Friday, January 6, 2012

Patty Hewes Made Me Do It :: And Winners! ::

Cory and I got one kidless evening while we were in Ohio for Christmas. Where would you go if you had one free night? Would you go to Muncie, Indiana?

We would.

We would leave a family Christmas gathering at 9pm, hop in the van, drive for 40 minutes in the exact opposite direction we were supposed to be driving in, turn around, never.stop.talking, and land in Muncie at Cory's brother and sister-in-law's house at approximately 11:30.

We would then just barely say hello, run into the guest room and change into something with a draw-string, grab large bowls of salsa, a bag of chips, and a glass of root beer and sit down to watch Damages.

We would watch 3 episodes, stagger in to bed somewhere around 2 a.m., then wake up at 10 and stagger right back to the couch for 3 more episodes.

We would stop only long enough to order Mexican take-out (and then we would stop again after I fling my entire salsa bowl onto the light-colored carpet during a particularly intense scene in the finale.)

Then, once we wrapped season 1, we would talk in really fast voices about things like, "What did that meannnnn?" "Why did she do that?" "You really can't trust ANYONE!"

Because you really can't. Not when you work for Patty Hewes. "You were warned." Ha ha. (Inside joke. Do you feel left out? Well then, watch the dang show.)

We would run in, throw our toothbrush back into the bag that we shouldn't have even bothered bringing, and we would fly back out the door at exactly 2 pm.

Some of us might still be in our pojammies. (Cory's exact words: "It's like you're going out of your way to look ridiculous.")

Take it up with Patty, Hater.

In summary: Best 14.5 hours evah.

Sidenote: Cory sprung for this extra-tall Peace Tea for me on the way home. A literal peace offering? Maybe. If you know him, you know he's not the peace-symbol kind of guy, but this was purportedly the only tea at the podunk gas station. Of course I wasn't fit for public display, so I took his word for it.

People. Razzleberry Peace Tea is now the elixir that cures my every ill. Except I can't find it anywhere around here. But if I could, I'd drink it every day and twice on Sunday.

But you aren't here to hear my tea propaganda.

What you want are the winners. Fine.

1. Lee. "Hmmmmmmmmm, my best birthday gift was one of those that you swear you NEVER want to receive as a gift- a carpet cleaner... Hubby had heard me say I wanted one, and took it upon himself to acutally listen and get it. At first I was like, "Oh, um, thanks..." BUT, and there is a but, when I used it I was thrilled that my carpets cleaned up so well. Then I cleaned everything! I know, lame, but true!! PICK ME!!!"

2. Dee. "My best birthday present ever was going to Washington, D.C. to visit my litter sister after her successful kidney transplant. Who could ask for anything better. I was able to spend five more precious years with my little sister as the result of this transplant."

3. Scooper. "I am so IN! This looks amazing and I'm just now at a place where I think I'd have the time to do this. I'm so glad you shared this opportunity with us. My best birthday present? I honestly don't know. But one of my most special and memorable presents was 6 years ago on Valentine's Day. It was an awful time in my life. Awful. Tragic, actually. I'd browsed a local boutique in a feeble effort at escapism and found the loveliest BCBG jacket. Though on sale, it was still seriously pricey. I'd mentioned it in passing to my mom because I'd seen the jacket on a What Not to Wear? episode we'd watched together. She bought it for me. It's one of those things I'll never part with. : "

4. Amy. "hmmm...i can't think of a fantastic b-day present so i am gonna cheat a little. two years ago my husband got me tickets to see Pearl Jam in Chicago for mother's day!! best.present.ever. I so want to take Jeanne's class, just love her!"

5. Teresa. "Oh, how exciting! I am beyond obsessed with Jeanne's mixed media art....the vintage girls with the most awesome quotes ever - swoon! I love every single one of them and visit them often in her Etsy store. That girl has amazing talent, for sure. Sign me up, Farmgirl!"

Congratulations, Artsy-Pants Sisters! Hit me up ( for the details. And pinky swear that you'll tell us all about what you learn.


  1. I'm not very good at math, but, leaving at 9 and driving 40 min and arriving at that some kind of time warp? ;) What were you REALLY up to??

  2. oh man. we are onto season 3. which is the last one.. i'm already starting to panic a little. congrats to those artsy winners-- i would have entered except i think people who aren't in the throws of pregnancy sickness could appreciate it more. :) but it sounds amazing. what's neeeeext? where do i go after patty hewes but before mad men's newest season is out?? what do i dooooo? blame the hormones but i'm starting to panic again.

