Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ten Loves Lately

1} Dove Bliss dark chocolates.

2} The February issue of Lucky magazine. There's just something about it that makes me feel like maybe all hope is not lost in my closet and in my head. Plus it's not smutty.

3} Midnight in Paris. Owen Wilson's schmuck-schtick worked here. I adore Rachel McAdams. The whole story was quirky and endearing. And the setting! And the score! And her wardrobe! I even gained some valuable writing advice that I'll probably never take. Three cheers for Woody Allen!

4} This line of hair products. a) you can buy them at the grocery store. on sale. b) they smell good. c) they make me feel like I have an actual regimen of sorts, and that just never happens.

5} My denim shirt. It snaps. I'll be honest, it is fun to rip those snaps open at the end of the day. It makes me feel so alive! But mostly, I love that a) I bought it years ago for $16.99 at American Eagle. b) the sleeves are long enough. c) it goes with just about everything.

Last Sunday I wore it with my very favorite skirt from over 10 years back. The skirt has the texture and density of a throw rug. I like to call it my horse blanket skirt. I have no explanation for my claw. I truly do not. I cropped my head out of this shot because I looked like a raggedy wildebeest. You wouldn't blame me if you saw it.

Do you blame me? Well, I blame the wind. And my lack of prep time. Sunday mornings will do that to a girl.

(I feel inclined to note that every single part of this outfit (except the boots) is at least three years old. The skirt and belt are ancient relics from the days when I got up every morning, blow-dried my hair, put on mascara, and drove to a job. The life lesson here? Go to your closet and put things together that you have never imagined. It will probably work. I was just struck yesterday with the inspiration to pair my navy gingham button down with my aqua cable-knit vest. Stay tuned.)

Later that night, I wore the shirt with my glazed pecan cords and a pink belt my sister gave me, circa 1998. It's so wrong, it's right. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

The very next day, I wore the exact same outfit. I surely did.

I just really love that shirt, man.

6} Veggie bowl from Chipotle. Free guac! Score. And they now offer brown rice. Dou. Ble. Score.

7} My slipper boots. And no, my feet are not actually that big.

If I stand, let me stand on the promise that you will pull me through.
And if I can't, let me fall on the grace that first brought me to you.
If I sing, let me sing for the joy that has born in me this song.
And if I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.                                             - If I Stand, Rich Mullens                              

Rich Mullens. He was a poet to his core and his poetry just happens to be the kind that makes me feel like my soul took a big gulp of the best kind of air. It clears my head, his poetry.

9} My fleece sheets. They are like sleeping in a cloud. A really warm cloud. (TJ Maxx)

10} All of youn's. I'm still getting the kindest, most sincere emails and comments. Your gratitude and goodness humble me. I cannot thank you enough.

What are you digging these days?


  1. You are SO pretty!
    I like you even though your feet ARE super huge.
    LOVE your church outfit.

  2. your outfits: i love them.

    sleeves: always too short on my arms, too. boo!

    rich mullens: he makes me cry. in a good way.

  3. fun list! i've been eyeballin' that movie, so good to note. i mean with paris in the title it's either wonderful or smutty, ya know? ca-ute outfits. when i get skinny i'll rock the crazy combos too, but it's just too much for a fat girl. rich mullins-beautiful!

  4. Fleece sheets. YUM. Got them in my convalescence. Love them. Although I've found that I have to alternate between utilizing the top sheet and bottom sheet because they're SO warm, I feel like I might have a timer that pops up from somewhere within me that says "DONE" (with a ding!). Rich Mullins. I STILL miss him. I'm glad he's home really--just still sad for the rest of us. Do you know that story about his boots? And have you been to his grave that is not so very far from your hometown? (on your way to Muncie??)

  5. GAH! I concur on all levels...Except I haven't read Lucky, and I haven't seen midnight in paris. Dang IT!
    But I will, someday. Until then, I'll have your claw hands to bring me happiness.

  6. what does that even mean? I'm sorry, I had a cocktail. I was on a DATE with my HUSBAND. So....I have a reason.

  7. Can you come help me pull off the layering with random things that look great together? I try but I have so much to learn. :)

  8. I want to see midnight in paris. Ad I like snaps on shirts, too, though I don't currently have one.
    I am digging my infinity scarf now days. easy love.

