Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Teenagers Make Me Cry

Cory helped put together a video for this year's banquet for The Crossing.
That's Robert in the beginning segment. (His shirt says "McStud". Ha ha. He works at McDs.)

This short video gives a clear view into the hearts and minds of teenagers who have grown up in dysfunctional, broken or entirely absent homes. It is heart-breaking.

It's also hope-filled.

Jump over to Kelcie's blog to read more about the ways the banquet and the kids sharpened my view of what I hope for my own children.

Be sure to say hello while you're over there. Thanks, Kelcie, for giving me the opportunity to share some of the important things on my mind.

*The poem in the video is throw-back Kevin Smith of DC Talk, circa "Jesus Freak".