Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help Me, Rhondas

As I suspected, we have been thrown deep into the throes of house-deciding. We have pored over blueprints and asked to have one wall moved four inches and another wall six. It feels like some pretty important nit-picking.

I'm not really in the mood for nit-picking right now. Alas, my Dad is probably right - we will be happy to have those four extra inches.

He's also "nudging" us to figure out the island and dining room table situations, so we are better prepared to deal with electrical, when the time comes.

I have never worked this way before. I've always lived in old houses. I've figured things out at my own snailish pace.

 {Click here for the whole remodel.}

Here's my first question. On a scale of 1-10, how unimaginative is it if we buy the exact same island we bought for the old house?

1) I really liked it.
2) It has a pull-out trash can (My Dad is losing sleep over a lack of space for a trash can.)
3) It takes much less thought than any other option I can conjure up.

I originally wanted this, but I stalled and it sold. That yellow is dreamy. But there's no place for a trash can. And no over-hang in the back.

I am a mess here.

Can you tell?

But I did find bar stools! Well, I found 2.

TJ Maxx, people. Another shopper was sort of lurking around them, so I held the post until Cory made his way over from another store to give me a second opinion. That lady knew I meant business and she finally walked away.

Then Cory stamped them with his approval, picked both of them up and almost knocked over a shelf of glass-ware in the process.

A big group of Moms laughed at him with me.

Aren't they dreamy? They are so knock-off Sundance. Only mine were $60 rather than $225. If you find a third at your TJ, let me know!

ps - I won't miss you, blue indoor/outdooor kitchen carpet. But I think we all knew that.

I also scored this fabric for $0.10 at a garage sale. I have no idea what I'll do with it. What I really want to do is wear it.

I bought a random wooden folding chair last night at an auction for $2 and a wooden armchair last week for $10. 

You see the condition I find myself in. I like too many things. I am scattered. I'm paralyzed by the urgency of it all. I want to find things cheap.  Then I do, and I buy them. Then I'm more confused than ever.