  3. MUNCIE? You went to Muncie? Must be for the fabulous company! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. (I worked in Muncie for 15 years- worked. Not lived there.)
    Love hubby's comment..."going out of your way to look ridiculous." whateve!
    xo, Cheryl

  4. Those are the absolute best kinds of dates/get-togethers. Love it!!

  5. What a cool trip! I think it's wonderful that you talked all the way there and so funny that he finds you ridiculous in your pojammies. I make my hubby laugh hysterically in my loungewear often as well, but the crazy thing is that he buys the dumb stuff for me--polka dotted flannel pants and slipper boots with puff balls. Ha!

  6. I was so worn out from Season 1 (finished a couple weeks ago) that I haven't decided if I'm up for 2. I'm more of a Mad Men girl.

  7. I was addicted to Damages over the summer, so good! (Up until season 4, then it gets a little ridiculous.) I love Patty Hewes.

  8. for some odd stalker type reason, i had to come back and read all of your comments. E's comment wins the prize of the day!

  9. Oh my (Ha!) Cory's comment about you 'going out of your way to look ridiculous' cracked me up. I'm married to a 'call a spade a spade' type of guy also. Yay for Saturday, have a good one.

  10. Oh girl I do love me some Damages! I love everything about that "Wait-what-day-is-it-what-just-happened here" kinda show. My head, it loves to be bent. I'm not sure but season two might have even better. or maybe not. Either way it was GOOD. I have season three waiting for me but I've been stalling because all of life will stand still until I can watch the whole thing :)

    Happy weekending!

  11. Alright. I'm intrigued.

    Like I said, I've only seen an episode of Damages here and there...and in that way, they make-a-no-sense-to-me!

    But you were right about Mad Men. Hubby and I LUHHS it and are desperate for the new season to think we'll try Damages.

    Pojammies: I don't even try to look ridic in mine, I just do! Some of them are cut-offs from the summer, they look embarrassing, I will not lie.

    Yes, I do wear them with winter boots and a winter coat and I walk the dogs.

    Bag lady style.


  12. Girl. Friend. I WON!?! I never win stuff! Oh I'm so excited I'm squealing! I just told my hubby and he threw his arms up in the air cheerleader style...which was also awesome. Yay! Okay, I'm realizing that I'm supposed to e-mail you so I'll get on that stat.

    Also? Muncie was where we went on dates in college. {Not that the bustling metropolis of Marion, IN wasn't a mecca of social and cultural opportunity.}

  13. Muncie??? It's where all the super cool people, like me and Dave Letterman went to college. For. Real.

  14. I am so ticked over Damages. Dish got me hooked and now only Direct TV has it. I don't do netflix b/c I get every fuhreaking channel in the world and cannot justify it. Did I say shoot! Loved that show. I will have to suck it up until Mad Men comes back on. Another great series... Nurse Jackie. Love it and can't wait for it to start again.

  15. You had me at "something with a drawstring". Date nights like that make me happy.

  16. Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO excited. I have never won such a cool thing. I won one other thing, and it was out of 4 people on my BFFs blog. Swear. I will share eery detail!! Thank you, it is the thing I have been wishing for- to do an online type of class. And with Jeanne- died and gone to heaven!!

  17. Of course you came to Muncie! It's the best kinda place to be! Sure hope that Mexican take out was from Puerta's- it's the bomb! ;)

    Incidently, any way to leave a comment through a FB profile (I've done that on other blogs), since I'm not a blogger, and don't like being so "anonymous". Becky M. Muncie!

  18. Hilarious, and sounds like a blast to me!!!

  19. oh my. this post has me smiling and not just because i won, i sware. eric and i watched damages start to finish. i was actually frightened of patty hewes and loved her at the same time. that show was straight up crazy. good crazy. now you have ne itching for a damages marathon....

    ps --my best girl friend went to school in muncie, been there several times myself : )

  20. Ooohhh, how i'd love to get away for 14 hours! I have never left my kids overnight, but my honey and I were just dreaming up a weekend getaway to Chicago this summer. I'll be done nursing one, and not quite ready to have another, so its my only chance! Now to find a sitter......
    And girl, I could listen to your ramblings of iced tea all day, sounds delish. I want some, and some warm weather to go with it! Have a happy week!

  21. girl, will you slow down with the show watching, there is os much I need to watch now, I've never even heard of Damages! love that night away!

  22. I don't think my husband would let me get in the car with him before getting dressed! Love the rediculous :)

  23. I LOVE PEACETEA!!!! and razzleberry is my fav:) Go to sams club or costco and buy you a 24 pack. word.