Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Post and a Shameless Mama Moment

(I have no idea how CMB did this, but isn't it swell?)

We spent our evening taking two Crossing students Christmas shopping. I felt really proud to be out with them. They taught me some things. We all splurged and had dessert at Culver's and I listened with my heart wide open. These moments, they are doing something in my heart. It's an ambush of some sort. I'm figuring it out.

I wrote a guest post for my sweet friend, Hannah. Hannah is one of the dearest people I've never met. She emails me Bible verses and tells me that she loves me when I need to hear it most. She's beautiful in every way. Go meet here. While you're there, you can read what I wrote about Christmas. (Mom, remember, just click that flashing line thingy on the blue text to go to the guest post.)

3 more things:

1. My favorite non-hymn Christmas song of all time. I blogged about it last year at Christmas, too. I listened a couple days ago and got all weepy, because I had never stopped to consider what creation, the mountains and the trees and the animals, did on that night when The Baby came to save us. "Was anyone able to look at the stable and not see a child, but a King?" Slay me.

2. Shameless Calvin plug. I can't not post this every. single. year. He kills me in his little shoes turned sideways and his neck-tie. He was two years old when he sang at our Christmas Eve service at church. I was so nervous watching my little tiny wee baby up there with a mic in his hand. (For the record, my sister loaded the video. I'm shameless, but not shameless enough to publicly declare my child a "genius".) ;) #proudaunt #stillcan'tstop

3. Please go here for a laugh. I lose it right around "sugary snacks".


  1. you know what i loved the most?? in hannahs post the part where you said to give up our sacred things for the really sacred... nate just this afternoon asked me to stretch on christmas day and do that very thing and my heart turned all cold in a hurry. Lord break me.. wait. no not yet. yes please hurry. how about after christmas? have you ever known such a mess? and yet He's loving me hard sides and soft sides and every which side. ps... calvin. no words. :)

  2. love your hottie-hot sweatpants!!! this is why i read your keep it so real...THAT'S encouraging stuff.

  3. well you can keep on posting that video every. single. year. it made my somewhat bah-humbug-feeling heart happy. so thanks!

  4. I wanta go back in time and have Calvin sing for me. What a precious video. Definitely one to keep coming back to every year. And Helene. Oh. My. Word. Hilarious.

  5. i feel so cool! i already saw your guest post before this. wow! i must really love you. : )

    and Calvin?!!!! GENIUS FO SHO! that is awe-mazing. it must be an asian thing. my niece (she's from China), she's five and can work a computer better than me. i totally want to plug your Calvin, too. maybe you should add this to your sidebar year-round in honor of having Christmas last forever and always and not just in december!

  6. I can't watch any videos on this silly mac. I know there must be something wrong with me that I can't make it work. So any way, I will save the wonder for tomorrow. I will go and say hi to your friend. : )

  7. your helene and/or jayme friend is the best ever.

  8. Calvin is so adorable! What is the video from? Great guest post also!

  9. That video of Calvin is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! HOW in the world did you teach him that song? Adorable! Merry Christmas to your family!

  10. Surprise, I read the post before you gave me directions!! It is a real Christmas miracle.
    How well I remember the night Calvin made his debut!! You should tape River with her own made up songs, or Si-Pie singing his heart out in bed at night. You sure have some amazing talent in your home.

  11. And Helene....I can't wait to try out her recipe.

  12. ok, that first picture is magic. christmas magic.
    thank you for joining me on my blog, you fancy pants Farmgirl.
    and you even wore fancy pants, so sweet.
    calvin, what a sweetie! melt my heart.
    and helene. gracious, i hurt myself laughing. needed that!

    grateful for you! lovelove.

  13. I could just squeeze that boy! So cute.
    Now I'm off to read the links.

  14. Are you kidding me?! Calvin is too much! That is the most adorable thing!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

    Angie from Ohio

  15. I melt. Exactly why I came here... Thanks! Loved the shot of the littles in their Christmas jammies, holding hands! Need to have a talk w/Helene tho. She stole my Great Aunts recipe. But not her Holiday Kittens w/Santa sweater Thank the Lord... ;-P
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Oh.My.Word. I don't know when I have laughed like that. I think the putting on of the lipstick was my favorite part. Thanks for the the giggle.

