Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carry On Christmas

Ruby ran into our room early this morning shouting, "It's Christmas! It's Chriiiiiistmas!"

It was snowing outside - finally - so today must be Christmas, which is a total score considering we just had Christmas Sunday. And Saturday.

It's what I've been praying all month long - that Christmas would find us for the next 364 days, that it would carry on.

We open gifts on Christmas Eve. It's an infant tradition, one we started just last year. I love it. I won't go back. We took our time and made taco pizza for dinner. We drank pop in the middle of the day - the true sign of a celebration.

Haven joined us for church that night and dripped wax on her pants. I loved having her there beside me and I loved even more that I totally saw that drip fall. You can't fool me, Havis.

Our kids each got four gifts and some may or may not have been from the Goodwill Outlet. Ruby's favorite gift, by a long-shot, were the Strawberry Shortcake press-on nails from the Dollar General.

A dollar-fiddy stocking stuffer, and it's what she loved best. I knew she would love them because I knew how much I would have loved them as a kid. (I once found a lone, divey pink Lee press-on nail and wore that sucker out.)

FYI, this photo isn't posed. This is seriously how homegirl walked around. I warned her early that they wouldn't last forever, that the might fall off and get lost.

By taco pizza time, she couldn't track a single one. She was too despondent to hold Silas's hand for prayer and she cut loose at the table with soul-wracking sobs. It broke my heart a little.

And made me laugh a little.

In brighter news, the left pinky and right index finger have since turned up, so she's mostly golden.

I remember, a few months back, wondering if Christmas would be the same this year, in our Betty Draper rental. I was sure it would be dim and crowded, not quite as magical as the last.

You know, nothing makes a bigger fool of me than hindsight. Because now, looking back, it's very obvious that we had something special in store. We had it all along and we had even more coming our way. These are important days being lived in this little house. They serve a purpose, I'm sure of it. And though we may not know exactly what that purpose is, a crowded Christmas holds its own brand of magic. I saw it up-close, with my own two eyes.


  1. LOVE those nails. Hope it's Christmas tomorrow when you wake up, too. And the next day. And definitely on Saturday or Sunday. And here's hoping a whole handful of nails show up. What was it from the Goodwill Outlet made the list? Inquiring minds.

  2. When I was Ruby's age I taped pen caps to my fingers because I heard at school they made awesome long nails. And I'm certain that I looked awesome. Maybe not as cool as Ruby, but close.

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your cozy Christmas.

  3. You bring back such memories of me and my gal friends pooling our change at the RiteAid to buy us some Lee Press Ons. Hot pink of course.

  4. E - It was that random (long) length of those clip together baby rings for Silas (he calls it/them his "light switch"). Ruby scored a taped up mess of a bag filled with 10 ballerina dolls (similar to Polly Pockets) and a random old man "newsie" figurine. But of course!

  5. So wonderful that you reconize the important days while you are living them.
    I wore clothes pins on my fingers until they left red divots. The pain a girl goes through to feel fancy. Ha! Later I cut duct tape to look like polish. To think it's now available in colors, I would've been in heaven!

  6. glad to hear all was merry and bright in your neck of the woods! perhaps miss ruby would enjoy this.
    what girl wouldn't love newspaper print on her fingernails?! i'm swoony just thinkin' about it! http://razberriez.com/newspaper-nails/

  7. it's christmas here too in a wintry-mix sort of way. (and to offset that tranquil tableau, we had 11.5 hours of screaming/stone-faced non-compliance today.)(i declared it bedtime before we made 12 hours. sometimes i just need a mercy rule.)

    ps i want the 411 on christmas eve gifts. is this to keep christmas reserved for celebrating Jesus? i may want to implement this here, please dish.

  8. Another reason why I adore you? I too wanted press on nails as a kid! Soul sisters, me thinks!

    Love you, Shannan. And Merry 365 days of Christmas joy to you and yours! xoxo

  9. Those eyelashes.
    Those nails.
    That special night.
    I LOVE it : )
    Christmas is special wherever you are, right?
    Very, very special.

