Friday, March 16, 2012

A Wish for the Weekend

We're only half-way through Friday and I feel like it's been the weekend for four days running, baby.

This sun is a wonder.

"This corn is an angel." (Name that movie.)

I'm here in my jeans and my red henley. Have mercy, do I ever want one more t-shirt and a skirt. STATE kind of stinks in that way that isn't really cured with a washing. I'm sorry for saying that your climate was more hospitable, Jen Hatmaker.

I keep thinking about that danged yellow gingham shirt with my turquoise cable knit v-neck vest. You understand.

The other pre-school moms look increasingly puzzled when they see me.

I bought a sweater for $4 a couple of months back that can only safely be worn when it's in the low 70s, which happens to be right now. It begs the question: Is it the best choice to buy a sweater (no matter how cheap) that can only be worn on a handful of days each year?

These are the kinds of things you'll find yourself thinking when you dive on in and wear the same thing every day for a month. For all of you saying, "I already do that!", well, prove it.

(I'm thinking more about the "7" food thing, too. Just fair warning.)

For now, I think I might take a shower. Is it weird that I shower in the middle of the day? I think so, too. But it's call "Silas". It's called, "he wakes before dawn, these days". It's called, "I begrudge the morning, so sue me." I shower when he naps. Then I don't want to use the blow dryer because it's too loud. Then I march around for the rest of the day with a head of the most regrettable hair.

You know what's funny? I came here with the intention of posting just the picture. Maybe a pithy line or two. I was going all bare-bones minimalist. I was going to shock your britches off.

And here we are, a few hundred senseless words later.

I truly don't know why you keep me around.