Monday, February 13, 2012

Plan B

Cory and I were gone all weekend. It was duh-vine. It was also strange at turns, but you'll have that when we're involved.

We got home last night and only had eyes for the smallish people in flannel and feetie pojammies, so I planned to wait and tell you about our adventure today.

But now it's today and the camera (along with photos) is with Cory in Indy, so it's going to have to wait even longer because it just wouldn't be fair to tell the stories without the pictures. I know you understand.

The good news is, I always have a back-up plan.

The bad news is, my back-up plan is usually brussels sprouts.

Cross my heart, I don't know what's gotten into me. I really don't. All I know is, one day I was a normal girl and the next? I was a brussels sprouts fanatic. The more I eat them, the more I want them. They are the methamphetamine of the farmers' market.

I regret to inform you that this is a picture of my Last Supper, or my Last Lunch, as it were. This is the meal that broke my 14 year streak. It looks pretty good, but does it look like something you'd like to experience twice? I didn't think so. Especially when you add a blood orange to the mix.

I'm still so ashamed to admit that I caramelized these puppies whilst Cory was just one room away, all green and clammy.

It is mean to cook brussels sprouts when someone in the house has a stomach bug. I didn't know. You have to remember that at this point, I was still clutching my Title.

The following day, having lost my innocence along with all of my electrolytes, I was mortified by my actions. I did eighteen Hail Mary's and flogged myself.

Also, of course, I puked, which was its own sort of punishment.

This is what the kids ate that day. I might be a weirdo, but I don't feed them a plate full of pickled beets and brussels sprouts for lunch.

They only wish they could be so lucky.

(Oh, and those are mini corn-dogs. FYI.)

But if you want to know how to caramelize some sprouts, and I'm sure you do, I'm here to tell you.
1) Steam them for 3 min. (stove-top or microwave)
2) Let them cool, then cut in half.
3) Heat olive oil in pan on medium heat. (I set my burner to number 5)
4) Place sprouts cut-side down in pan and do. not. move them.
5) Once the cut sides are nice and golden brown (not burnt!) they are done.
6) Squeeze generously with lemon juice and sprinkle with salt.


Oh, and one more thing. A winner!

Beth: My favorite way to spend a summer evening is to hang out in our backyard around our fire I'm pretty easy to please!

Beth, you just won a copy of A Sweethaven Summer, by Courtney Walsh. Email me with your address and I'll get it out to you. 


  1. I like plan B most of the time. But I'm still scared of brussels sprouts. And pickled beets. I think I would've opted for the mini corn dogs. ;)

  2. i've been looking for a new way to cook sprouts. my husband loves them, but not when i cook them....they always turn out bitter.
    thanks so much for showing us the before pictures & not the after ;)

  3. I have to admit that I have never had brussel sprouts! These looks delicious, so I will have to try them!

  4. I carmelize them with brown sugar and bacon.
    so yummy!

  5. I have become a brussel sprout fanatic right along with you - thanks to you and the stir fry method :) I haven't tried the steam/fry recipe yet, but will embark upon it ASAP!!! Al has asked if he can grow them in the garden this summer - heck yah!!!! Now to get everyone in the fam plugged in......So glad you two were able to get away for a weekend - best medicine for marriage. So why am I not doing it more????? Must place on to do list now!

    P.S. Glad you let me know which number to set the burner - that can make all the difference, except - I don't have any numbers!!! This is the very direction that my husband and eldest son would appreciate - details People!! ;) Missed you both yesterday <3

  6. We love brussel sprouts! We do the same except add garlic and parmesan cheese.....oh yum. That is what I am having for lunch.

  7. you got me hooked on brussels, but i'm still hedging with those beets. i think it's their intense color...i fear foods that will turn my poop magenta.

  8. Can I just saw that I saw roasted brussel spouts on pinterest and gave it a try and have been hooked since! I am pretty sure we've eaten them 4-5 times in the past two weeks. And there are some in the fridge, and I wish I had planned to have them for supper.

