Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home Day

Our Christmas break has flown by. All I know is, one minute I'm saying to myself, "Christmas is over and we still have two weeks of vacation! and the next minute, I'm sitting here in my favorite sweatshirt wondering what the heck happened.

Today was our one day. Our day of lovely nothingness.

We started planning yesterday and I found myself looking forward to it as much as the rest of 'em.

We stayed in our pojammies (as Silas would say) for most of the day and when we did officially get dressed, there were rules: no zippers, no rigid seams, no shoes.

Calvin is the homebodiest of all. He rivals me, and I'm legendary. 

While we're on the topic of him, what exactly do you make of his hair? It needs its own zip-code.

And how do you feel about my inclination to post pictures of half-eaten oatmeal?

Pin that, suckers!

And now, a word on oatmeal.

I don't love it, but I really like it. But only if it's the real kind. No quick oats. Well, okay, maybe on school days. But on Home Days, it's got to be the good stuff. We boil it up, stir in vanilla and cinnamon, then drop a few chocolate chips on top and sprinkle with coconut. The chips melt and you stir it all together and it's heavenly.

Or at least that's what they tell me. I wouldn't really know, because I'm not a coconut freakazoid like they are. I had mine with a quarter cup of vanilla honey Greek yogurt and two fitsfuls of fiddies. (The blackberry farmers are still going gangbusters. $0.50/box again this week! Shazam.)

Why am I still talking about oatmeal when I could be talking about her?

Ruby River. She makes me laugh. She sings most of the day. Today she drew a giraffe munching on a tree and I've gotta say, I was way impressed. She's free and easy and every way of loveable. She also lost one ballet slipper and melted down so hard that she left an actual puddle of slobber on her bedroom floor.

And then 5 minutes later she was singing again.

 This guy? Well. He sure is cute, isn't he?

He spent his day like this: "I don't want it meal!" (I'd rather not eat oatmeal for breakfast.)

"I don't want it milk! (I love milk, but I love disagreeing even more.)

"I don't want it corn-on-cob!" (I'm not hip to your corn, Lady.)

"I don't like a salad! I don't like it noodle! I don't want it apple slice!"

He had a major beef with food today. All of it.

But speaking of food, this is my new very favorite breakfast. Jiffy waffles with chopped up frozen peaches thrown into the batter. A little driz. A few more fiddies. You have no idea.

I wish for your sake and even more for my own that this post had a point. Sometimes, you've just got to let a Home Day lie. It won't be fenced in. It defies explanation. It's lazy and slow and cozy and crazy. It's what we like best.

How did you spend your day? More importantly, did it include any harsh seams that you'd like to talk about?

*Tomorrow evening I'm drawing the winners for the Jeanne Oliver Creatively Made e-course giveaway! You've still got time.*


  1. I want every day to be Home Day.
    I'm instituting it into law. Right now.

  2. I love and NEED a home day. I think maybe even tomorrow in fact. ;)

  3. Love your home day. You've got to try steel cut oats if you love the old fashioned kind.

  4. We are back into the school routine of rushing, in and out, and homework. Total random side note: I desperately wanted a girl. Just one at least. God gave me 3 boys. When I see dolls with eyes that have the ability to open and shut, I'm kinda thankful for the boys. A bit creepy, no?

  5. It's been Home Week at GH this week for me. I'm ready to have an Away-From-Home-Week....SOON! ;) Love the pics of the kiddo's. I miss them.

  6. Priceless. Home Days are my fav. We strive to have them once a week.

    And yeah. I pinned it. just 'cuz.
    Silly girl.

  7. My Korean son's hair stood straight up from the time he was 3 months old! I love that THICK black hair and those eyes are to melt into a puddle for! My son is now 28 and in the Air Force...short hair!!!

  8. I'm sick of home days, here, and most everything else. Lots of harsh seams and snot (mine).

  9. Southern Girlio: I adore steel cuts. I do not adore the 45 min. cook time. (And I think we'd all rather forget my three failed attempts at slow-cooking them.) Regular, old oats are my happy medium. :)

  10. 1. I LOVE home days. My absolutely fave.
    2. This post made me smile. So thanks. I do so love smiking.
    3. I spent my day freaking the freak out because yesterday I found out that WE LEAVE FOR ETHIOPIA IN TWO WEEKS!!! :)

  11. Who needs a point when you have magic pictures like those? Exactly.
    Not me.
    Love, Pointless Becky

  12. forget getting out. who even needs a car?! i want every day to be like this.

    your food always makes me hungry. even half eaten oatmeal pics. you wait for my lunch updates next week. you wait.

    ruby is all kinds of pretty. the boys are too cute for school (whatever that means).

