Friday, March 16, 2012

A Wish for the Weekend

We're only half-way through Friday and I feel like it's been the weekend for four days running, baby.

This sun is a wonder.

"This corn is an angel." (Name that movie.)

I'm here in my jeans and my red henley. Have mercy, do I ever want one more t-shirt and a skirt. STATE kind of stinks in that way that isn't really cured with a washing. I'm sorry for saying that your climate was more hospitable, Jen Hatmaker.

I keep thinking about that danged yellow gingham shirt with my turquoise cable knit v-neck vest. You understand.

The other pre-school moms look increasingly puzzled when they see me.

I bought a sweater for $4 a couple of months back that can only safely be worn when it's in the low 70s, which happens to be right now. It begs the question: Is it the best choice to buy a sweater (no matter how cheap) that can only be worn on a handful of days each year?

These are the kinds of things you'll find yourself thinking when you dive on in and wear the same thing every day for a month. For all of you saying, "I already do that!", well, prove it.

(I'm thinking more about the "7" food thing, too. Just fair warning.)

For now, I think I might take a shower. Is it weird that I shower in the middle of the day? I think so, too. But it's call "Silas". It's called, "he wakes before dawn, these days". It's called, "I begrudge the morning, so sue me." I shower when he naps. Then I don't want to use the blow dryer because it's too loud. Then I march around for the rest of the day with a head of the most regrettable hair.

You know what's funny? I came here with the intention of posting just the picture. Maybe a pithy line or two. I was going all bare-bones minimalist. I was going to shock your britches off.

And here we are, a few hundred senseless words later.

I truly don't know why you keep me around.


  1. I am a grab a shower whenever I can gal, myself. Usually it is between The Hubs class and work (late morning) or if he is home around dinner time (I grab one then). His weird schedule and two littles determines when (and IF) I get clean. Because I am slow mover in the morning these days.
    P.S. we keep you around because we love you!

  2. I took a shower today at 12:30. I took extra long and prayed extra hard since I had the time.

    It was fabulous. My hair hangs in shambles. I'm contemplating a one hour drive to a proper doughnut.

    I bought new clothes this week for $1.00 each. Store was closing. I have two new tops, three skirts and four swimsuits. Shop that, baby.

    Happy weekend to you and the Siles.


  3. I got the 7 book, it is making me laugh in places and quake to my toes in places, and I know the last page will just be the beginning.I'm not sure the exact 7 is for me but I don't think that is really the point. I think my greed and God's all out love is most likely the point... I don't think I'd have come across it if you hadn't posted about it which would have been much more 'comfortable' but less exciting!

    Love all the happy I'm hearing in your posts despite the stinky tee! and isn't it a pain that scarecrow hair looks kind of cute when you are under 25 but increasingly alarming after that?!x

    1. B - I couldn't agree more about 7. I don't know that JH ever intended it to be a "thing" that everyone should do. I think it's great if some do, but I don't want to be too formulaic about it. Still, I'm seeing first-hand the truth of what she says - that intentional surrender and simplifying in a temporary, minor way makes room somehow for more of Him. It's one less thing in my day that takes up my time and energy and I'm learning things through it. Which is why, with much trepidation, I keep thinking about the food thing. Won't be the same as hers, but I think I'm gonna take the plunge. Oh crumbs!

  4. Here's why we keep you around.... Because SERIOUSLY? WHO has that much control over a water-color brush? (Just LOOK at that "C" !!!) I'm just sayin'. Your talents know no bounds.

    There are other reasons too. What? You want a list? LOL

    p.s. I just got dressed. It is 1:47. I thought it might be nice for my son to come home from school and find his mom out of her jammies. Call me crazy.

    Have a great weekend Shannan!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm awake for your post! I'm heading out the door for the library but wanted to check a few things first and wahoo! It's a good feeling. I had to google the movie line b/c I haven't seen an unanimated movie in exactly 7 years. ish. In fact I thought Calvin must've said it until you said "movie".

    I think about 7 mostly every day. And I haven't even read it yet. I'm mentally preparing, if that's possible.

