Thursday, January 12, 2012

Current Snapshot

Today's been a mixed bag. It began with a fitful night's sleep where the last dream I remember involved me putting molding paste in my short, spiky hair.

I woke up with an inexplicable urge to clothe myself in various argyles.

From there I dodged fitful smalls, got schooled in a game of Memory, was poked in the eye, and cleaned out the fridge for left-overs night.

But the very best news? My tiniest, wiriest Homeslice peed in the potty. Twice. Here's what I'll say about that: There are people who will tell you until they are blue in the face that you shouldn't force potty training. They'll say that you should wait until he's ready. That if he's wigged out over it, he's definitely not ready. Well, we played that game two months ago until I threw up my hands and convinced myself that I'm an unfit mother, unable to carry out something so significant.

Then yesterday I rallied. I said, "Silas, I'm done playing that game."

And he said, "I play a game! I. PLAY. A. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!" And he glared at me a little.

Then I remembered my audience and said something along the lines of, "Get your hiney into the bathroom. Stat."

He was mostly ambivalent. He held out for hours then produced two drops and how is that even possible? Well, it is.

Today when I escorted him to bathroom he screeched and wailed as though he was being carried to his certain doom. He seemed a little scared, if I'm being honest. I wavered, but only for a nanosecond. Then I wrangled him into tiny Elmowears and plastic pants ("I no like the klastics!"). I made him sit on that danged potty seat and I wasn't mad, but happy might be a stretch.

Then he peed a little.

And later he peed a lot.

And then he told me how much he likes underwear and topped the whole thing off with "You make me happy."

 "Say cheese!"
(his camera/subway ticket from South Korea)

So here we have a bright, shiny, extra-silver lining. I'm reminding myself that tomorrow holds no guarantees. But tonight, I might just sleep less fitfully. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I came across one of these random surveys here  (thanks, Bethany!) and thought I'd fling my hat into the ring because 1) I love reading them and 2) It fits my current brain capacity.

current guilty pleasure: Daily's peach margarita and Sarah's back issues of Glamour
current nail color: Say what??
current playlist: Leeland - The Great Awakening "Arise and shine shake yourself from the dust God is calling us to go."
current read: When Helping Hurts, Sacrilege, Second Hand Heart,
current drink: Lipton Green Tea Superfruit with Red Goji and Raspberry
current food: Chicken tortilla soup with avocado
current favorite show: Damages
current wish list: a vintage red, metal Radio Flyer wagon
current needs: more patience
current triumphs: see above  
current bane of my existence: Lainey Courtland
current celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling and/or Daniel Craig
current indulgence: Sonia Kashuk No. 4 bergamot candle circa 2007 that I'm just now burning and it smells so slammin' good and why did I wait so long? Also,  this.
current blessing: 2 Thessalonians 1:11b
current outfit: brown cords, gray argyle sweater, white T, turquoise argyle socks, fuchsia house slippers
current excitement: A pending trip to Rockford
current mood: antsy
current link: I'm newly obsessed with Jen Hatmaker's blog and can't wait to get my mitts on her new book. For now, read this and this.

Does anyone want to play along? Please play along. Please scratch my nosy itch. Be my reality tv. I'll crunch my chips to the tune of you. You're way funnier than the Kardiashians, after all, and far less crazy than the Bachelorettes. (Leave your link in the comments.)



  1. I will DEFINITELY play along, Ess! FUN! :-D

    PS- Yay for potty! ;-)

  2. Yay for potty success! That's such a huge milestone, isn't it?

    I would take the survey but i don't think I can think that hard. ;)

  3. current guilty pleasure: dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt bar
    current nail color: au natural
    current playlist: Jennifer Knapp Pandora station.
    current read: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
    current drink: Market Spice Orange & Cinnamon Tea
    current food: Vietnamese curry
    current favorite show: sadly, none.
    current wish list: the perfect desk for my empty spot
    current needs: To start my taxes
    current triumphs: Get to start PT in ONE WEEK!
    current bane of my existence: Feeling better but still not able to 'DO' anything.
    current celebrity crush: Eddie Vedder
    current indulgence: see guilty pleasure
    current blessing: My aunt and cousin here visiting
    current outfit: wool slippers, black jeans, and layers upon layers on top!
    current excitement: planning a trip to Haiti... maybe!
    current mood: Satisfied
    current link: etsy of course

    p.s. I LOVE surveys!

