Monday, April 23, 2012

Adoption Chat Announcement

The Support for Adoptive Parents Chat with hosts Erin Jauert and Tina Feigal from Parenting Mojo is scheduled for this Wednesday, April 25 from 7-7:30 pm (EST).

If you plan to join us please email me ( today with your gmail email address so we can get everything set up.

(Please be sure and email me directly, rather than in the comments.)

Also, if you have already emailed me,  please do so once more, just so we have a firm count. Thanks!

A few people asked who the chat is open to. The answer? Anyone, really. We will be talking about some of the behavior issues that can stem from adoption issues, but these behaviors often apply to non-adopted kids, too. Or maybe you see adoption in your future and would just like to listen in. Come on over!

We are hoping to schedule a 2nd call in the near future, for those who couldn't make this Wednesday work.

I'm so excited to talk to you!

That is all. Please resume your day. (After you email me.)


  1. Can't make that time but would love to listen in on the next one...for future reference!

  2. we meet with our house church on wednesdays but i'm hoping a future one will work! mama needs it.

  3. This photo just made my week! Silas in a bucket and Ruby's outfit and that face. Love 'em to pieces, I do.

    I'm e-mailing you!

  4. May I ask...may I assume this is part of the BIG prayer I've been praying for you? Can hardly wait to hear how things go for everyone. :)

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  6. "Mom, you did ask me to take out the trash. Didn't you?"