Monday, December 12, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It's still Monday, right? For at least a few more hours?

Well, then. Here we go.

1) A recent conversation:

Silas: Chawels (Charles) want a bike ride.
Mommy: Honey, it's snowing outside.
Silas: Chawels want a biiiiiike riiiiiiiide!
Mommy: Maybe later, Siley. It's really cold outside. I don't think he'd like that right now.
Silas: No, bike ride!
Mommy: ?
Ruby: I think Charles wants a back ride.
Silas: Yeah! Back Ride! Back Ride!


2) How we spent last week:

We finally got the girl back on the mend. And now I'm all headachey and Silas has a fever of 101.6. Oy.

3) Hear me out.

Buy a bag of brussels sprouts. ($2 a bag this week at Meijer!) Trim off the bottom (stem). Cut in half, then thinly slice, which will give you a nice "shred". Heat some olive oil on the low end of medium high (got that?). Add your sprouts, saute for just long enough. Add chopped pre-cooked bacon (expired or otherwise) and chopped fresh rosemary. Saute a bit longer. Remove from heat. Add the juice of half a lemon. Stir. Eat. Thank your lucky stars that I just redeemed the brussel.

Incidentally, I fell so desperately in love with this last week that I made a whole, brand-new batch for myself for lunch one day. As in, I did the whole who-ha at the noon-hour, oh yes, I did. I scooped 'em right onto the plate with my turkey sandwich and fiddies. So. Worth. It.

4) The well.

We're almost at 60%, Party People!! Wootness.

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