    Agree, agree, agree with Sally about the watercolors. The words, the heart, the love, yes please.

  6. I am wearing a yellow gingham shirt right now. With pink sequin converse!

  7. We keep you around because you're REAL. This silly old world is overflowing with fake plastic everything. (Ah, Radiohead....) We all appreciate a little bit of realness now and again.

    Happy weekend!

  8. I leep you around because you speak my sense of humor and I sure do need it as I sit and nurse a demanding newborn about a bajillion times a day. You are such a bright spot in my day. :) And I give a hearty "Amen, sista, I understand" in regards to showering in the middle of the day. There are some days that I celebrate that I am actually clean. And I think you are incredibly brave to wear only 7 pieces.

  9. i shower at weird times. my reason is named elijah. who also wakes before the sun.
    love this post AND that line. oh, dan. one of my top fave awkward movie moments!

    love you, enjoy your SUN! xo

  10. we keep you around because we LOVE you! :)

    Happy (real) weekend, hope your weather holds out.


  11. We keep you around because you make us laugh and realize what a wonderful life we live.

  12. The more words you write the better in my book!

    I'm lucky if I even shower in a day. And that's even with a sweaty run thrown in. Let's face it, I'm way gross.

    I'm so impressed with your painting. It's five times better than mine!!!

  13. We keep you around cuz you keep it real. You say what we all wanna say but feel silly doing so. And the shower thing? I leave my kids crying in their beds in the am and quick get one in. But hair and makeup? forgetaboutit.

  14. It is also delightfully warm & sunny here today.

    So much so that I had to put our umbrella up on the back porch. It was actually getting too hot out there without some respite from the shade.

    I told our dogs "summer seems to be here guys!" and then heard your voice (or more accurately, saw your words)saying something about "spring being offended that it hasn't been given a chance." <----SERIOUS paraphrase there!

    To this question:

    "This corn is an angel."

    I honestly have no idea.

    Field of Dreams?

    Waiting to Exhale?


    Do tell.

    I have a fave shirt that also smells just odd & old. It's grey. Short sleeved. I don't ever want to get rid of it, but washing it in hot water, different smelling detergents..nothing works.

    Do the other mothers look at you funny regarding your same clothing? I feel as if certain neighbors eye me that way. Again, I work from home. If you see me in the same SWEET yoga pants and a variety of the same neutral colored tank tops or shirts- don't assume they are A) the same or B) unwashed.

    Mostly, I just don't care. I hate to say that with ONE particular weird & nosy neighbor, I almost welcome her stares & how she wonders. It's bizarre & I've found that feeding into it at times makes me laugh.

    Enjoy your day!!


  15. I don't know the movie. You musn't keep one in suspense. Things like this are why we hang around.

  16. just think of a mid day shower as luxury.

  17. I can handle 7 foods--and probably 7 clothes--although I think season change would be a new 7. Just so you don't get to the point of 7 words.

  18. i happened to shower before breakfast. which has done me absolutely no good since i've been out playing in the dirt and getting rid of all my 'winter interest' (since i've no further interest in winter!). and i'll need another one before i sleep tonight. lovely, lovely weather!

  19. I, too, shower when the littles are napping...cause seriously...that's the only time that I have to! ;)

    Oh...and "Dan in Real Life" is one of my favorite movies...ever! :) Happy weekend!

  20. Yep, we love you because you keep it real. And that movie is in my top 5.
    Have a fun weekend!

  21. i can't WAIT to read her book!!!!

    glad you didn't stick to just a line or when you chat it up with us.

  22. Dan in Real Life. Personal fave. Except, I think his daughters are kind of jerks sometimes.

    I have a young one. I shower when she naps. But sometimes, the shower isn't until the afternoon nap. And although I spent much of my adolescence suppressing a head full of frizzy curls, they are making a come back since they require less time.

    Glad for the sunshine and weekend as well. Blog on, sista friend!

  23. There is many a day that I don't shower until late in the afternoon. Just works out that way. Happy weekend girlie. Btw I have a jacket that is the exact same. It has a three quarter length sleeves and can only be worn a few times a year. Still love it.

