Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carry On Christmas

Ruby ran into our room early this morning shouting, "It's Christmas! It's Chriiiiiistmas!"

It was snowing outside - finally - so today must be Christmas, which is a total score considering we just had Christmas Sunday. And Saturday.

It's what I've been praying all month long - that Christmas would find us for the next 364 days, that it would carry on.

We open gifts on Christmas Eve. It's an infant tradition, one we started just last year. I love it. I won't go back. We took our time and made taco pizza for dinner. We drank pop in the middle of the day - the true sign of a celebration.

Haven joined us for church that night and dripped wax on her pants. I loved having her there beside me and I loved even more that I totally saw that drip fall. You can't fool me, Havis.

Our kids each got four gifts and some may or may not have been from the Goodwill Outlet. Ruby's favorite gift, by a long-shot, were the Strawberry Shortcake press-on nails from the Dollar General.

A dollar-fiddy stocking stuffer, and it's what she loved best. I knew she would love them because I knew how much I would have loved them as a kid. (I once found a lone, divey pink Lee press-on nail and wore that sucker out.)

FYI, this photo isn't posed. This is seriously how homegirl walked around. I warned her early that they wouldn't last forever, that the might fall off and get lost.

By taco pizza time, she couldn't track a single one. She was too despondent to hold Silas's hand for prayer and she cut loose at the table with soul-wracking sobs. It broke my heart a little.

And made me laugh a little.

In brighter news, the left pinky and right index finger have since turned up, so she's mostly golden.

I remember, a few months back, wondering if Christmas would be the same this year, in our Betty Draper rental. I was sure it would be dim and crowded, not quite as magical as the last.

You know, nothing makes a bigger fool of me than hindsight. Because now, looking back, it's very obvious that we had something special in store. We had it all along and we had even more coming our way. These are important days being lived in this little house. They serve a purpose, I'm sure of it. And though we may not know exactly what that purpose is, a crowded Christmas holds its own brand of magic. I saw it up-close, with my own two eyes.