Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 A curious thing happened just a couple of hours ago. I was minding my own business, perusing Pinterest (I was supposed to be looking up this recipe), snickering to myself about all of the fitness pins (New Year panic alert!), when I stumbled upon this pin.

Cross my heart, it gave me a homesick feeling.

And I don't even like Chex mix.

It's official: I'm homesick for Valentine's Day.

It's official: I've lost my ever-loving mind.

Something about the pink with the red. I could smell Valentine's day coming nearer. I felt that achy, stomach-pit joy feeling. It can't be explained or proven. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I have a distinct feeling that my V-day celebration will be different this year, mostly because all of my craft supplies and most of my inspiration are currently stacked 3 copy-paper boxes high in the basement.

Or maybe I'll surprise us all.

But just in case my instincts are right, consider this my official announcement that the season of Love is upon us. Cupids, take your posts! Let us all buy at least two packages of those woeful paper doilies that everyone forgets until February! Let us make heart-shaped pancakes! Let us get lost in piles of fiery-hued crayon shavings! Let us unearth our blessed heart punch!

Here are a few of my previous homages to The Singular Day of Warm Winter Swoonery.


And let us not forget, the ill-fated grapefruit garland.

This is why I love you, people. You put up with my nonsense. You make me feel, at least once a year, like a craft-nut.

If you have any interesting, exciting, horrifying or amusing Valentine's stories, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. oh shannan, I wish I shared your love for love. and home decor. and kids' craftiness.

    at least we have #thegaff. :)

    I'm going to buy you Valentine's knee socks to wear to my book launch party. sound good?

  2. I have a crush on V-day. You're right, it's the pink and the red together. Swoon!

    You make me laugh, girl.

  3. You are not going to beleive this.


    Earlier today I had the urge to climb in my attic and pull out my Valentine's goody buckets.

    No joke.

    I hear them calling me.

    AND... I almost wrote about it on my blog to get people thinking.


    We are kindred spirits.

    I miss Siley.


  4. homesick for valentine's day.
    i get it! it has always been a favorite day, i have some stories:)
    anyway, i haven't crafted or created anything valentine-y for years. three actually. which also happens to be how old elijah is:)
    is this my comeback year? if it is, you're who to thank:)

    love you. today was hard. prayerful yours was a delight!
    Psalm 71:3
    Be to me a rock of refuge,
    to which I may continually come;
    you have given the command to save me,
    for you are my rock and my fortress.

  5. I love Valentines Day! I almost had a v-day baby, but he came on the 12th instead. I refused to spend the holiday in the hospital, so I asked them to send me home after 36 hours. What was I thinking?! I'm milking the next one for all its worth! All that holiday goodness is a sign that spring is around the corner...yay for that!

  6. so i'm just thinking that i may need to print off that Michael's 50% off coupon for a heart punch. because the only thing that will make this post-holiday season better are some paper hearts. paper hearts galore, yes ma'am.

  7. Valentine's Day clearance is my favorite of the holiday clearances. I love the colors. Red is my favorite color! I love bright. I love floral.

  8. Tragic alert! Tragic alert! Besides 5th grade I've never made a V-Day craft. The end.

  9. My most vivid memory of V-day was the year I turned 7 on the 9th of Feb. and then on the 14th had my tonsils out. I took my Paddington Bear that I'd received for my birthday with me to the hospital. I snuck him under the covers into surgery with me. When I awoke Paddington had a bandaid on his throat and I had heart monitor pads on my chest that the nurses had fashioned into hearts as a surprise for me. The Hospital staff was way into the holiday spirit and love was in the air.

  10. the ill fated grapefruit garland. good times. :) valentines day is an oasis of warmth in a long dark winter. whoever stuck it smack in the middle of february knows their merriment picking business. craft on fearless leader. :)

  11. Hi~~ Such a cute post and I couldn't resist and had to look at the Valentines Chex Mix:) Looking festive and I have to say, Yummy. I just discovered your blog from Dreamy Whites and so glad I did I am your newest follower. I also have a blog, FreshVanillaForC

    Have a great night and I am looking forward to more of your posts in 2012/

  12. Vday has a special place in my heart because it was the day of our wedding reception. All out full blown fuchsia and lots of hearts.

  13. I don't have any current stories but I will;). I'm hoping to take a few pics for my honey this year...wink, wink:). It's not grapefruit garland but it's something.

  14. I am so glad to hear someone else who likes Valentine's day and all the hearts and such. My husband and I began dating in February when I was just a sophomore and he a junior in high school! Four years later we married on Valentine's day and this year will celebrate 31 blessed years of marriage. And the added bonus is he never forgets the day and the wide selection of romantic gestures available during the month of love : )

  15. I was in my local Joann store two weeks before Christmas and they had already changed over several aisles that just days before had held Christmas decor. The aisles were now filled with Valentine's Day items. I immediately thought of you!

