Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday, Wilma.

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Oh, today isn't Wednesday?

I dare you to prove it.

We have been out at the town-wide garage sale all morning. Score of the day: A bag of vintage linen calendar towels for...ONE DOLLAR! holler.

I just counted - 23 total. Many of them are offensively ugly, but still.

1976-79 seem to pull the most weight.
1990 is a big, hot mess of teddy bear disaster. But you'll have that.

(I just took a bunch of pics. Be warned.)

The kitchen carpet was professionally cleaned.  Ruby just asked, for the eighth time in fifteen minutes, "Is Calvin home yet?" Me: "Is he?" Ruby: "No."

Glad we established that. Again.

I have many lengthy thoughts regarding our island discussion. Stay tuned.

And now, a day late,  the winner of the fabulous Rusted Chain giveaway is:
Taylor: "I LOVE the 'I Have Decided' necklace. I grew up singing that song in church and it brings back sweet memories! Thanks for hosting."

Congratulations, Taylor!


  1. Sister. Do you know I collect the linen calendars?

    It's true! I have an entire stack that belonged to my grandmother. Even the year I was born! I just them as napkins. LOVE them.

    Seriously. I would have died from my best yard sale heart attack had I been with you today. Law. Now I am feeling a twinge jealous.

    And also, what day is it? I've lost count.

    Do not let Corey listen to my voice mail message.

    Do. Not.



  2. I live in Plainfield IN (just west of Indy) and we have a TJMAXX with ONE of your bar stools left! How far away do you live from Indy? Holly bhc-law(at)juno(dot)com

  3. I DO remember that about you! Totally thought of you. Do you even like the ugly ones?? Must know.

    Your vm cracked my business straight up. That is so something we would do (have done???)

    Will you be joining us NEXT Wednesday?

    I love your accent. I want to pour salad dressing on it and eat it.

    Okay. That analogy didn't really work. But you get my drift.

  4. i said it once and i'll say it again: i want to live where garage sales happen on thursdays.

  5. I want to go shopping with you. That is all. :)

  6. Yay for pre-bedtime posts! I made your salsa 2 days ago...and we ate it every bit within 24 hours. Cilantro?! I want mo'. The cumin?! I'm so in. The lime?! Sublime.

    Thank you for not hoarding the secret recipe.

    Happy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, too. :)

  7. Those calendar towels make nice little aprons!

  8. I have a few vintage dish towels from my grandmother. One is a whaling scene. Pretty graphic, if you ask me. They didn't so I guess I'll just deal. You're the third blogger I've read today that missed Wednesday.

  9. Is it seriously not Wednesday?....I collected teddy bears in the 90's it amazes me just how much I cannot stand them now

  10. Oh no, not teddies. That brings back 90's horrors of me thinking it was cool to collect "Cherished Teddies". Yikes. The only teddy bears I allow myself to see now are the ones decorating my mom's sweatshirts.

  11. You have garage sales already? I totally live in the wrong state.

  12. "But you'll have that"...I seriously spit out my drink. Cracked me flat up. Man I despised those teddy bears. However,I still have one here Bahaha It was expensive and I couldn't "bear" to pitch it. He lives in a tub. He likes it there.

  13. In one of the current flea market magazines, calendar towels are #8 on the list of top ten hot collectibles! They show a gal who makes cool pillows and stuff. They've been selling well for me on Ebay - anywhere from $3 to $10 depending. Enjoy your find! And I want you to know that my first house - in 1984, freshly married - was exclusively mauve and country blue. Ha!

  14. Thank you! Am am so grateful to have won : )