Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior,
which is Christ the Lord.

These words came to life for me tonight, straight from Linus's mouth and shot clean through to my heart.

That tiny baby, all wrinkly and roughed up, came to save me. That baby grew and loved and made heads spin. People talked about Him behind His back because He spent His time with Gutter people. He didn't give a rip. He saved. He saves. He didn't come to teach us to be nice. He didn't come so we'd have stories to tell our children. He came fierce and small. He came with the truth - that everything we believed was upside-down, and that He was the only One who could right it. He didn't come as a gladiator or a Lieutenant General. Not the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman. He came as a one-minute-old infant. To save.

I think of the way He's saved me and it makes me cry. He has saved me from my disgusting, sinful selfishness. He's saved my marriage. He's saved my son's life. He's saved my hope for a family. He's saved my children from being alone. He's ripped me out of greed and ignorance, He's saving me still.

Today, He saved me with an email. I read the words and my heart beat faster. I started to cry because I knew - it wasn't just an email. It was more than Times New Roman in an 11-point font. It was salvation. And it was all Him.

The baby was a Rescuer. A Savior.

So let Him save you tonight. Pay attention while He does it again. This season, it's the birth of salvation, of brand new Hope that we would never have been smart enough to ask for on our own.