  13. While I do not have time in the mornings for crazy non-quick cooking oats, I am vowing to try it this weekend because the chocolate chip thing is soooo gonna convert my rascals!


    Also, I love a home day.

    Also, where's the knee socks?

  14. Oh, we need to trade families, Farmgirl. I am the coconut freak at my house and I'm starting to think that at some point the rest of my gang must have been held captive by coconut and traumatized for life. They are flat out scared of it. Coconut and cucumbers.
    They may look big and tough, but no.

  15. Home days rock my world! We've had our share lately, but today was a get back to bizness day. Actually found surfaces I'd forgotten about. Go figure!
    Is it wrong that when you said shazam about your fiddies, I totally pictured you throwing faux gang signs and throwing in a "word, yo!".

  16. ok..i haven't commented much because for one..i'm
    two - your writing just does me in and nothing i could say would make any sense after drooling over your heart.
    it's beautiful..don't change one stinkin thing and your day makes me want little ones back again for just a day and do NOTHING with a capital N

  17. As a general rule I would say I don't want it meal, either…but your mix looks pretty tasty. As for my pants, today I wore them inside-out.

    No foolin.'

    Happy New Year!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. Oh friend. It's been a painful week. Full of seams, thick socks, heavy soled shoes and school lunches to pack. We have been back at it all week. I wasn't ready. My in-laws flew into town late Christmas night. A word on kinfolk if I may. There are those that lift your soul, make you feel better for having been in their presence, give more than they take. And then there are those that do not do the before listed. Let's just say that when my husband told his mother of his choice to wed his then 19 year old girlfriend turned fiance...she cried. No, they were not happy tears. I was not the southern belle that was pictured and planned for. So...I am already looking forward to spring break. I have big plans for NOTHING and NOBODY ness. I am dealing with my angst by consuming large amounts of chocolate chips in secret from the pantry. Peace out and happy new year friend!

  19. This is so great! I just love your blog.

    Your boys are so handsome & Ruby is such a little doll! She reminds me so much of my brother & I when we were little - carefree and song-full.

    Looks like a lovely home day. - and thanks for the oatmeal idea! Always looking for something more than brown sugar & milk!

  20. your children. beautiful. to the max. and calvin's hair!? love!
    seriously, their smiles are melting me.
    between the oatmeal pic (and conversation) and that doll baby...well, i just don't know.

    i love you. i do know that.

  21. YAY for home days! YAY for pictures of those beautiful children of yours! Loved the post!

  22. No harsh seams,
    no harsh at all ~
    kids back at school,
    hubs had an out of
    the house office day.
    Just me and the dog
    and leftover fruit cake.
    Your day was yummier!

    xx Suzanne

  23. Perfect home day! I want some of those waffles!! I LOVE Calvin's hair-it rivals my little man's crazy mane. :-)

  24. Once I start eating carbs again I'm totally adding coconut to my oatmeal. That sounds so good. I woke up with harsh seams today btw. Wishing I had a friend to run errands with. Racking my brain trying to think of someone to call.

  25. my day was spent with 4 delinquent teenagers and 3 rowdy toddlers. there were a few uncomfortable seams along the way. that OK, though. today is a new day.

  26. ha! I hope I see that oatmeal on pinterest!
    Those waffles do look good. i love home days:)

  27. oh how i love your nothing days with your homies.

    my favorite part?

    the part where you said that calvin's hair needed it's own zip code.

    I have one of those kids.

    what did we do yesterday?
    we did school and then played the rest of the day with good friends.

  28. What did we do? Coffee filter snowflakes and made an apple tart...crisp day!

  29. coconut and chocolate chips is it you are not a fatty? haha I have harsh seams so it is no chocolate chips for me. I love a homie day and I usually get one every Wed and Fri when Caroline and Penelope come a calling!
    Most mornings I need a zip code for my hair. I sleep with a sleep mask...jealous much? I wake up like a do like rooster on a bender!

  30. Calvin's hair!!! I've got three of those. I feel your pain.

  31. I love home days too! I was off work for 10 whole days for the Christmas break! I'm back at work, but don't start back my last semester of college until the 16th....needless to say, I'm milkin' that for all it's worth! There's so much to get done before my schedule gets completely full again. Being a wife and mom while working ft and attending school ft...along with everything else can get overwhelming. It'll be worth it in the long run though to complete my degree ;)Should've completed it a LONG time ago!

    Love your blog :)

  32. Ahhhhh...aveeno!

    Lovely post. Lovely photos! I am envious of those sock boots. Whose foot was that? yours? Ruby's?

