Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm not sure how to explain it, except one moment, I'm vegging on the couch with People magazine in my lap and the next moment, I'm stringing penne onto a strand of hard spaghetti.

These things, they happen.

Especially when I'm with my in-laws.

Or as I like to call them, my out-laws, because they mean renegade business when it comes to games. They ain't even playin'.

(Except for they totally are playing. Five times a day, if possible.)

I'm not a natural-born gamer.

There was that brief period between the ages of five and nine when I went gangbusters for Life and Monopoly, but I confess, it was really only ever about the game pieces. My whole world hinged on having multiple sets of pink and blue tiny plastic peg twins and landing a high-paying job. And then there was the metal Scottie Dog. And the shoe. Who can resist?

In the end, I shucked the gaming impulse like a bad husk.

But then I married Cory. (fyi, that's not cory)

Confession #2: I sometimes think I might be getting my game groove back. At least on holidays.

I still refuse all card games, but only because they are against my religion.

Okay, that's a lie.

But I really have no patience for card games. They bore me to tears.

I prefer my games to involve timers or scrabble tiles or hard spaghetti.

(My SIL Jamie displaying the intensity of a neurosurgeon fighting a gladiator to the death in gale-force winds. With hard spaghetti.)

The truth is, games bring people together.

There's something about being pulled wary from the sidelines and thrust into a "Minute to Win it" challenge that brings unity.

For some, it might also bring harmony.

But not for me.

Because I kind of hate losing. I forget how competitive I am until I'm handed a strand of hard spaghetti. I will dominate that penne.

Lori? Harmony.
(I think she learned a few tricks over her Summer in Africa.)
(That would only be an unfair advantage if she hadn't been on my team.)

Don't let her fool you, this was harder than Linds makes it look.

The gamewashing of all minors is already in full-swing.

We don't stand a chance against them.