  24. This is what I think respectfully about the 7-9 clothes idea. Now keep in mind it is late and I have had a glass of wine. Although I love the idea in concept form of honoring HIM by simplifying our choices throughout the day, I am not sure I agree on this one. A dear friend was just diagnosed with a terminal illness and my feeling is life is short and if wearing your gingham shirt brings you joy, than that is not bad. If you are going out and buying something new that you do not need, I get that. But if it is hanging in your closet as a purchase from money earned honestly, is it more of a sin to have it in the closet or out in the light of day bringing joy to you and to others seeing you in it?? Just food for thougtht, I hope you don't take offense.

    1. No offense at all. For me, this has been a great exercise in intentionally simplifying one area of my life - just for a month or so. I agree, it's not "bad" to wear the gingham shirt! Just like it's not bad to eat food. This is a teeny, weeny bit like a regular old food fast. It's just consciously letting go in an effort to draw closer to the heart of Jesus. I will always find joy in clothes and my home, etc... but I want to be able to find joy without those things, too. Between my current living situation and now my wardrobe thingy, I'm learning that I can. I wasn't entirely sure before! And I still have my moments with both. (Especially the rental.) I would encourage you to check out her book. I think she's much better at communicating the heart of this simplifying than I am. :) Thanks for your comment.

  25. Have a wonderful weekend! I am jealous of those springy pics from the previous post, we still have loads of snow :-( Thankfully, it should all melt with the warm temps on the way!
    Love the water-colour pic....sweet!
    Blessings to you!

  26. I'm finding that i have to do laundry a bit more. Because my kids are messy and their messy ends up on me in different kinds of handprint forms. Therefor the few shirts that I have whittled by wardrobe down to get circulated pretty quick. I too have thought of how Jen Hatmaker had it a little better with the Texas weather - she didn't try this in Indiana during the changing of the seasons now did she?! But that's me complaining. Enough now, i'm off to do laundry.

  27. Because you make me smile, and reflect, and want to be more in love with God- that's why!!
    Have a great weekend!

  28. I take showers whenever I can. Weather it's 6am or 8pm. my children seem to rule the roost and well, I do my best to survive most days. Meaning, shower when I can, wear clean clothes when I can.

    Why do we keep you around? Simple. We love you for making us understand we aren't alone.

  29. Hi there :) I just want to say I am a classic non-relplyer decorator/blogger wanna be and I have been endlessly inspired by reading every "senseless" word you have to say! Thank you so much for your realness and ability to use words to even help me decorate my home...and have such a more meaningful perspective. Bless you much!

  30. I'm glad you're chatty.
    I too shower in the middle of the day (if I'm not getting up and going to work). I'm not a morning person and would prefer to lounge around in pjs, or get housework done before I'm clean and dressed.
    I'm becoming more and intrigued by your 7 items of clothing. I (technically) have a uniform to work, but I get bored so I change it up often, but that takes out some of the difficulty of choosing only 7 items. Now tell me, do pantyhose count?

  31. This reminds me of you and your tiny village (family). It takes a family to raise village!!

  32. Okay, so I'm home from work in a post-migraine stupor reading through your Faith section when I come across your reference to Jen Hatmaker. Now, I've seen the name, but somehow...Yeah, I know the words living under a rock seem appropriate - somehow I had not read her before.

    So, having bookmarked all of her books on Pinterest - how can she not be on it? - I headed off to and found out there were previews of 7.

    Ugh. My family will hate me. I so need 7 right now. Maybe I can just read it and live vicariously. Sure, that's the ticket.

    (Then I headed over to and got sort of snotty, um, expressed my disapointment, that they had an audiobook from Brandon (which is great) but not the 8 or so books of his wife. Then I headed off to amazon only to find out they apparently haven't MADE an audiobook yet of 7. I didn't check the other books. Um, dear Mike, from, so sorry, it was me, not you.)

    So, long story short, thanks for just happening to mention the Kony rock throwing post of Jen's. It's made my day. (Not Mike's though. Sorry Mike.)

    ~ Dana