  9. You're one gorgeous gal! I will be taking in that movie for sure. Last night I finally watched The Help, not once, but twice. I have decided once & for all that life would be a lot more fun if I embraced it with the zest of Celia Foote & when I'm old & grey perhaps a helping of crazy like Missus Walters just for the heck of it. That was the best I've seen in years. Thanks for recommending it. xo

  10. I'm digging your blog! I love every single solitary word you write. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  11. Girl, your style is fabulous. It makes me laugh, yet inspires me. It's a small miracle if I get out of yoga pants for the day :)

  12. Such a good list of loves. Isn't it fun, just to look back over our week and remember the things that brings us joy? You look like you have joy in your face. Maybe a little shirt and a little snow topped with the anticipation of worship. Keep the joy alive!


  13. i feel the same way about the feb. issue of lucky.
    i just read it while getting my hair done and i must get a copy for myself to keep. it's a keeper.

  14. you look SO stinkin' young! :) and i LOVE that shirt/skirt ensemble, i do! you and edie have that gift, to put together things and look awesome.

    still thinking you need to make an impromptu trip to nashville in another few weeks. just sayin'. ;)

    happy new year-don't think i had a chance to wish you that yet.

  15. You look awesome. And can I just tell you? Every time I read one of your posts, it makes me glad I stopped by. I don't always comment because I don't want to scare you but your writing just makes me smile - so real, so down to earth, and just the right bit of quirky. :)

  16. I pinky swear promise you that I have that exact same denim shirt AND I wore it today!!! I wore it with my plum cords and a fancy blinged out western belt to the Ft Worth Stock Show!! I totally love that shirt a matter of fact my husband commented that my shirt looked a little "old" and maybe it was time to get rid of it!!!! The man MUST be crazy!!! He will have to pry it from me!!!! P.s. I love the snaps too!!!

  17. those pecan pants and pink belt with that SHIRT.
    hella-nice. {my hubby says that sometimes when i look "cool" or fancy, total compliment:)}
    your shirt reminds me of a denim dress i loved to death.
    it was my only dress and at school, we girls had to wear dresses on our basketball game days. i was sure made fun of by my team, everyone, for wearing that all.the.time.
    loved that dress though!
    have you read the "no brainer wardrobe" yet, by tiny twig? such a great little resource!
    i adore rich mullens. what a gift he was.
    as are you. and you're the prettiest wildebeest ever.

    ;) love.

  18. My girls are sitting here telling me to turn off the computer. And I said but, but one of my favourites just posted. So they are now reading the post looking at the cool outfit, Middlest stating she REALLY needs a denim shirt. Just did my weekly favourites friday post. It was highlighting a special pair of Rubber gloves. For realz. Why the gloves? because they make me beautiful ; )

  19. I just watched "Midnight in Paris" for the first time this week. Absolutely loved it!

  20. Mixing up outfits is SO FUN!!! Goodwill is SO FUN!!! Taking pics of the outfits, etc. :) Love yours!
    One of my loves lately is talking to strangers...I'm big on it.
    Emailing with my old english teacher.
    Beef stew by P. Dub
    Banana pudding the old fashioned way
    ethereal music and a fan in our bdrm...restful

  21. Hi~~ Love your cute.If I could wear a cute skirt like that I would be one happy mama:)I need to see Midnight in Paris and what I am loving lately????? Mmmmm... so many things I am trying to think of one. I know I am loving taking bubble baths with a bunch of new soaps and bath salts that I got for Christmas.
    Have a great night

  22. Fleece sheets? I want some!!!! I love your list btw and that skirt is darling.

  23. I love how you can put things together and it looks good. Me? I don't have enough clothes to layer. ;) You've inspired me, though.

    My 18-month-old granddaughter came to the house the other day wearing a pair of "glazed pecan cords" and a pink shirt with I Love Chocolate across the front. Her daddy put it together.

    I want to see the movie.

    My feet ARE actually that big, plus bigger.

    Now I'm going to have to pull out my son's Rich Mullen's Song CD to listen to. Our local radio station plays his stuff quite frequently, but only two or three songs. I love his poetry, too.

    I feel like I'm digging a hole I can't climb out of some days. Gotta work on the love.

  24. girl, you rock clothes that I'd never dream or imagine to put together.

    and skinny. you. are. skinny. in a really beautiful way!

