Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shannan's Math: Turning 7 into 9 (+ key accessories)

I'll cut to the chase here. I chose 9 items to wear this month. Sue me. And I'm not counting my shoes. Or my coat. Or the cuff. It's March here, people. In Northern Indiana. There will be snow (yesterday), torrential rain (this weekend?), sunshine (in droves today), wind (My hair is currently sideways) and maybe even some sleety, drizzly mixtures over the next 30 days.

I'm sorry, Jen Hatmaker, but Texas this is not.

Does it sound like I'm already making excuses? Does it sound like I'm weak in the ways of simplifying? Just be glad we're not talking about food yet. Guarantee, I'll cry.

Exhibit A
Boneless pork chops
Montreal steak seasoning
garlic salt
olive oil
brussels sprouts
fresh rosemary
Rhode's yeast rolls
coarse salt
peanut butter pie

Tonight for dinner I plowed through 13 items, though the last one was a gift, so I can't believe that would count.

Speaking of gifts, today was an exceptional friend day. There was the peanut butter pie (that I've been craving for 2 weeks running), there was the friend who brought me sour cream after reading yesterday's post (along with two avocados, a red pepper and a bulb of garlic. Swoon!), there was the friend who graciously agreed to watch R & S later this week for my doctor's appointment. There was the impromptu lunch-date friend. So much luck in one sunny day! I feel very loved.

Also? I'm stalling.

Here are my 9 items.

But first, two prefaces.

Preface 1: I looked at  this as a relatively significant decision and as such, I gave it almost no forethought. I woke up on Day 1 with no plan, so I impulsively reached for something gray. When in doubt.

Preface 2: I dress for warmth. I do not wear flats without socks until it is 70 degrees outside because I will weep if the tops of my feet get chilled. I wear house slippers over my knee socks under my cowboy boots. It's real cozy down in there. And constrictive. On the rare summer day that Cory runs the window AC, I will probably wear my full-length fleece robe over my skirt and T.

So the thing with me about clothes is that 75% of the time I'm jeans and t-shirt. Maybe the odd sock hat (indoors, of course) or hoodie. But in that other 25%, I am a wannabe fashionista. I know some stuff, man. I worked hard through high school, diligently studying Vogue and Elle. I sometimes read those pages at the front of Us Weekly and cover the names of the designer then quiz myself. Is there a large flower? Marchesa. Is the fit streamlined? The straps thin? Calvin Klein. Chunky, earthy jewelry? Maybe Marni.

I bat 500.

Don't hate me because I sent the kids to their rooms when Oprah interviewed Ralph Lauren.

The point is, I don't care one lick about fashion in my regular life, or so you'd think. But put me in driving distance of a J Crew outlet and you'll be eating my dust.

Confession: Sometimes I buy a Jacki O cardigan for $19 at the J Crew outlet even though it doesn't really fit simply because I love the color.
Confession: Sometimes I conjure up new outfits when I can't sleep.
Confession: If I stroll into a TJ Maxx or Gap, I will probably find something I want to buy. Not something I need. Heck no. Something on clearance that I might not even completely love.

I'm sort of frugal. I can rationalize it to the moon. But at the end of the day, I care about pretty things and multiple layers and magical blazers made of sweat pants.

I'm not ready to weigh in on whether loving these things is "Good!" or "Bad." I'm just explaining why I knew it could be a tricky month for me. Not the hardest thing I've ever done, but I could see myself getting twitchy over it. I wanted to look my greed right in the face, because that's what it is when you continue to buy things not because you need them but because you just want to own them. It's greed. I have more than enough and I keep paying for more because I think I can. Greed. It's not okay.

Maybe at the end I will fully believe that it's time to stop. Maybe I'll slow down. Maybe I'll start searching for a gingham shirt with a ruffled placket. I have no idea and I'm doing my best to not script the journey. Trust that I'll keep you posted, because that's just the hand you've been dealt.

For now, on day 15, I'm loving my 9. I mean, I don't even really love my nine, and I still love them. I picked them because they are warm. I picked them because they're very soft and they are kind.

1. dark wash jeans that highlight my muffin top but don't give me baggy butt
2. red long sleeve henley
3. grey pill-ball sweater from the now-defunct Steve and Barry's
4. light wash jeans that pose a constant hiney-exposure risk but don't accentuate my muffin top
5. 3/4 sleeve oatmeal-colored cardigan sweatshirt thingy
6. 3/4 sleeve navy/green t-shirt
7. STATE t-shirt
8. white long sleeve t-shirt
9. Brown hoodie

They're not my favorites, but they're my favorites for now. Do I miss pinstripes? Not as much as gingham. Am I pining for a collar? Not yet, but ask me in a week.

I'm itching to know - where do you fall on clothes? Would it make you twitchy to wear the same thing over and over and over again, even to church and out to lunch with your very cute and stylish friends?

Does anyone want to give it a go with me?

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