Monday, January 23, 2012

Hometown Quirky: Exhibit A

I've talked a lot about my hometown. But maybe I've been a bit unclear: it's quirky. It becomes more obvious with each year that passes.

My non-local friends think "Pleasant Hill" sounds so storybook. It says something about the townsfolk that most of us just call it P. Hill.

Take the laundry mat. It's been there since the days of Methuselah. At first glance, it looks pretty run-of-the-mill.

But then you start to wonder, why is there a vintage, side-ways cash register at the wash station?

And then you get the overwhelming urge to rush home and clean out your attic and your junk drawers.

And then you get a little dizzy. Claustrophobic, even.

So you sidle up to the vending machines, where things take a turn for the bleak.

Yes, there are some peanut butter crackers and trail mix. But what troubles you most is the Lady Speed Stick and the envelope of country gravy. The box of instant pudding doesn't exactly help matters.

You can do a wash, grab dinner, and clean yourself up all in one convenient stop!

Lord have mercy.

I think P. Hill has earned the honor of being the setting in a novel. Kenny and Becky would be right at home, and so would I.

Also, Lucille Linder. She'd be at home, too.

Tell us something quirky about *your* hometown. We're all ears.

*Holly - Please note that Lucille is not chained or restrained in any manner. She's simply choosing to appeal to our sympathies when she could be running wild in the pasture. :)