  9. I just happened upon your blog this weekend and I think I ready every post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. i hate to inform you, but i just. cannot. get. into. brussels. but maybe this will win me over. maybe. i have some hope.

  11. LOL!! I have always hated brussel sprouts until my month-long obsession with roasting veggies! I'm planning on having them again for the third time this week - I've become a nut, too.
    I slice them in half, drizzle them with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, and roast them at 425 for 30-35 min, stirring half way through.
    Absolutely delish! I'm also a new cabbage-lover. I prepare it the same, but cut one green cabbage into 8 sections and roast for at least an hour, maybe up to 1 and a half.
    Try it!!

  12. Mmmm.. love those. Just recently rediscovered them too.

  13. Let me get this straight.

    It is Valentine's Eve and you dare speak to me of a healthy green vegetable when you know all along I've been held up in the kitchen pantry sneaking mini Reese's Cups in between my scoops of salsa all afternoon?

    You dare-devil-ess.

    There are few like you, Shannaloo.

    Rock on green giant- rock on!

    Oh, and Happy V-day Eve.


  14. Yes to the Brussels! I do mine similarly in a skillet but add 2 TBSP real maple syrup, 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar, 1/4 tsp crushed dried thyme, a pinch of cayenne, and a pat of real butter. Oh my goodness. That's the rough version of the recipe from Cook's Country. I'll be trying the different combos above, too!

    Glad you had a good getaway weekend! :)

  15. I hate to say it, but I'd take your kid's plate over the sprouts most days. Mini- corn dogs and ketchup? You just can't go wrong.

  16. You know you love someone when you would even eat brussel sprouts to be near them!!! How do you make brussel sprouts look good! I used to hate them as a kid, but now...hmmmm...I might just try some!

    Hope you are all feeling better. John and I slipped away for a Valentine's Date thing on Sunday after church...and it was the best 4 hours of my life. Just sitting and talking and being with my love.

  17. wow. i want you to be my mother. seriously.

  18. I am part of the brussel sprout fan club!

    Sorry there's been some puking going around your neck of the woods. Puking is the worst! UGH.

  19. I carmelize mine by baking them, but your way seems easier to control the carmelization part. I burned mine last time, but the hubby thought they were great. I had never bought or eaten fresh ones until your post convinced me to try them. You have inspired me to plant brussel sprouts in my garden this year! Thank you!!!

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  21. goodness, i love you. and your brussel sprouts. #yummo

    happy valentine's day!

  22. I love brussle sprouts, people try and say that they are mini cabages ha!I think not, I love them both individually but totally diffrent things. I know I have some in this house and now Im going to have to make these:) Amen!

  23. This was hilarious. And now I want sprouts.

    1. Bought them. Made them for lunch (with some feta and brown rice). Yum.

  24. TOTALLY unrelated to you post but I Stumbleupon this site and the beet heart sammies reminded me of you. Happy Love Day to you and the fam!

  25. Oh, how fun! I've been meaning to roast some brussel sprouts - tossed in oil and salt...but I haven't yet. I hear they are yummy!

  26. I've GOT to steam them first and then cook them....tried them without doing that and didn't enjoy them at ALL.

    And, I like every kind of food ever known to man.

    Okay. I'll try them your way and let you know what I think....

    glad you and your man got away with one another...we SO need to get away!!!

  27. That looks delish. I made brussel sprouts last night {Ina Garten's roasted brussel sprouts recipe--salty and crispy like french fries.} And though I have never been one to feast on the sprouts, I am an enthusiastic convert. : )

  28. Mmmm, sprouts, olive oil, and rosemary roasted in the oven. I use the cold left overs in a green salad. Yummy!

  29. i think i might make myself some brussel sprout right now.
    i had a weird awakening about them lately too!
    i wonder if you just get to a certain age and then your body needs some secret vitamin that they contain....