  10. We're living Christmas everyday in our cozy little house too. With 3 year old twin boys the excitement just keeps going on! They know that Jesus birthday is the same time as their birthday which makes it a little easier to comprehend! Question for you- did you make your salsa for Christmas gifts? Clever idea!

  11. Crowded is good because it means you're all together. We have a house with ample space but all five kids are typically in one room, often crashed together on one couch. I love that, especially because we have such a wide age range.

    Your Christmas looked great!

  12. Some of our girl's gifts came from the re-sale shop. Her fav? The $1.99 stocking stuffer handled snowglobe with the button that magically sprays the snow amiss. She is STILL carrying it around on Wednesday. Hallelujah.

    Ry's fav? A pair of $2.00 Clemson pajama pants. Hasn't taken them off yet.

    The big kid? Well, you can't win them all.

    I am drooling over that salsa up top. You really know how to ruin my green bean and potato lunch before 10 a.m.

    Card is in the mail TODAY! Anotehr Hallelujah on that one!


  13. Another lovely post. Those eyelashes in the first pic are killing me.

  14. I was obsessed with long nails as a child. I can totally understand why that would be her fave gift, and why losing many of the nails would be so sad. Yet funny..for YOU.

    I get it.

    I never had a Lee Press On Nail, but I did once win a fake "fingertop nail" (best way I can describe it, work with me here.) in our church "fishing over the blanket wall"!! My pole caught a little plastic fingertop with a long, long nail painted pink. You just placed it right over your regular fingertop!

    Pure genius.

    Much like Silas, I somehow managed to have that thing around for YEARS.

    Glad your Christmas was lovely.

  15. One of the things I love about my faith, is we just finished Advent...Christmas season begins the evening of the 24th...we then have the 12 days of Christmas to celebrate the birth of Our Lord...so yes, you had me at your title!!

  16. Ruby's hands look like she's a teenager! what a great stocking stuff, I've totally got to remember that!

    your Christmas sounds wonderful :)

  17. one of my favorite things EVER as a little girl were my lee press on nails. Mine were cherry red....oh, how I LOVED those things. There were many days that I only had one for both hands...but I wore it with pride, just like your girl.

    Love that Christmas was so special in your betty draper rental. Ours was one of my most special ever in our rental, too. :}

  18. I used to use Scotch tape and form fake nails and then paint them all pretty...and then pray I didn't need to use the bathroom! Our Christmas hit was the whoopie cushions straight from the Dollar Tree...until they blew out then it was tragic I tell ya..tragic.

  19. Oh I just love Rubys nails!!! MErry Christmas!!!

  20. basically I can think about nothing else except for your book...and that salsa.
    what were you saying about your adorable children? Let's eat and read, eat and read. they can look after themselves, with their cuteness and their sharp, pink little nails.
    also christmas isn't over until it's over, you hear? I mean, at least until I take my dead stinky tree down.

  21. LOVE it! And I soooo remember Lee press on nails!!!! Mol

  22. LOVE those nails! What a lucky little girl. Hope your Christmas was splendid indeed.

  23. carry on! word.
    happy christmas, and joy to you
    as you welcome twenty twelve, my dear!

  24. Oh, look at those long, beautiful eyelashes. And those nails. Want to hear something funny? I am wearing press-on nails right NOW! I put them on to welcome in the New Year. Just for fun. :-)
    xo, Cheryl

  25. You are a beautiful writer.


    That is all. :)

  26. We had our own crowded, rental house Christmas this year. Pretty sure my girl thought it was as magical as ever :)

  27. Haven't visited over here in awhile, hope you had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year from LovesAllThingsVintage!

  28. I just love to read your beautiful blog....I had to smile when your little Ruby lost all of her nails. I also have a Ruby although she is 16 and she still buys those nails and likes to think they will last a whole day, but of course they never do. There is something so wonderful about having long nails as a child, they make you feel so important and pretty and all grown up.

  29. Catching up on your posts and touched by this--your *trusting* in the purpose of this time, this place, this journey. Yes! Yes! YES! Though we don't See it, we believe it and trust deepens.

    And, gifts on Christmas Eve. I love it. Did you still do the early morning awakening thing? Or, the casual opening thing? I really am curious and smitten with the idea.

    Oh, and one more thing--taco salad...mmm...how does it?