  4. This sounds so much like me & my Eden it's scary. She's all "I don't like the potty!" & I'm all "I'm not gonna force it." But now I'm totally thinking about strapping her to that danged potty. ;)

  5. I love your survey.
    I love Jen Hatmaker and those two posts ALMOST as much as I love you!

  6. My survey. It distracted me from what i should be doing. Thanks!

  7. I think you are the best Mom around.
    Hands down.
    Or should I say plastic training pants down?
    If you want to come and leave a nice comment for the smashing photographer I interviewed tonight...well, I wouldn't hate you. Just saying.
    You know I get SICK with nerves every time I post one...
    I just would never in a million years want anyone to feel like they aren't a super star.

  8. Yay silo! Potty training is not for the faint of heart. Good momma.

  9. current guilty pleasure: homemade peanut butter fudge
    current nail color: nada
    current playlist: Safetysuit via itouch and Needtobreathe via Pandora
    current read: Love and Respect
    current drink: hot green tea with a splash of milk and sprinkling of sugar
    current food: grilled pork chops with Greek seasoning
    current favorite show: Amazing Race
    current wish list: total great room makeover
    current needs: funds for the above
    current triumphs: two year old pooped in the potty on his own!
    current bane of my existence: my american bulldog who has runaway 4 times today, grr.
    current celebrity crush: Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling (FPFG- you know that's right)
    current indulgence: Jacob's creek Shiraz
    current blessing: Wednesday nights at Parker Street Ministries
    current outfit: white tank, cotton, gray drawstring capris and barefeet
    current excitement: Three day weekend
    current mood: relaxed
    current link: perusing Amazon for goodies 'cuz I gotta a gift card- (fist pump)

    Fun times:)

  10. I'm always game for a little silly fun... Enjoy!

  11. I'll play!

    xo, Cheryl

  12. Hooray for training success.

    I think fuchsia house slipper might need a post of their very own - sound rather fabulous!

  13. way to go, silas the great! and you too, mama:)
    i love these photos. joy.
    also, it'd be joy to see you in your argyle threads.

    and i played:

  14. My niece is going through potty training and she says "I think WE gotta go potty now!" No idea why the WE.

  15. You asked for it. Also, congrats on the potty success.

    current guilty pleasure: making ruffles with my gathering foot instead of doing homework
    current nail color: what God gave me. ANything more distracts me and makes me think I have bugs on the ends of my fingers
    current playlist: HonkyTonkCountry - Vidalia by Sammy Kershaw really moves me.
    current read: Power of a Praying Wife, The Self-Sufficiency Handbook
    current drink: Wata
    current food: Black Forest Ham, sliced thin
    current favorite show: Season 4 Law & Order
    current wish list: Tickets to the Circus, zippers & snaps for making purses
    current needs: more WW points in a day
    current triumphs: 5.5 miles on the stationary, heck yes I did (in 20 min!)
    current bane of my existence: My dog barking at nothing at 2 in the A to the M, while I'm home alone
    current celebrity crush: Gerard Butler. For Eva. And sometimes Harrison Ford (I <3 Air Force One)
    current indulgence: Reesee's PB cups.
    current blessing: Ecclesiastes 9-11
    current outfit: jeans, long-sleeve T, best socks ever (they're like, thick hunting socks, lined in fleece or something)
    current excitement: My birthday in under a week
    current mood: pensive
    current link: Just found this place. Pretty cool ideas there.

