Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've Got 99 Problems and This is One

Sweet heavenly hosts, do I ever have a problem with buying other people's junk.

I scooped up this little beauty at a serendipitous estate sale last week. It was serendipitous for a few reasons. 1) My town never has estate sales. 2) I happened upon it during a kidless moment.

Okay, so only two serendipities.

The bracelet set me back $4 and I'm not gonna lie, I wore that baby around the house for an hour or two, even though it's against my rule to wear any adornments (save the cuff) this month. I just love the quirk, that's all. It reminds me of me. And you.

I also came home with a watercolor of a local haunt. Score! 
(This was my big ticket item at $8)

See? It really is a real place!
(Photo courtesy of Meadowbrook Farm Photog)

This spoke to my soul for $0.25. 
I brought his homlier siblings home, too, but mostly just out of sympathy.

Then there's the fabric. I have a big, bad problem when it comes to fabric. The problem is further compounded by the fact that I don't sew. Not even one single stitch. Tell me I'm wrong to buy 3 different kinds of gingham. I dare you. Tell me I shouldn't have scooped up that red and white vintage, button-up VEST. Mmm Hmm.

In the end, I walked out $16 lighter.

I think I've made my point, but just in case...

Yesterday I finally made a stop to our local auction barn. I've wanted to go for ages but never had and I see that now as a real travesty. There was a vintage orange Pyrex bowl that I had my eye on, along with a yellow ceramic deer planter, but in the end, my better judgment and my time constraints collided.

 I call this one, "Oh no they di'int." 

I don't know what was going down, but it was clearly bad news.

But the fabric! 
It's really not even fair to call this fabric.

These are textiles, people. 

 With old, vintagey, yellowed labels.
 I see this stitched into a big, bulky shoulder bag. 
A true carpet bag, if you will.

Or, you know, a footstool. 
Because we could all use an upholstered foot stool.

So yes, I hear you. I feel you. I fill you.

We are many in number. We have trouble ignoring the siren call of thrift.

Here's the deal ~ I'm not saying that this is bad. I'm simply saying that for me, it has become more important to be intentional about what I bring home (with the notable exception of the fabric hoarding, for which there is no excuse or exemption.)

I love the idea of a home that is collected and inviting and inexpensive. But at the end of the day, if you already have two perfectly functional bowls that are the exact size as the really cute orange one?

Walk away, sister. Walk the stink away.

In related news, I've decided to extend the giveaway for one more day, since a fantabulous reader has offered to throw a few more copies into the kitty. I need to confirm the exact number before I draw names.

I'm loving being a part of this discussion with all'ayoun's. This is fresh territory. I've been taking notes. I have plenty more to say about it all and I hope you do, too.

What I believe to my core is that intentional simplifying can change us, draw us closer to the heart of Christ. That's the point.

Thanks for walking with me, homies.