    The merriest of Christmasas to you and yours!

    Love from Cleveland

  17. Cwist was born in Beth Lah Hem.

    Have mercy.

    I think this may have been the post that was up on your blog the first time I came to visit. And you were telling The Keeper not to watch - perhaps the cuteness would have done her in? All I know is that I didn't know you back then and I didn't know Jaymes, but look at us now.
    Who would have thought.
    p.s. CMB has some mad Christmas photography skilz.

  18. Who knew Helene was your "crossover" friend's alter ego? Remember when you referred to her as such a while back and I thought it meant she had crossed over to the other side? memories!

    Calvin singing at age 2: Precious beyond words! How did he remember all of the big words like "reconcile"? I showed my hubby and said "Clearly, he's a genius."

    Too cute.

    I'm off to read your guest post.

    Loved the Helene link! Hilarious! Fave part: How she "needed" to add more lipstick before she could really dig into the nuts and bolts of making her snack.

    Good stuff, kid.

  19. I'm back. Lovely guest post.

    I think I learned a few things.

    Seriously and thank you.

    Oddly, I also felt sort of grumpy when we were adding lights to the tree this year. I felt irritated and then felt bad that I felt that way.

    Like the men's sweats with the 100 inch rise.

    What I love most:

    That as you were writing this post (I believe this to be true) that Cory was watching BB on the other side of the room.

    You've got some serious focus, girl.


  20. Thank you for once again sharing from your open, honest, vulnerable heart. On a lighter note, I think the angel standing over baby Jesus looks like Elvis! He's been spotted once again! Ha!

  21. I found your blog via Pinterest and that REEEdiculous pretzel bark and then I kept reading and reading and are an amazing mom and inspiration...I just started blogging and have major blog-envy and blog-intimidation! I admire you and am your newest follower! I have added your blog to my blog list because I think all of my (18) followers (heehee) could use a refreshing dose of YOU! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  22. I found your blog this morning via a link on Susan B. Anderson's FB status with your Crack Bark (which sounds amazing and I will be making it tomorrow to bring to the in-law's house for Christmas so I can dazzle them all with my baking skills). ANYWAY, I have been peeking at all your ealier posts during every spare second while here at work. There were times I had to stifle a laugh, and times I had to run to the bathroom to wipe the tears away.. thanks for sharing your life with the world. I have been so touched by your words and your honesty, and your beautiful family!

  23. i DIE over calvin. i have watched it 28 times. MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!!

  24. Good gracious I'm thankful for you. And really super duper thankful to whoever it was that thought of Google - cause when I Googled 'Farm girl blogs' I found ya. And I do remember this Calvin video and it was when we were just getting to know each other. Now, I'm all up in your grill. I like it there. xo
    Your pal always,

  25. Merry Xmas... just loved it!!
    I think I've started being your fan...

  26. Ohmygoodness! Helene is killing me (she did that purely for you "Crack Bark" to the benefit of us ~ bless her!). She was shorely worth the wait. Calvin ~ to sweet for words.
    Nearly 3 video's in one post. Just noticed, is all! ;)

  27. Calvin is so adorable I have no words. I find it perfectly acceptable for you to declare him a genius.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. I just watched the Calvin video three times in a row. Off to fold laundry...but I'll be back to hit the replay button again soon...


  29. Oh My Word. Calvin is the cutest EVER. It's just precious. Merry Christmas!

  30. The I-Never challenge is a selection of short video clips showing the most out-there and shameless moments from the show.

  31. Oh Shannon I haven't visited your blog in a couple weeks. What a treat to see a tiny little Calvin singing. I LOVE your video! I watched it twice as tears ran down my face. Your babies are SO sweet! Thanks for sharing!