    I love pj days. I do it when my little nephew sleeps over and we feel like we've had "a rough week". I unfortunately wore pants AVEC zippers yesterday! Oy! I had a bad lunch with GOOD company (hubby!) and we had a romantic spin at Aldi afterward for some serious groceries!

    You were in my dream last night. I can't recall what was going on- just know you were there. I like to think we were chatting over some oatmeal.

    You make is sound heavenly!

    Siley's food refusals remind me of Emerson's at that age. "NO juice!" "really? you love juice! Okay..." "I no WANT the orange!" all the while knowing they are his fave. I like to refer to it as "The Game Contrary!"

    Anyway..thanks for making me smile today.




  33. Love your posts with all my might. :-)
    My day yesterday didn't have any crazy creases...but today we're making over-sized, arch-backed cats out of plywood (don't ask), so who knows how this one will go. There will be jigsaws involved, and any time there are jigsaws, I get a little anxious.


  34. You are so darn entertaining!!! I think I would love to come to your house and just let you talk! I would laugh my hind-end off...which wouldn't be a bad thing:)

  35. Pencil me in for the next "home day", we would love to spend the day in our jams doin' nothing!
    peace out,

  36. The's an issue here, too. My little guy (that I can't show pics of 'cause he's my foster son) has 3...count them...3...cowlicks in the back of his head. It's a good day when his hair sticks up in just 1 spot.

    But somehow...he rocks that look. I'm not even kidding.

  37. I've got to find more words in the English language to tell you how happy you make me! LOVED this post, want to marry it, loved it.

    Calvin looks so grown up, wow! and his hair is killer. My feet are now craving Ruby's slippers and she is beautiful. Silas, well he cracks me up, since you're the one dealing with the not liking food and not me :)

    Our bb went up to 1.5 but I think I told you they were 88c for a short week but still 1.5 is less than normal so I'll take it, we've eaten so many around here we all have purple teeth esp. Chloe.

    I love that you planned your stay at home day, mine never work out, now I know I must plan them out and so I'm off to do just that!

  38. Is it shameful to say, I'd be lost without your blog?

    I love every piece of it and haven't missed a word since I found ya.

    Here's to home days!

  39. Laughing over "Pin that suckers!" Ha! Chopped some wood. Baked some chicken pot pie. A good day. Now all I need are some fiddies!

  40. "Pin that, suckers!" Hahahahah! I love it!

  41. I love home days! My kids...not so much. They seem to go a little stir crazy if they're in the house too long. And girl, I never wear harsh seams and zippers. Yoga pants all the way. Unless I have to squeeze into a pair of jeans to look presentable somewhere, but then its right back to the comfy pants once i'm home! Have a great weekend!

  42. I'm so envious you had two weeks. Our kids were out at noon on Friday the 23rd and went back on Monday the 2nd!!

  43. I think Silas and my girl would get along just great. "I don't like (fill in the blank)" is her favorite phrase ever.

  44. Home day for me, tomorrow. (Saturday- I'm doing my usual catch-up read right now.) I'm getting a head start on home day- sitting here in my pojammies wearing my red crocs (I know. they are my houseshoes). I also have on my Ball State knitted skullcap with the big B (first letter of my last name!) and Charlie Cardinal. (All my life I've been in love with Charlie Cardinal- look him up if you don't know him, but if you have kin in Muncie, surely you do.) Then I also have on my BSU zip up hoodie. Doug yelled from the living room to tell me how HOT I look in this hat. Well, if we could have some HEAT. But I digress. Tomorrow is HALF PRICE day at our very cool Bloomington, IN Vintage Vogue (Goodwill) I'll have to go out to do that...but maybe in cognito. xo, Cheryl

  45. You spend the night on the bottom bunk in the playroom of your college roomy's pad and you come home to find out you missed a post about the Silo.


    How much cute could you possibly put into one post?

    3x. The C, to the R, to the S... that's how much.

    And those waffles. Get the heck over here, I'm starving.


  46. Glad to see I'm not the only one fighting off restrictive seems. :) Your Ruby River is the cuttest, next to my Sophia Isabella of course. No really, your kids are too cute and yeah, I've to the stubborn eaters over here too. Namely Izzy.

  47. Here's a nifty oatmeal compromise: Mix 4 c quick oats, 3/4 c sugar, coffee creamer (load up), and fixins (we do cinnamon or dried fruit, but lovin' your chocolate chip idea!)and store in a cute jar. On those rushed mornings, pour it in a bowl, add milk and microwave for about 45 seconds - perfection! P.S.Still paying for the overzealous consumption of your crack bark recipe! Thanks a lot!