  16. I saw a number of paper heart pins on pinterest today & thought of you.
    And because I know you enjoy a good hit of ridiculous just as much as the next a certain caucus last night we pleged allegiance to a kleenx box with a flag on it. No joke. Made my night....much more so than the caucus results.

  17. you do know that you are the single reason I went out and bought a heart punch right? and I punched till my heart was content and made that heart wreath of yours and I can't wait to hang it again :)

  18. I was just thinking about adding your magazine heart garland to pinterest. I'm sure it's probably already on there. I think about it often when I get a new anthro or sundance catalog in the mail. Weird, huh? I don't think I've ever said that the Betty Draper-esque description of the rental is fantastic. Can't wait for the new Mad Men season! I digress. Sorry you are homesick for Valentine's Day.

  19. Also, I've been meaning to tell you....I love that you added LinkWithin. I enjoy looking at the pic's & scoping out past posts I've missed.

  20. I feel as though I haven't celebrated V-day properly since elementary school, with a shoe-box decorated for receiving cards, and little notes for everyone in class. Perhaps I've been inspired. Perhaps I'll start a new V-day tradition. Valentine's brunch w/my peeps? What would we do? Party games? Crafts? The wheels are spinning, and I'm convinced they'll carry me to pinterest. Thanks for the head start!

  21. I absolutely LOVe Valentines day!
    I am sorry you felt so homesick... A little hug from me to you.

  22. you know what i had a hankerin for today? a grocery receipt post. i love those posts.

  23. haha I love this! I totally want to make that Martha Stewart heart shaped garland (of course it won't nearly look as perfect as hers... ha).

    Not sure if you have seen it or not but have you checked Etsy? They have a section dedicated to Valentine's Day- just click on the link on the main page and you'll be whisked away to a world of hearts, gifts, and loverly stuff-- galore!


  24. I just bought a really cute buy funky Valentine person at Home Goods. I will be cracking out the Vday goods really soon. I always do up my kitchen window. The pink lights are still up in the laundry room because they make me happy. Who doesn't like a honky-tonk feeling when doing laundry?

  25. you know what?? i'm ready for love day too....and it's weird, because i really never care about it. so ya, i hear ya here.

  26. Funny as I was just thinking I might do a lil Valentines Day decorating this weekend when Christmas is finally put away.

  27. I added some pink and red decor as soon as the Christmas stuff was packed away. I hate that after-Christmas emptiness that happens when I take down the tree and the lights and decided that there was absolutely NO good reason not to go ahead and add happy colors! :) I think I may have to pick up a heart punch and make that magazine garland...I've pined for it since you first made it.

  28. I always want those heart shaped doilies and never remember to buy them!!! I saw them in the dollar section at Target and scooped em right up!!! Here's hopin' that I don't forget about them and leave them sleeping in the drawer!!!

  29. Best Valentines Day Ever:

    February 2009 in Jamaica!

    I had been having a rough year. Was on weird fertility drugs that never worked, saw babies everywhere...had strange crying jags daily and felt pretty hopeless. My hubby surprised me with a nice overpriced all inclusive vacation and it was DIVINE!!

    Best part: Eating outside on the evening of Feb. 14th and drinking wine (something I hadn't done while on weird meds)while wearing my Target Long & Lean tanktop and a skirt, warm and happy!!

  30. Anonymous: Not sure about the wax. It'd probably be easiest to just buy a box of crayons! :)

  31. I clearly remember getting a Valentine from an old boyfriend that used those Sweet Heart message candies to explain my awesomeness in great detail. He even used the "fax me" one...

  32. so. here's the thing. i've never been much of a valentine's girl. i don't even know why. my mama always had little treats for us.

    but. i am going to try something this year. because you sure do love it. and i wonder? am i missing something? i will decorate. i will think of sweet and personal things to do for my loved ones (instead of dollar spot loot at the last minute). i will revel in valentine's day.

    and we'll see how i feel then. deal?

  33. LOVE hearts. Love, love, love hearts! Ill fated Valentine's tales? Back when we were in love (I always say that) we used to take Valentine's Day off work to spend the day together...well, this is like the first year we were together...we went to Broadripple for the day and we ended up having a huge fight because he loaned one of my favorite Annie Dillard books to one of his coworkers without asking me. The Nerve! xo, Cheryl

  34. Last year, innocently, I made cowboy shoot-em-up valentines for my little guy to give to his playgroup. Copied them - not even an original idea. They ended up being talked about all over chat forums while people debated the pros and cons of guns on Valentine's Day. Who knew a valentine could stir up so much controversy? It's still one of my most popular blog posts to date. :)

  35. I love Valentine's Day too! I have had my share of ill-fated craft projects for the holiday. I just attempted a paper flower heart wreath. You can see it here:

  36. Must be something in the air! I no more had the Christmas boxes put up before I started wondering - where did I put that heart punch?! Hope you're doing well :)