  25. Darling & daring outfits <3 . Love the white sweater . Where did you get it ?

  26. I'm loving that I found your blog in the great, big blogosphere and I love it!

  27. What a great post. I just found your blog and am excited to look around a bit more.


  28. Rich Mullins and Brennen Manning!!!! Love them both, they are my kind of guys, and their outlook on Christianity is right on. After reading your post I dug out my book by Rich,"An Arrow Pointing to the Sky". I suggest it as a great read, again and again.
    Now for my ten:
    1.Watching snow fall
    2.bird watching
    3.chocolate coconut cookies
    4.Lucy Linder(cutest dog ever)
    5.sewing in retreat room(FPFG"s old bedroom)
    6.reading Amish fiction with Marvin(cutest cat ever) near by cocoa with a drop of peppermint in it new recipes for Dad
    9.pouring over new seed catalogs gazing from the hot tub on these wintery nights

  29. I loved Midnight in Paris... I did not like Rachel McAdams character, but I adore her. I also sort of wanted to punch that know it all guy.

    Love your looks you put together

  30. What? Brown rice at Chipotle! It's been to long and this is a great reason to re-engage with my old Chipotle obsession.

  31. I just love your blog and style and sense of humor..witty and snarky!!!

    *I love JCrew anything.
    * Dresses at Fossil
    * A purse I bought before kids that still looks hip and makes me feel young
    *I love date nights with my hubby

  32. What a lovely list! We are loving our flannel sheet here. They are so cosy!

  33. Ha a veggie bowl at Chipotle today with brown rice. Love! I am sure you must also enjoy any place with 4 salsa choices- oh the options! Chipotle is salvation for my recently converted to vegetarianism boyfriend so we go there a lot.

  34. - Your oatmeal. You know the one... the one you dared us to pin... so I did and I've enjoyed it every weekend since (sans coconut though, since i'm not a fan)

    - Doggie sleeps. Our doggie grumbles, and barks, and beakers, and wiggles in his sleep. Cutest thing ever.

    - Triple O's. Local burger joint with the most amazing bacon-cheddar burger. If you're ever in BC, I'll treat you. It's worth the flight. I swear.

    - Yoga. I've done it for only 2 weeks, but am sleeping better, not as fatigued and not as achy (except for the achy caused by the yoga, but that's good achy. seriously.)

    - My newest dig is your skirt. Need to figure out how to make that for myself... possibly crocheted with a lining sewed in. Too cute!!

  35. Love the I sit here eating Hershey latest obsession.

  36. You are adorable! I love the outfit you put together and stopping by your blog always leaves me with a smile!

    What I'm lovin'...


    oatmeal breakfasts - yum!

    fleece anything. warm and cozy

    cuties. i can't get enough of these easy-to-peel mini oranges

    cooking anything with my, fun, fun...

  37. you look adorable. and gorgeous all in one.
    and i totally used to have that shirt! ;)
    love how you styled everything!
    and your sweet vulnerable spirit is so refreshing.
    i pray that you have a nice weekend, FPFG.

  38. Loved your list! I hope you have a great week!

  39. I really enjoy and look forward to your posts :) Going to have to check out the movie and magazine you recommended. Right now I am loving the
    1. Just Dance 3 for the Wii--great workout!
    2. Flannel Sheets
    3. Baked Brie
    4. Playing board games with my family.
    5. Living Beyond Your Feelings, by Joyce Myers
    6. Grace for the Good Girl, Emily Freeman

  40. I love your list! The claw cracks me up. And free guacamole? HECK YEAH.
    I posted my current loves on my blog:

  41. I'm digging your blog! This one made me laugh out loud a few times. You are my fave.

  42. Here's what I am diggin'... that I have a friend who has figured out how to get FREE GUAC at Chipotle'! Seriously Shannan - tell me your secret. I long for the day when they do NOT say to me, that'll be $10.99.95 extra, okay ma'am?

  43. I can breathe deep after being here- big gulps of life!

    LOVE the the 80's the skirt...

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  44. pajama days with both my girls curled up on my lap watching vintage sesame street on youtube. Just had chipotle for the first time last week and it was yummy! Wish it was closer to my house, or maybe not, because then all i may fit in IS my pajamas!

  45. i am pretty much adoring your blog right now. adoring it to freaking teeny tiny pieces.

    thanks for being so awesome and inspiring.


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  47. Definitely diggin' YOU and your posts, as usual...but I'm also diggin' the kitten that's laying on his back in my lap, air-pawing at my face to try to get me to stop typing. Gotta go! :-)

  48. I love these kinds of posts. I surely do. But not as much as I love your denim shirt. I've been on the lookout for one for ages and the thrift stores and clearance racks will not deliver. PLEASE if you find one somewhere that's mass-produced and available in SC, tell me!

  49. I have BIG feet! There is nothing wrong w/ it!! :)

  50. I have the blow your mind blue aqua twin slippers of your pink ones. They are my buds. I think you and I would be friends!