Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot Date, etc...

We hired a baby-sitter and got the heck out of Dodge tonight. In fact, we got a two-for-one sister sitter deal. They made me nostalgic for my youth. They also made me more wistful than usual for Ruby to have a sister.

I looked forward to this all the live-long week(s). It's been too long.

Carrabas for dinner. Pasta Sostanza, that's all I'm saying. And do not be mislead: the house salad isn't a fraction as good as the Italian salad, or the Eyetalian salad, as my Dad would say.

We gave the waitress a fat tip because she was normal. Three cheers for normal wait-staff! Also, she was pregnant and from what I recall, waiting tables is hard work when you're 21 and not pregnant. Also also, it's Christmas. And I'm more and more inclined to believe that if I have extra cash to splurge a bit on myself, I need to make sure I have extra cash to splurge on someone else, too.

By the time we waited around and stuffed our faces and bought new winter boots - like, the real, thinsulated dealios, it was time to head back home. We were fine with that. Being out until 9:30 was luxury enough.

On our way out of The Big City we stopped by our beloved Bethel College.

Maybe it was the young sister sitters, or maybe it's just me, but I missed college tonight. Especially college on a Friday night. I NEVER studied on the weekends. Probably really never. Really. Probably. I highly recommend it.

Oh, the freedom!

But did we even realize what we had, back then?


Okay, now I'm veering dangerously close to the "Youth is wasted on the young" sermonette.

And that wasn't the point I intended to make.

The point I intended to make is, Why are my jeans so splotchy? And how have I never known this before right now? And what compels me to always stick my left hand in my back pocket for pictures? I've always found arms general nuisances, except for during key moments like meals and the like.

Tomorrow I'm going on an adventure. This very well could be the weekend of my re-awakening.

Then on Sunday night, the Executive Director of Tiny Hands International, along with our friends Jon and Alison, will be sharing at our church about their ministry with victims of human trafficking in Nepal through Tiny Hands International.

All you local yocals, come join us. The work THI does is important. It's something that God holds close to his heart. I've heard Jon speak before, and it has changed me. If you are at all interested in learning more about what we can do to put an end to the trafficking of women and children, come on out. I'm bringing crackers and a cheese ball, so you know it'll be a party.

Sunday Dec. 4th, 6:30 pm
Nappanee First Brethren Church
1600 N. Main St., Nappanee, IN)

Maybe you're planning to do what I do most weekends and hunker down. I have something super hunker-downy to share with you. My friend Myra, along with her friend Mandi, has put together a free e-book of DIY Christmas decorating projects, from all different kinds of bloggers, including Yours Truly. The projects are all frugal and fun. Click here to download.

Happy weekending, Homies! If you do anything extra-crazy, I want to hear about it.


  1. hooray for sitters and date nights!! you look gorgeous.
    even with your sweet arm all hidden away. ha.
    also, i share your tipping philosophy. i was a waitress for many years. i wonder if anyone thought i was normal?

    the ebook looks f.u.n.
    love ya, enjoy your hunkerin'. patrick's birthday is tomorrow, so i'll be getting wasted on buttercream frosting:)

  2. yahoo! guess what? i get a girlfriend day tomorrow AND a date on Sunday! it's my birthday on Sunday and now that i'm (nearly) 31 i have decided to take full advantage! glad you had fun, splotchy jeans and all!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time out on the town! Bethel....I was hoping for a photo of the helm. I wish I could come and hear Jon talk, the work they are doing is wonderful. I will be praying for a great turn out.

  4. Just today I said to myself : ) I am so sick of bloggers that put their selves all over their blogs. They give me a headache. A bad headache. You don't give me a headache though. You are normal and kind and perfectly content even when life is stressful and you don't have a dishwasher. I love to see your smile and your pictures every day. Any pictures.

    Tonight my sister and I went to an ornament exchange party. It was tons of fun. Betsy got a sort of sucky ornament but mine is fantastic. I love it : ) I really, really loved the salsa dip. OH MY GOODNESS. Kaish was sick all week. He slept over at my parents tonight. Gary is sick too. He worked late and he just went to his Dad's after work. I am all alone. I hope I don't get murdered tonight.

    Tomorrow I am shooting the nicest family in the world. I am so excited : ) I LOVE them. On Sunday I am shooting the most beautiful pregnant girl around. I can't wait : )

    Next week is going to be crazy in the membrane. I am sort of nervous. I have to take dinner to Johnny on Monday since they had the baby this week. I was excited but Johnny said please buy pre made food. No one thinks I am a good cook. They think right ; )

    I could keep talking for hours ; ) I don't know what got into me tonight.

    I am glad you had a date. The food sounds divine.

  5. My lumbar aches just at the thought of being preggars and waiting table all night. If she can do that with no grumps that is most tip worthy any time of year! Glad you got out for a date night, we are overdue one!

    My lovely girl has three brothers, no sisters. I feel wistful, because I love my sister to bits. Bxx

  6. we had a much needed date night last night, parents kept the was glorious.

  7. Date nights are the best nights . . . especially when they include Carraba's and Bethel. We had a picnic date there last spring and another one a couple months ago. Have you seen the new dinning commons?! We didn't eat in there, just gave ourselves a little tour. I agree . . didn't know how good we had it.

