Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Extra Love

So, yo. It's V-day.

People, I just love this pretend holiday. I just do. I have no idea. Nothing particularly grand has ever come my way on this day. And yet, the love.

I stayed up until the wee hours last night making wonky Valentines for the kids and stuffing my face with salsa whilst visiting with Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach.

Mindy Riggins. She slays me. I mean, she plays her role so well that I'm not convinced that she's even an actress. I'm thinking it might be like one of those Joe Schmo things where she thinks she's on a reality show but really she's surrounded by actors who seem to know an awful lot about her life.

Where's her Emmy? That's what I want to know.

I lured the big kids out a little early for a "surprise" breakfast, which was really a random tablecloth on the big table, a single lit votive, heart-shaped peanut butter toast with yogurt and a pack of football cards/bracelet that looks eerily like a hair-tie.

Before long, the morning dissolved (evolved?) into a lot of mess-making and scrap-cutting. Ruby and Silas made assorted "crafts" while I got busy with my project: chocolate truffles.

I boxed them up and we headed out for local delivery.

I wanted to text a picture to all of my non-local friends, but it almost seemed malicious or taunting, so I refrained.

I had two on my lunch break, along with a handful of raspberries. Happy Valentine's Day to moi!

Calvin returned from school and yet another candy explosion ensued.

Man, I miss Lik-A-Stix. Such a classic.

Calvin promptly chomped up the stick then looked at his bowl of psychedelic sugar with a mix of confusion and regret.

Homeboy's always been good at problem-solving. 
The rest of the afternoon was playdough (I present Siley's birssday cake!), a few minor casualties, laundry, Legos, spaghetti, baths and more shark trivia than I ever cared to know.

It was a good day and I'm inclined to give at least partial credit to Cupid. I walked around feeling sunny and grateful and more than a little sorry to see it end.

Please tell me you celebrated in some small way. Please tell me you did. Even if you didn't.

Much love to you, Loves,