Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday, Wilma.

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Oh, today isn't Wednesday?

I dare you to prove it.

We have been out at the town-wide garage sale all morning. Score of the day: A bag of vintage linen calendar towels for...ONE DOLLAR! holler.

I just counted - 23 total. Many of them are offensively ugly, but still.

1976-79 seem to pull the most weight.
1990 is a big, hot mess of teddy bear disaster. But you'll have that.

(I just took a bunch of pics. Be warned.)

The kitchen carpet was professionally cleaned.  Ruby just asked, for the eighth time in fifteen minutes, "Is Calvin home yet?" Me: "Is he?" Ruby: "No."

Glad we established that. Again.

I have many lengthy thoughts regarding our island discussion. Stay tuned.

And now, a day late,  the winner of the fabulous Rusted Chain giveaway is:
Taylor: "I LOVE the 'I Have Decided' necklace. I grew up singing that song in church and it brings back sweet memories! Thanks for hosting."

Congratulations, Taylor!