Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ely Lane and a Day in My Life

Spring is just around the corner, baby. We're still half-lion, but I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of that lamb. And now? I want more.

There's always something about the turning of the air, the changing of the light, that makes me want to get out and stir around, maybe do a little fluffing.

I think we're all wise to the fact that local fluffing is the best kind of fluffing.

My friend Erin recently opened up shop in Plymouth, Indiana. Erin's got such a knack for pinning down exactly what we all want and she's gathered a handful of local artists and dreamers that share her vision.

Let's take a peek at Ely Lane.

I am always bowled over by the creative eye for beauty that my shopkeeper friends seem to share.

Ely Lane is positively gorgeous, with its white pressed tin ceilings contrasting the functional, drool-worthy pallet fixtures. I wanted to run hope and clad everything in pellets. I still might.

There was color in every corner.

 The green mugs were one of my favorite things in the shop.

White + green + something earthy, like wicker or wood? I'll take two, please. And Supersize me.


Here's the beauty and the brains behind the beauty and the brains. Hey, Erin! I want to go on vacation to your store. Do you take reservations? :)

* Periwinkle Jazz bloomer alert! My heart can't take it.*

 My beloved, artsy pal Jessica Flores also has a trove of her goodies in Ely Lane.
 Head out this weekend and see what you find! I'll arm-wrestle you for those bent-wood chairs.

Ely Lane
110 W. Garro St.
Plymouth, IN 46563


Click here for more information.


One more thing! A day in my life is being featured today on Annalea's blog. (I've had several things to tell you all about, and ended up spilling a few of them over there.)


Make that two more things. Remember the lotion bars I told you about? The good people at Korte Acres have offered FPFG readers a free lip balm with any purchase from their site. Just include "FPFG" in your order!


  1. Oh my goodness!!
    I might need to make a little trip to plymouth!!!
    I love her shop:)
    hmmm....maybe she needs a little jewelry for her shop too:):) I'll have to check!!
    anywho...yesterday was so spring-like and then we get this weather for today:( know spring in Indiana is always ups and downs!!
    Happy March 1st:)

  2. That we should ALL have an Ely Lane in our lives. GOODNESS. Ely Lane...I wish you an immense amount of success in your new venture. I also wish I lived with in walking distance and that I could saunter in every day at around 2:30pm when I am starting to drag a little from all the daily business of the day and have a quick vacation in your lovely space. Shannan darling, just visited your guest is it you can make the everyday seem so not everyday. Much love to this day...may it be a good one in all it's ordinary glory.

  3. Sure, I'll head right over this weekend & while I'm at it think I'll stop at that RV garage sale too. K maybe not. :( Thanks for sharing the dream.
    Still giggling at the "experts" calling the Amish Ame-ish why do they always do that?

  4. Aghhh!!!! Gorgeous pics. Thanks so much for taking beautiful shots of my lovelies in this loveliest of stores and for sharing a link to me. Sales have been great over there, so your readers should get there quick to scoop up some of the things they see. You're the berries!

  5. Amazing! I cannot wait to visit!

  6. um, why does charleston have to be so far??

  7. I never read the post where you told us about the lotion bar and your other faves..just did. And I thank you.

    Is it sad that I was most excited about the Converse collection at Target? That gray sweater thing for less than $15? All knit, all comfy, all the time?

    I'll be having a date with Target Otsego or Rogers location(s) this weekend!

    Thanks for the heads up.

    LOVE the bloomers and your friend's shop- so cute and the contrast with the pallets and ceilings? lovely!

  8. Ohhhh, I want to go to Ely Lane, and that green highchair makes me want to have another baby to put in it. Beautiful, beautiful.

  9. I love those yardstick erasers. Ohio isn't that far away right?

  10. Seriously?!?!?!? Cutest store ever!!!! Your blog is my new fav to go to. I want to be your best friend. I want to live on a farm and hang out with you and do crazy things and let our kiddos play together. But I live about 20 hours away so not going to happen I guess. (You are probably breathing a sigh of relief right now since you have no clue who I am.) Your family is precious and I love reading your posts. May God continue to bless you!!

  11. Okay I just have to tell you, I just visited Annalea to read your day in the life and I needed to read that Bible verse. I'm posting Psalm 62:5 in several places around our house and on my desk at school. We're learning about praying circles around things at church and hubby and I've picked a big one - something that only God can do - and I'm struggling to trust God to put my hope back in Him. I pulled away from trusting Him with my life back in August. I've prayed often since then - but not for our dream. So anyways I just wanted to say thank you for landing on that verse and thank you for sharing it. I needed it.

  12. When I come to visit you we we will go here.


    Oh, wait. I just invited myself to your town. What can I say? I've got a hankerin' for some brussel sprouts.

    How do you spell brussel? brusell? brussle? red lines under all of them.

  13. Amazing pictures, Shannan! Great review of a cutesy store! :)

  14. I wish I lived closer - looks like such a cute store!

  15. swoon swoon swoon swoon swoon.

    I think I may just have to pay this Ely Lane a visit!

  16. so now i need to move to your town, so i can visit ely lane. and you. and i want that high chair.

  17. What a beautiful and fun store. I wish I could shop there! Love that table set. So fun to be friends with creative people :)

  18. Dearest Friend, someone told me about Ely Lane, now I must go. I can never stay away from the vintage. And Erin, she is the sweetest, and look how happy she looks... Plymouth will see the likes of me Saturday!!!

  19. soo..i must go to ely lane since it is in my downtown! i just always have my kids with me and a 11 year old boy is not the best company in such stores.
    and...we too watched the pbs amish special eagerly awaiting to see our amish. my hubby has amish roots back to 2 generations so we are always curious. and we said the same thing about the factories...they really do run around. my comment - no wonder our stuff doesn't last anymore:) but i sure could never do that all day long!
    i've been wanting to read the 7 book - hmm...9 articles of clothing for the whole month! sounds interesting for my whiny while getting dressed self!

  20. I loved reading about your "normal" day. It's always interesting to get a peek into someone else's day-to-day.

    That shop is so cute. Last weekend my mom and I got all inspired for spring at a favorite shop near her.