  16. Ack -- you just HAD to show me a blog post that would make me cry! The photos of those babies arriving at the airport.... awww, my heart squeezed.

    And I don't know what it is that you're feeding those kidlets of yours, but I swear, they get cuter with every single photo.

    And yay for the potty!!

  17. Yeah, for my main man! My only training advice would be to NOT train in boxers. I did. (I caved when he called the briefs I unveiled "Mama Panties") It's ugly. Don't do it.
    Not sure I can hang with the survey. Oy.

  18. it's official. you're way more interesting and cool than me. and? you are way further along in the potty training progress than us. hunter will be 3 in 2 weeks. that make you feel better?


    Just so you know...

  20. Best piece of advice I ever received about night-time potty training: Put a Pull-up OVER regular underwear for the first few nights (weeks?). That way, if they wet their pants they can feel it (and they don't like it), but you don't mess up the sheets. Worked for me three times, and my girls all night-trained really quickly.


  21. And I should be in bed, but I love these things, so here you go:

    current guilty pleasure: PW's Hot Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
    current nail color: chipped clear
    current playlist: OneRepublic, "Good Life"
    current read: "One Thousand Gifts" (for the second time); "Surprised by Joy"; textbooks
    current drink: red wine
    current food: short rib ravioli in a sherry cream sauce (can you tell I just went out to dinner with my hubby?)
    current favorite show: Downton Abbey
    current wish list: better eyesight
    current needs: a snow shovel
    current triumphs: getting through the first week of classes (almost)
    current bane of my existence: snow
    current celebrity crush: Patrick Sharp (Blackhawks #10)
    current indulgence: can't think of a single one
    current blessing: my honey
    current outfit: jeans and a Blackhawks jersey (explanation: my hubs and I were on our way to the game in the city tonight, but it was snowing so much and we were so tired and it took 20 minutes to go 2 miles, so we went to our favorite restaurant instead and then came home to watch the game. We're old.)
    current excitement: middle daughter getting into college (and hopefully making a decision one of these days!)
    current mood: just. plain. tired. with a little bit of anxious thrown in for good measure
    current link: I read this this morning and cannot stop thinking about it all day:

  22. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Sign me up!
    current guilty pleasure: homemade carrot cake with buttercream frosting
    current nail color: pale pink
    current playlist: Bon Iver
    current read: In The Company of Others, Jan Karon
    current drink: orange juice, blended until it's blue in the face (and quite frothy!)
    current food: lentil stew and cheese bread
    current favorite show: Grey's Anatomy & Pan Am
    current wish list: Joy the Baker's cookbook; another kitten (we have three cats, you'd think I'd know when to stop)
    current needs: a new (used) car. Rupert (our OLD Buick Century) is, I'm afraid, on his last legs. Literally. (sort of)
    current triumphs: regular workouts! and learning guitar.
    current bane of my existence: cold weather with no. snow.
    current celebrity crush: Mike Vogel
    current indulgence: sleeping in. Really late.
    current blessing: friends who know just when a girl needs some loving.
    current outfit: white long sleeve, grey sweatshirt, yoga pants, knee socks (it's cold!)
    current excitement: my birthday was a few days ago..celebrating every day this week with different friends.. (aka: the birthday that never ended!!)
    current mood: content
    current link: (cheap, cute clothes)

    the end! Cheerio!

