Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 Loves Lately (2) (Make that 11)

1} I am a passionate, loyal admirer of the Converse One Star collection at Target. There's something about it that reels me in all the live-long day. Maybe it makes me feel sporty. Maybe I like the way they blur the line between "normal attire" and "bathrobe". Maybe I like all the gray. The fleece. The stripes. Maybe I just like every ding dang thing about it.

Love this.

2} Periwinkle Jazz Etsy shop.
Over five months ago I walked into the local All Things Handmade and Vintage Bazaar and stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon rows of vintage hankie bloomers, strung up drip-dry style. I wanted to unclip every last pair, take them home, and stuff Ruby into them. Heck, I wanted to stuff my own bad self into them.

Do you happen to have a baby in your life? She needs them like I need salsa and a 2-hour massage.

 Lucky for me, the mastermind behind Periwinkle Jazz also sells adorable skirts, so I scored one for my favorite 5 year old.

Unlucky for me, there was nothing for big people. Though I think I did ask her if she does custom orders. Jessica? I'm totally serious. I will hook. you. up. with some skirt orders. I'm so ferreal.

3}Total Care floss.
What can I say? My dentist once referred to me as The Dental Goddess. I have never let my mom forget about it. And yes, it is pathetic that I'm so proud. And yes, it is even more pathetic that I brag to my mom about it.

Years later I spent all of our wedding cash on a root canal at one of those scammy "emergency" dentists because I had brushed so fervently and so viciously that my gumline receded to a disastrous level.

Years later, I was told by a real dentist that a receding gumline should really never be treated with a root canal.

I still sort of want to egg the guy's car. Also? He snapped at me for humming to myself while he scraped out my tooth guts. Jerkface.

Oh, but the floss! I almost forgot I was here to talk about the floss.

It's brilliant. It's the Escalade of the flosses. It's springy and groovy. It glides in and then expands via nuclear fusion or some kind of other-wordly science and it cleans the heck out of your teefs.

In closing, it's only fair to admit that I haven't been to the dentist in over a year. I'm actually kinda scared of dentists now. We both know who shoulders the blame for that.

4} Date night/Holiday hair

I would go on a date with Cory every single week if I could. It's one of my very favorite things to do. The end.

And the Holiday hair? Well, it just doesn't quit ruling the school. I've seen and heard horror stories from several of you who have tried it for yourself and I'm so very sorry. But I'm also a little bit smug, because it works for me and that just never happens.

5} Hot and Sour Soup. What do they put in this stuff? I don't know what's in it and I don't really even know how to explain what it tastes like, but I do know that I am a believer. It lives up to it's name - hot and sour. You know Mama likes the tangy foods. Throw in some mushrooms and tofu and Heaven knows what else? You own me.

6} Korte Acres Lotion Bar
My friend Stephanie gave this to me. It's molded into the cutest honey bee-embossed disc and housed in a round tin. Admit it, we're all suckers for cute packaging. I keep it on my night stand and rub down the claws before bed. I always feel very avant-garde and sophisticated. I also feel quite mother-of-the-earth. It's a win-win. And it smells good. (Mine is Love Spell).

7} Lunch meetings. Speaking of Stephanie. I do very much enjoy the occasional Important Lunch Meeting. Mine happen on Saturdays, lately. They preserve my sanity. Steph and I talked decorating and Bachelor and FNL and big dreams and unwieldy children and vacations and unfortunate misunderstandings. We ate two baskets of tortilla chips. We asked the hostess to take our picture on the way out the door.

8} "This is my command - be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 NLT

 9} Wakarusa Dollar General Store. This weekend alone, I urgently needed generic Midol and mild chili beans. When I arrived, the store was closed. The weird part was, it should have been open. The weirder part was, in place of the regular "closed" sign they had a raggedy piece of notebook paper slapped cockeyed on the door with "closed" handwritten all chickenscratchy-like. I thought about calling the cops. It seemed like I once saw an episode of Dateline Mystery where a store was robbed and the employees were held in the back against their will while a slap-dash closed sign kept PMSing moms/chili chefs at bay.

As it turns out, our joint was shut down. By the actual people who shut places down. Like, forever.

I felt sad about the DG. I still do.

This goes out to the DG and all of the friendly faces who rang up my generic Midol, trash bags, chili beans, and Dr. Pepper over the years:

I guess I thought you'd be here forever
Another illusion I chose to create
You don't know what you got until it's gone
And I found out just a little too late

I was acting as if you were lucky to have me
Doin' you a favor I hardly knew you were there
But then you were gone and it all was wrong
Had no idea how much I cared

Now being without you
Takes a lot of getting used to
Should learn to live with it
But I don't want to

Being without you
Is all a big mistake
Instead of getting easier
It's the hardest thing to take
I'm addicted to you babe
You're a hard habit to break

10}Found Magazine blog. Sarah told me about this a couple of weeks ago and it immediately sucked me in for an entire nap-time. It's funny and dear. Sometimes, it's just plain wrong. But you'll have to check it out for yourself.

11} Cover Girl Simply Ageless Eye Corrector concealer, #230.
True story: I look like the killer from Scream without concealer. This stuff helps.