Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home Day

Our Christmas break has flown by. All I know is, one minute I'm saying to myself, "Christmas is over and we still have two weeks of vacation! and the next minute, I'm sitting here in my favorite sweatshirt wondering what the heck happened.

Today was our one day. Our day of lovely nothingness.

We started planning yesterday and I found myself looking forward to it as much as the rest of 'em.

We stayed in our pojammies (as Silas would say) for most of the day and when we did officially get dressed, there were rules: no zippers, no rigid seams, no shoes.

Calvin is the homebodiest of all. He rivals me, and I'm legendary. 

While we're on the topic of him, what exactly do you make of his hair? It needs its own zip-code.

And how do you feel about my inclination to post pictures of half-eaten oatmeal?

Pin that, suckers!

And now, a word on oatmeal.

I don't love it, but I really like it. But only if it's the real kind. No quick oats. Well, okay, maybe on school days. But on Home Days, it's got to be the good stuff. We boil it up, stir in vanilla and cinnamon, then drop a few chocolate chips on top and sprinkle with coconut. The chips melt and you stir it all together and it's heavenly.

Or at least that's what they tell me. I wouldn't really know, because I'm not a coconut freakazoid like they are. I had mine with a quarter cup of vanilla honey Greek yogurt and two fitsfuls of fiddies. (The blackberry farmers are still going gangbusters. $0.50/box again this week! Shazam.)

Why am I still talking about oatmeal when I could be talking about her?

Ruby River. She makes me laugh. She sings most of the day. Today she drew a giraffe munching on a tree and I've gotta say, I was way impressed. She's free and easy and every way of loveable. She also lost one ballet slipper and melted down so hard that she left an actual puddle of slobber on her bedroom floor.

And then 5 minutes later she was singing again.

 This guy? Well. He sure is cute, isn't he?

He spent his day like this: "I don't want it meal!" (I'd rather not eat oatmeal for breakfast.)

"I don't want it milk! (I love milk, but I love disagreeing even more.)

"I don't want it corn-on-cob!" (I'm not hip to your corn, Lady.)

"I don't like a salad! I don't like it noodle! I don't want it apple slice!"

He had a major beef with food today. All of it.

But speaking of food, this is my new very favorite breakfast. Jiffy waffles with chopped up frozen peaches thrown into the batter. A little driz. A few more fiddies. You have no idea.

I wish for your sake and even more for my own that this post had a point. Sometimes, you've just got to let a Home Day lie. It won't be fenced in. It defies explanation. It's lazy and slow and cozy and crazy. It's what we like best.

How did you spend your day? More importantly, did it include any harsh seams that you'd like to talk about?

*Tomorrow evening I'm drawing the winners for the Jeanne Oliver Creatively Made e-course giveaway! You've still got time.*