Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot Date, etc...

We hired a baby-sitter and got the heck out of Dodge tonight. In fact, we got a two-for-one sister sitter deal. They made me nostalgic for my youth. They also made me more wistful than usual for Ruby to have a sister.

I looked forward to this all the live-long week(s). It's been too long.

Carrabas for dinner. Pasta Sostanza, that's all I'm saying. And do not be mislead: the house salad isn't a fraction as good as the Italian salad, or the Eyetalian salad, as my Dad would say.

We gave the waitress a fat tip because she was normal. Three cheers for normal wait-staff! Also, she was pregnant and from what I recall, waiting tables is hard work when you're 21 and not pregnant. Also also, it's Christmas. And I'm more and more inclined to believe that if I have extra cash to splurge a bit on myself, I need to make sure I have extra cash to splurge on someone else, too.

By the time we waited around and stuffed our faces and bought new winter boots - like, the real, thinsulated dealios, it was time to head back home. We were fine with that. Being out until 9:30 was luxury enough.

On our way out of The Big City we stopped by our beloved Bethel College.

Maybe it was the young sister sitters, or maybe it's just me, but I missed college tonight. Especially college on a Friday night. I NEVER studied on the weekends. Probably really never. Really. Probably. I highly recommend it.

Oh, the freedom!

But did we even realize what we had, back then?


Okay, now I'm veering dangerously close to the "Youth is wasted on the young" sermonette.

And that wasn't the point I intended to make.

The point I intended to make is, Why are my jeans so splotchy? And how have I never known this before right now? And what compels me to always stick my left hand in my back pocket for pictures? I've always found arms general nuisances, except for during key moments like meals and the like.

Tomorrow I'm going on an adventure. This very well could be the weekend of my re-awakening.

Then on Sunday night, the Executive Director of Tiny Hands International, along with our friends Jon and Alison, will be sharing at our church about their ministry with victims of human trafficking in Nepal through Tiny Hands International.

All you local yocals, come join us. The work THI does is important. It's something that God holds close to his heart. I've heard Jon speak before, and it has changed me. If you are at all interested in learning more about what we can do to put an end to the trafficking of women and children, come on out. I'm bringing crackers and a cheese ball, so you know it'll be a party.

Sunday Dec. 4th, 6:30 pm
Nappanee First Brethren Church
1600 N. Main St., Nappanee, IN)

Maybe you're planning to do what I do most weekends and hunker down. I have something super hunker-downy to share with you. My friend Myra, along with her friend Mandi, has put together a free e-book of DIY Christmas decorating projects, from all different kinds of bloggers, including Yours Truly. The projects are all frugal and fun. Click here to download.

Happy weekending, Homies! If you do anything extra-crazy, I want to hear about it.