Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ely Lane and a Day in My Life

Spring is just around the corner, baby. We're still half-lion, but I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of that lamb. And now? I want more.

There's always something about the turning of the air, the changing of the light, that makes me want to get out and stir around, maybe do a little fluffing.

I think we're all wise to the fact that local fluffing is the best kind of fluffing.

My friend Erin recently opened up shop in Plymouth, Indiana. Erin's got such a knack for pinning down exactly what we all want and she's gathered a handful of local artists and dreamers that share her vision.

Let's take a peek at Ely Lane.

I am always bowled over by the creative eye for beauty that my shopkeeper friends seem to share.

Ely Lane is positively gorgeous, with its white pressed tin ceilings contrasting the functional, drool-worthy pallet fixtures. I wanted to run hope and clad everything in pellets. I still might.

There was color in every corner.

 The green mugs were one of my favorite things in the shop.

White + green + something earthy, like wicker or wood? I'll take two, please. And Supersize me.


Here's the beauty and the brains behind the beauty and the brains. Hey, Erin! I want to go on vacation to your store. Do you take reservations? :)

* Periwinkle Jazz bloomer alert! My heart can't take it.*

 My beloved, artsy pal Jessica Flores also has a trove of her goodies in Ely Lane.
 Head out this weekend and see what you find! I'll arm-wrestle you for those bent-wood chairs.

Ely Lane
110 W. Garro St.
Plymouth, IN 46563


Click here for more information.


One more thing! A day in my life is being featured today on Annalea's blog. (I've had several things to tell you all about, and ended up spilling a few of them over there.)


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