  8. frugal and fun?! my favorite f words. must check it.

    girl, i love your outfits. you are way more fashionista than me. look at all those layers and the boots and the belt and the BAG! LOVE. i'm going to pin ya. do you feel like a million bucks?! cause you should!!!

    have a fun weekend. and a re-awakening... you better dish it.

  9. ps. i also thought you'd like to know that your pin went on my "trending" board. so that should make you feel as young as your babysitters!

  10. I am going home from vacation and I am going to cover my grands with smooches. Those baby heads are going to reek of Grandma Janie

  11. Thanks for indulging me. And I'll see you Sunday!

  12. So glad you had a little date night, and I love that you gave your normal waitress a little extra tip. :o) Merry Christmas-time to you and your sweet family!

  13. The mention of the buying of boots and some pasta with hubs reminded me that The Agronomist and I need to go out and be romantic too : )

  14. I really like that last photo. Looks like a big, fat cluster of ghostly orbs. In the best way possible. Glad you had a break slash date night. We alllll need one!

  15. We've been hanging out some with the young adult group at church - makes me miss my college freedom a lot. (so much that I wrote about it a bit)
    You always look so cute - how do you know to put things together like that?

  16. playing with kiddies, watching blisters appear on my little boy...chickenpox? and 2 hours unbroken in my art studio....rare bliss! xxx

  17. I'm admittedly biased, but I think Haiti would be a wonderful place to find Ruby's sister!

  18. Oh, I got so excited over the mere idea of Ruby having a Haitian sister that I forgot that I wanted to tell about an experience we had one Christmas. We'd travled to Ft Wayne from Indy on Christmas morning bcause our DIL was in labor with our 1st grandson. The next morning, all of us except the new baby and momma and daddy, congregated at Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Let's see....back then that would have added up to 15 of us at Cracker Barrel and 3 in the hospital. (there's 24 of us now with 2 more on the way!) When my husband went to pay our bill he was told another guest had already taken care of it. Even my husband cried at such a generous gesture. It made quite an impression on our kids, so much so that they've done the same thing and find it incredibly fun choosing the family they will annonymously bless. We've done the over the top tip before too. Really fun.....

  19. Yay for date nights and two-for-one sister babysitters!! We have those, too, and they really are the best ever :) And aren't you just adorable! I laughed out loud about how awkward arms are because I totally feel the same way whenever I'm in pictures "Eeeek! What to do with my arms?" Lol. And here's from coming from a gal who used to wait tables--You ROCK.

  20. Date night and Carrabas and thinsulate and double teaming babysitters! Oh happy night out.

  21. yay a hot date. i've been wanting to hit the trees growing out of the roof.

  22. ok- the tiny hand thing reminded me of Kristin Wiig. I'm sorry. Your outfit is adorable, and right now I'm so 'into' outfits it would make you proud. My weekend? I went to the mall with Aaron. The mall Shanny. It's a Christmas miracle. Today? Nothing. I'm not even getting dressed. I ate Minestrone soup for breakfast. I'll have it for lunch and dinner too. Amen.

  23. The hubs and I were just chatting this week about needing to find a good babysitter and then BAM we found two. Sisters. Woot! Hello date night.
    Happy happy weekend!

  24. Whenever I see photos of you I think:

    "My god does that kid know how to layer well!"

    If I tried this layering technique of yours, the outer most jacket would be so tight that circulation in my arms would be nearly cut off.

    So how DO you do it? Is the outermost jacket a size larger to accomodate? Do tell.

    When I see photos of myself I always wonder:

    Why can't my eyes ever be open?

    Should I add some lowlights to my hair? Good LAWD when did it get so light? Dolly P. Parton watch out! Is it the flash?

    As I think you know, the child trafficking nightmare is close to my heart. I'm still reading my "Little Princes" book because it hurts my heart to read, but I realize I/we can no longer turn away. Something has to be done. It's truly sickening and evil.

    Carrabbasssss!! There are none here but we did have them in Tennessee and I loved some of their food. You have to know what to order.

    Finally...thanks to Pete Campbell on Mad Men I have discovered that instant hot chocolate is soo much better with milk instead of water!

    Who said you can't learn anything from a fictional show?

    Hoping your Sunday is lovely!



  25. So I am a big fan of your blog, but...have yet to comment!!! Huge fan of your writing, and your STYLE(fashion, as well as home decor)!

    My husband and I went to a Carrabbas for the first time this weekend. I went with the "Pasta Weesie"....deliciousssss. I'm curious as to what type of boots you decided to purchase?! I'm in the market for some winter boots (practical, warm, will-actually-keep-my-feet-dry!) Would love to hear your input!

  26. i am jealous of your date. my hubby and i need to do this too. and where did you get your bag? i think i'm in love...

  27. I agree with arms being a nuisance, when I sleep I can't figure out what to do with them!

    you look super cute as always!

  28. Date nights are wonderful! Can't wait for my next one (it's been too long)!

  29. you went to bethel? my husband went to northwestern right down the street and he loved sneaking over to bethel for the sunday night vespers service.

  30. The last picture (and then your comment) remind me of that scene in Toy Story where Woody says "I AM MISSING MY ARM!" hahahaha

    Date heaven. I want one too! :)

  31. do you live in nappanee? is the victorian guesthouse still open? my husband took me there for our 4th anniversary. that was a few years ago (15 to be exact). what a lovely area!