Monday, December 12, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It's still Monday, right? For at least a few more hours?

Well, then. Here we go.

1) A recent conversation:

Silas: Chawels (Charles) want a bike ride.
Mommy: Honey, it's snowing outside.
Silas: Chawels want a biiiiiike riiiiiiiide!
Mommy: Maybe later, Siley. It's really cold outside. I don't think he'd like that right now.
Silas: No, bike ride!
Mommy: ?
Ruby: I think Charles wants a back ride.
Silas: Yeah! Back Ride! Back Ride!


2) How we spent last week:

We finally got the girl back on the mend. And now I'm all headachey and Silas has a fever of 101.6. Oy.

3) Hear me out.

Buy a bag of brussels sprouts. ($2 a bag this week at Meijer!) Trim off the bottom (stem). Cut in half, then thinly slice, which will give you a nice "shred". Heat some olive oil on the low end of medium high (got that?). Add your sprouts, saute for just long enough. Add chopped pre-cooked bacon (expired or otherwise) and chopped fresh rosemary. Saute a bit longer. Remove from heat. Add the juice of half a lemon. Stir. Eat. Thank your lucky stars that I just redeemed the brussel.

Incidentally, I fell so desperately in love with this last week that I made a whole, brand-new batch for myself for lunch one day. As in, I did the whole who-ha at the noon-hour, oh yes, I did. I scooped 'em right onto the plate with my turkey sandwich and fiddies. So. Worth. It.

4) The well.

We're almost at 60%, Party People!! Wootness.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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  1. WELL... I glad you gave us an update. Let's get this thing done before Christmas.

  2. brussel sprout redemption has never been so sweet!
    just picked some up today...will try your way.
    hear you crack me up

  3. Silas just keeps getting cuter & cuter. Seriously, city lifes been good to him.
    It took 4 days a piece for that 100plusdegree-ick to wear off around here.

  4. 60%!!! whoa! this is fantastic.

    poor Rubes! can i call her that? i hope and pray that mama isn't the next victim.

    i'm convinced. siley and my hunter would have so fun together doing things like misbehaving and wanting to go outside in freezing cold weather.

    on to lesser things... my heart skipped a beat when i just saw your miscellany monday post. i mean, THE FPFG!!! thanks sweetest girl ever!


  5. This was so exciting. The suspense, the bike ride...

    Siley needs his own blog.

    Ruby was looking extra cute, even if she was feeling poorly.


  6. how could i forget the sprouts?! only you could make me like them.

  7. Hoping over form Miscellany Monday. Hope you are feeling better. And goodness -- the bike ride. Maybe he could ride inside. Blessings.

  8. when I go to market two days from now I am bringing home brussel sprouts and also...the tuna for the recipe from a recent post! I love having new ways to fix the foods I love!

    I have to tell you that yesterday when I did my weekly update on my facebook page about the well I was blown away to see that the normal 5% increase there has been in a week to 10%! I just clicked on the link and He has already increased it by another 5%...just since yesterday! He is so awesome!

    I'm really glad that Ruby is on the mend at last. She's such a cutie...and Silas...well, you know how I feel about that child. I'll take all three any time you want to send me to WV! ;-)

    Take care...praying you don't get the nasties!

  9. HA...I just reread my comment...CORRECTION! You don't have to send ME to West Virginia...I'm already here. But you can send your youngins to me in WV! ;-) After this I'm sure that you would have second thoughts! lol

  10. Brussels sprouts? I'm not a fan, but you sure make them look good. Sorry you have sickies around. Hope it passes quickly!

    P.S. Looky there-I got with it and dug up a profile pic just for you. Nothing special, that is for sure! But those words you said about people including pictures...they stuck with me :)

  11. Shannon, You have really been on my mind this past few days and I wanted to pass on some encouragement: what you and your husband are doing is SO IMPORTANT!! I have prayed many times for someone like the two of you to come into my son's life- (he is a recovering heroin addict). Someone that will not just "work the 12 steps with him", but really show him who he STILL is in Christ's eyes and heart. The heartache is worth it- you are filling in for the missing, or in our case, exhausted parents and family. We thank you from the deepest reaches of our hearts!

  12. Oh my, I must go and try that salad!

    Hope everyone in your home is on the mend....take care.

  13. I LOVE Brussel Sprouts. I'm weird that way. I put lemon on my broccoli, but generally eat my brussels covered in butter and what-not because I buy the frozen kind in the sauce. I'll have to try fresh brussels soon. Thanks for the recipe!

  14. How is it possible that you made me want to cook? And Brussels sprouts at that. Can't wait to try it. Hope you all feel better soon. Icky time of year to get sick.

  15. I really hope you will bring your Brussel sprouts on a Monday night sometime. (and don't let my husband bully you) I have terrible memories of the smell that would fill the house when my mom would cook them, but you make them sound good. Perhaps worth a try?

  16. i'm quite confident you could redeem even liver and sauerkraut. possibly in the same dish.

    ps expired bacon. have you been peeking in my fridge?

  17. Have you tried roasted Brussels sprouts? Just toss them in a little olive oil and then roast until soft. They begin to caramelize and I love them that way!

    I'm definitely going to try them your way though. Sounds delish!

  18. I remember my grandmas cooking brussel sprouts. I never would eat them. Yours looks good though. Hope you all feel better soon! My kids have colds too.

  19. At what point does the expired bacon know...really expired?

    Inquiring minds are curious...

  20. Farmgirl, only you could make me want a Brussel. Seriously, I'm STILL in mourning over the no-show Hillbilly Hotdog from Apple Days over a year ago, and now you're dangling yet another Indiana delicacy right in front of my face.
    Looks truly delish.

  21. love your miscellaneous day....and your recipes that you're gonna be famous have this way of making outfits and food spectacular.

  22. Ruby, what would we do without her?? She can't go to kindergarten next year,you may still need her to interpret for Pilot.
    I love how you made her a little get well camp out. I remember doing that for you kiddos. It worked better than any medicine.

  23. We're a bunch of sickies over here, too. Hopefully y'all are on the up and up!

    Bizarre, but you're making me want to cook up brussels sprouts. I may just go for it.

  24. I've never in my life wanted brussel sprouts until just now. I tried them the barefoot contessa way and even that didn't win me over. But I love you and trust you so I'm gonna try it your way. I will report back.

  25. Seriously those brussel sprouts look good! I have never, ever, ever had the desire to try 'em until now!

  26. Mmmm on the b sprouts! My boss made the exact ones for her Christmas dinner but she added chopped pistachios as well....Yummers!

  27. I just found your blog today and I wanted to say that I'm so glad I did. You inspire me. Happy Holidays.