 5 minutes after I did.

My excuse? "I can't be trusted with this."

But you already knew that.
We almost shut the place down. We camped out.  

 We were twins, in our gingham shirts and our Farmgirl Paints cuffs.

After we rolled each other out of the booth, we hit up Midwest Memories - my favorite Ohio antiques store in the history of the world. All I know is, I need Angie to quit her life and sign on as my personal junk-shopping assistant. She truly seemed to understand my vision of crazy. She practically forced me to buy the yellow-orange baskets that will hopefully light the kitchen of my future.

All that, and my 3rd bar-stool, too.

God bless the internet!

God bless us, every one.


  1. Love the family pics and your vision of crazy. Truly.

    1. Oh, and I'm taking a drive through Ohio soon. And I don't know what the internets won't show my picture any more, ever since I switched to Word Press. But I'm still me.

    2. You're looking quite spooky, Nancy Pants!


  2. My husband is from that very same town with that very same La Fiesta! I was there last weekend with friends! It's a usual hang out for us when we head home as well. And I'm also pretty sure I've been to that antique store as well. That town has some super shops!

    1. NO. WAYYYYY.

      If you ever see me there (highly possible) promise me you'll come over and smack me on the head or something!

  3. Oh! I love the hugs. The love! Ohio is the best : ) I am glad you got to be with your family and soak up the love!

  4. Come on over anytime and you can shower without fear of the house burning down plus turn the music up LOUD - you should really check out the set up Adrian has in their bathroom :)
    I just read Keisha's latest blog - I'm jealous! I would love to be trained in midwifery and across the waters helping these mommas have beautiful, healthy babies! Very happy for her and I hope that God will bring her great joy through her experiences.

  5. your sister's heart is as beautiful as yours. and go mama! she is good. what a shot! matching shirts and cuffs?? what a match. i may or may not be totally jealous of angie. maybe i can find the 4th barstool? please tell me you need a 4th one??

  6. I love my mom's bathroom for some of the very same reasons. I love your sister for some of the same as well.

  7. How am I 30 min from Midwest Memories and I haven't been?! I kinda feel like this could complete me. Oh, it's on the tip top of the LIST now!

  8. What? That was like an infomercial for me sorta:) You both just thrilled me to my toes. Your sis looks like you. Very pretty indeed.

  9. Hey we have old yellow and white egg baskets-turned pendant lights in our kitchen in the hood! See? Meant to be friends :-)

  10. oh, I have a turquoise gingham shirt AND a farmgirl paints cuff too...I could be a triplet! ;) Seriously though, I have a daughter, son in law and 3 year old grandson who are leaving at the end of July for 2 years for full time mission work in Austria. Sigh, although I am so proud and excited for them, I am DREADING the goodbye. I am terrible at them. :)

  11. you had me giggling at God bless the internet - God bless us everyone!

  12. Twinkies! It made me a little nervous how you girls were dressed alike. How can that be? You didn't say, hey, I'll be the one in the blue gingham shirt and the cuff and she said, hey I'll wear the same thing so it will be easier to spot each other? Cuz otherwise that's freaky.

    1. She mentioned that she might wear gingham so I said, "LET's DO IT!!!" or something like that. But I had no clue she had a cuff. ;)

  13. Radio whilst showering?! I'm totally doing that today.

    Your sister is definitely beautiful! I can't wait to check out her blog.

    I love that picture of your's and Ruby's arms. Precious.

    Oh, I will be your junk-shopping assistant anytime, girl. Just say the word! And there was NO WAY I was gonna let you leave without those baskets. I can't wait to see them hanging over your table!


  14. Love it all. The giant radio, La Fiesta, and the wondrousness of the internet. I also have a "humanitarian sister." In college she was voted "Most likely to be the next Mother Teresa." How do you even compete with that? You don't. She's my baby sis but I look up to her tremendously. They left everything comfortable and are raising at-risk teenage boys as well as 3 kids of their own. Amazing.

  15. Oh, how I miss your parents bathroom! ;) Such great memories getting ready in there. I'm only sorry I missed the addition of your parents whirlpool bathtub! ;) Also, I hope you know that when kg read this, you are going to be responsible for her doing the ugly cry in Africa. Just saying! And I'm glad you found your 3rd stool and I can't believe the twinnery!

  16. Oh, how I miss your parents bathroom! ;) Such great memories getting ready in there. I'm only sorry I missed the addition of your parents whirlpool bathtub! ;) Also, I hope you know that when kg read this, you are going to be responsible for her doing the ugly cry in Africa. Just saying! And I'm glad you found your 3rd stool and I can't believe the twinnery!

  17. I read about your adventures on Angie's blog. She is such a sweetie, isn't she. When I saw your shirt, I knew what you were going to say. I told her that I wanted to meet you someday as well.
    Have fun settling back in.

  18. Is that a scripture written on that orange index card in the bathroom? Can we all come over and hang out with your folks sometime? Mine are in town for the week and I'm in heaven!

    I spent many hours lost in your sister's blog and love her, too. I kind of wished it was a movie. It'd be one of those "to be continued..."s. Wonderful!

    How awesome that your new stool came with a new friend, cover it all in gingham and salsa and I have to agree, God bless the internet! & God bless you, too!

  19. Did you and Angie plan on dressing as twins? Seriously. So cute. If that was accidental, I think she's meant to be one of your newest best pals!!

    Your sister IS pretty. I'm glad you've begun to understand her worldview and life. I didn't marry until I was 36 and I traveled a lot. To say my family didn't "get" me at all is an understatement and I was told oftentimes to settle down and marry. Ugh.

    That Ohio boombox needs..A) to have batteries installed and B) needs to be carried around BY you, ON your shoulder a la John Cusack in "Say Anything".

    Just Saying.


    Lots of Love!


  20. Can I just tell you I'm a tad jealous? I'm jealous of your sister, 'cause how cool would it be to have you for a sister. I'm jealous of Angie, 'cause how fun would it be to hang with you and eat chips and salsa. And I'm jealous of your cuffs, 'cause how stinkin' cute are they!

    This comment makes me sound like a crazed stalker kind of girl.

  21. your sister is beautiful! what a great a cool thing to midwife. i love that. good stuff here, sista :)

  22. So I just found you from The Lettered Cottage and I've pretty much decided that we should be friends, mkay? So yeah, I'm a new follower.

    Your sister is amazing. I can't image the fear it must take to go to Africa or train in high-risk midwifery, or the fear that it takes to let her go as her family. I just lifted her up in prayer for safety, wisdom, perfect opportunities to minister and a family to love her over there.

  23. this...and I'm looking up Midwest Memories right now!

  24. I just read your post about your beautiful sister and my heart jumped into my throat because my little sis is a nurse who's studying to do the same thing. She's already been over to Africa twice now and oh it breaks my heart with sadness and joy to see her living her life. She too has inspired me in more ways than I can say and I am actually in the process of completing my first adoption.

  25. Phew. For a second I thought your sister had died. But she is alive. Phew.

  26. i blow a million kisses your direction...your sweet words are stuffed in my back pocket for the moments when i have to sit like a man because my pregnancy legs refuse to shut when i sit.

    p.s. i dare you to come to ohio again without seeing us...i dare you!