Sunday, January 29, 2012

Come Help

I never stop being amazed by the crazy-cool ways God chooses to use His people if they are just willing to say Yes. He created us, He knows us, He speaks to us. He made us with a purpose and a mission imprinted onto our hearts and He gave us everything we need to carry out His plan.

That's some kind of excitement, right there, because the possibilities are endless.

My friend Lindsay recently became connected with a local teen named Madison. Madison started a non-profit organization called Lily's Closet which provides trendy, like-new clothing *for free* to local teenage girls living in poverty. These girls are often broken and hurting in many ways. But also? They want to look cute. Through Lily's Closet they are given the opportunity to "shop" with a personal shopper who will also make sure they know about God's mad love for them and pray with them on their way out the door.

We believe that in meeting a physical need of clothes that these girls have, we are able to meet the much greater spiritual need these girls may have. God has a huge heart for these girls and absolutely moves mountains for them! This is a huge opportunity we have to reach out to broken, hurting girls in our very own community! - From the Lily's Closet facebook page

This is big, loud, think-outside-the-box, age be danged, crazy God love happening. It's being poured out from Madison's hands and feet. Don't you want to be a part of that? I know I do.

Lindsay reached out to Madison, asking what her tangible needs are for getting her vision up and running.The answer? Hanger covers.

It just so happens that Lindsay is one fierce seamstress. She can sew a hanger cover with her eyes closed. But she can't sew 1000 of them.

Which brings me to me. And you.

There are two opportunities to help.

1} Meet us this Thursday (February 2) at the Nappanee Public Library from 6:30 - 8:30pm. If you are a seamstress, bring your machine. If you are like me, come and cut fabric and iron.We need your hands!

2} For those of you who want to help but are not local (Northern Indiana), make some covers and send them to us! To make 25 covers you will need 6 yards of unbleached muslin fabric. A complete supply list, step-by-step tutorial, and downloadable pattern can be found right here. Or, you can email and Lindsay will email or snail-mail the pattern directly to you.

Update :: For those of you who have inquired, we will set the deadline for March 1st. You can send all finished hanger covers to Nappanee Public Library 157 N. Main St. Nappanee, IN 46550, attn: Lindsay. Also, Lindsay is checking with Madison regarding those of you who would like to send clothing. Will keep you posted! 

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something much greater than myself, and I hope you'll come along, too. Plus, hello? It would be fun to cut some fabric with you in person.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you can help in either way.

You're the bomb, you know.



  1. What an incredible ministry. I can't sew, and I'm not local, but I CAN pray.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful girl! Teenagers are so awesome! I love that she's doing this, being Jesus to these girls! I'm seriously blown away! Count me in for at least 10!

  3. Yes, yes, yes, Amanda. We need those prayers. Thank you!

  4. I can help! I live in MN, but am happy to make some. Let me know how many and where I can ship em too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love you for bringing these opportunities to DO right to my door. I'll try to refrain from adding any ruffles, but no promises. I'll need the shipping address! Also, deadline?

  6. ditto amanda. but i can pray, too. and i will!
    this is lovely.

    xo sleep tight!

  7. I'm not local but I do have a daughter that is wild about clothes and literally grows an inch a night. In fact I have several brand name, all kinds of swanky jeans needing a new home. Can you provide a shipping address?

  8. That's a great amazing. I just helped start a sewing class here. And even though they are not up to all the curves of this project, they can cut out and iron. I'll have to pass it along to the other instructor and see if we can work it out to do soon. How many does she need? Will this be an ongoing project with hangers going home with the girls who come into the store?

  9. Aww! Chicago area to Norther Indiana would be do-able on a weekend, but not a week night for me. Bummer! But I may have time to make some of my own here! Could you please let me know a deadline for the covers to be completed and shipping address?

  10. can I make some and send them to you?

  11. Wish I was closer. Wish I had a sewing machine. How fantastic this is.

  12. This is an wonderfully innovative and precious ministry to those girls. I love, love, love it. Praying for all involved.

  13. What a sweet heart Madison must have-blessings to her!

  14. This is SO great!

    I cannot sew at all, but would love to donate some cute clothes that I no longer wear. Let me/us know!

    What a GREAT idea! Super inspiring. :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of your readers!



  15. Sounds like fun, I tried to leave a comment for Lyndsey but was unsuccessful. I have the worst time with computers. But I will be praying that the sewing machines will be humming and that every hanger will be covered. What a great idea. Touching lives doesn't have to be complicated.

  16. I may just be in, girl! I can't sew worth a lick, but I can cut like no one's business. Josh has meetings all Thursday night, but let me see if I can set up a babysitter. If so, I'm there!

    What a delightful mission these gals are on. I absolutely love it.

  17. I can't make them because I'm in the middle of going to Russia for court for our baby, YAY!!!

    BUT... I do have a daughter with a fashion addiction and a growth spurt. So can I send you some clothes? Give me a few weeks, and then I'll get them you. Wonderful work Madison!!
    Email me the address, or please post it. mitchellsmakingthemost at gmail dot com

  18. planning on coming up from Warsaw... maybe with a group of teen girls to help!! Can't sew but can cut!

  19. That's some kind of excitement, right there, because the possibilities are endless.

  20. So excited to see some of you later this week! I'll try to get answers to some of the questions later today.

  21. She was on the local news tonight!...did you happen to see it?
    What a great thing she is doing!

  22. one of the reasons i love your blog is because you are funny, real, and here goes! i so wanted to come to nappannee..i live in p-town just down the road. i can even sew...and these kind of projects make me just giddy. you might think i couldn't come because of my adorable daughter that is rather intent on mom tucking her in every night. but nope - she can suffer with her daddy doing it (he is way more fun anyway). my hubby even told me to go. and of course the kids said something like this...."go mom! go!! you so want to meet her!!" and right about then i remembered i am a dork:) so..yes, i'm staying home and hoping to find some time to sew a few myself over the next couple of weeks because i totally freaked out that i would be able to meet you in real life. you don't know me at all....but i like to think we'd be such good friends in real life. but then it scares me that we wouldn't. my friend(that you knew in college that sent me to your blog a few years ago when i left everything i loved to follow this crazy dream in an old farmhouse) told me to go too...she thinks i'm crazy!'s to being a dork that is vulnerable and learning that i'm rather a wimp when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone! good grief, who knew a 37 year old momma of 2 would freak about meeting someone!
    ps. this was my attempt at taking the first step out of my dorky self:)

  23. I can sew, but I'm not local (I'm south of Indy) I'll be cutting into my unbleached muslin and seeing how many I can sew by March 1st. Wonderful wonderful thing! I also spread the word on FB to all my seamstress friends to see if any of them would like to help.