  23. I remember the potty training days.....and when they did it all on their own and they acted like the were so big :o)

    I don't have a blog.......yet!!! I love these random facts about peeps so I will scratch your itch because I have that same sort of itch....Here goes.....

    current guilty pleasure: Pinterest
    current nail color: naked
    current playlist: Gaither Vocal Band
    current read: just finished Sarah's Key
    current drink: water
    current food: its a snack really....Newtons Fruit Thins - Blueberry Brown Sugar
    current favorite show: Hawaii 5-0 and The Firm
    current wish list: to find or make a cover/case for my Mac
    current needs: more patience (I agree with you on this one)
    current triumphs: finally getting my craft room organized
    current bane of my existence: frequent headaches and dizziness that comes out of nowhere and hits me hard
    current celebrity crush: Alex O'Loughlin and Josh Lucas
    current indulgence: Michaels.....lots of crafty things for Valentines day
    current blessing: healthy family
    current outfit: light yellow pjs with palm trees on them
    current excitement: 4 days off from school for the kids and 3 days for Mommy
    current mood: sleepy
    current link: Google Reader....its where all my blog friends are :o)

  24. OK, i'll play!!

  25. Oh the joys of potty training!

    I sat down Tuesday and had 19 posts of yours to read (didn't do much blog reading over the holidays). Just want you to know I made "Crack Bark" and then proceeded to have it for breakfast the next few days. Now that I think about it....I need some with my coffee this morning. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Ohh, Silas - you always make me smile :) My little niece, Adelaide is potty training right now. I bought a little seat that goes on our toilet for when she is visiting our house. She is only used to using her own little toilet. When I asked her to go on the potty she said, "Noooo Aunt B, I'm so scared" when I asked her why she responded with, "I don't know how to swim". Got to love them at this age :)


    love it.

  28. Love this. Thanks for the inspiration for a fun post. Here's mine:

  29. Yaaay Silas!! I'm almost there with my two year old. He's not quite ready - meaning I don't think I could even force him yet. He's still young but... if he keeps growing, I'll have to start putting adult diapers on him soon! Hopefully he'll give me a sign pretty soon.

  30. i'm sorry. i. can't. play. no gaaaaaaame! i've worked at the shop 5 days in a row & one with both kids too. my brain is crispy fried. just wanted you to know i read. :)

  31. Potty training sounds so scary! Good luck!

    Here's mine:

  32. Thanks for sharing the links to Jen Hatmaker's blog. Her 'after the airport' post made me cry. I am constantly amazed at others' parenting stories. I feel like we all have a story to tell and hers is especially heartfelt, touching, and honest.

  33. Yay for fun surveys!!

  34. Here's my survey! Rock and Rooooolllllll

  35. The moments like the one you had, where your insistence led to *success*--it's encouragement. Something to savor for when tomorrow doesn't go as hoped. Take it! :)

    And, sure, I'll play:

    current guilty pleasure: a big ol' bowl of Cheerios, right. before. bed! (yeah, living dangerously!)
    current nail color: I hardly can get myself to trim my nails before they crack. Polish?!
    current playlist: Remind Me Who I am. (who's that? I can't remember...too tired.)
    current read: State of Wonder (Ann Patchett)
    current drink: water
    current food: see guilty pleasure (anything cereal and wheat)
    current favorite show: I've gone like 10 nights without tv. Just not interested.
    current wish list: new lens for my camera, but I can't decide which one.
    current needs: toothpaste for my Boy. yeah, real complicated.
    current triumphs: 100 push-ups every other day (5 sets of 20 with 1 min. break in between)--took me four months to accomplish this.
    current bane of my existence: my own frustration with a child who doesn't move faster to get ready for bed and seems to have only one pace--s.l.o.w.--and how I tell my groom that it doesn't make a difference to tell the boy over and over and over again, and then I find myself doing the same thing!
    current celebrity crush: still really thinkin' Matthew McConahay (totally not how to spell his name, but you get it...)
    current indulgence: um, yeah...about that cereal before bed thing...
    current blessing: a job (I'm having a hard time with mine, so just being thankful that I have one has been on my mind)
    current outfit: purple-ish running top under very warm North Face sweater with smart wool ski socks and my husband's old pair of flannel pj pants. a fashionista!
    current excitement: that I can sleep until 6 tomorrow instead of 5!
    current mood: sleepy
    current link: my blogger

  36. I played along, come see Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

  37. what a cutie!!
    fun little survey...i will have to play along!

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