Monday, November 21, 2011

Sticky Bunz for Starters

1. Do you love me? If you will, you'll make these this weekend, in my honor. You'll eat two on the first pass-through, then you'll sneak a third. They are so good. The perfect amount of goo, and crunchy in all the right places. I made mine in a borrowed bundt, but my friend Jolene said her mom used to pop the biscuits one-by-one into muffin pans. (For the recipe, click the blue "these" then click the photo.)

2. The dented van is dentless, thanks to Cory's rock-star uncle. I'm a jangled, frazzled bundle of nerves all over again. There's just something really freeing about driving a van pre-dented on three out of four sides. It takes the pressure off.

3. Sometimes love looks like piles and piles of dirty dishes. Sometimes it looks like a beautiful teenage girl in a purple plaid shirt. Sometimes it looks like the tears of a friend, shed on your behalf. Sometimes it looks like Woody Allen (don't ask.)

4. Speaking of love, tonight, Silas grabbed my face between his hands, looked me straight in the eyes, and planted a wet one on my cheek. This is only the second time in the history of the world that he's given me an unsolicited kiss. It feels parade-worthy.

5. He's also started saying throughout the day, "I like you, Mommy" and "Mommy makes me happy". Swoon.

6. Today was a flurry of parent-teacher conferences and pre-school report cards. It turns out my oldest kids share a fondness for socializing with their neighbor. But they're both working on it. They're both doing so well and we are proud. I love hearing that they're kind to everyone. (When I told Calvin I was proud of him, he said "I'm proud of you, too, Mommy." I asked him why he's proud of me. "Because you're writing a book!" Swoon.)

7. About that book: I'm closing in. To be continued.

8. We're leaving for a whirlwind trip to Ohio tomorrow evening and my agenda tomorrow mostly revolves around washing all of the sheets. It's a weird sickness. Situational cleanliness.

9. Have you forgotten about the well? Please don't forget. But just in case you have:

I'm really focusing in on the endless list of thankfuls in my heart. Water is one of them. You are another. Thank you for rallying around me in this life-giving operation. It feels really big sometimes. I wonder if I was crazy to believe that we could pull off 10k. When I set out to do this I set the goal at $4,000. Even that seemed crazy. Then I realized that $10,000 could build the whole she-bang. But what if no one gives? What if I look stupid? What if it flops? What if I fail? I heard that voice, and I typed in the zeroes with my fingers over my eyes. I hardly slept that night. I was sure I made a big mistake. The truth is, this is God's work. It's not about me or you. And yet he continues to choose to move through us. He changes our hearts and we open our eyes and find that we care more than we knew.

10. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this week. I've got one foot out the door, so ready to relax and laugh and keep counting those beads.

11. But aside from all of that, what I really want to know is, what's your position on cranberry salad? (This is not a rhetorical question.)


  1. I wish your whirlwind trip was to Colorado.

    And I want sticky bunzzzz. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    And I don't like cranberry salad.

    But I like unsolicited toddler kisses. And by the way, did you hear, I officially don't have a toddler/baby anymore? :( Sam turned FOUR on Sunday. Blogged about this riveting occurrence and feel like I just spelled "occurrence" wrong.

    Did I?

    have a GREAT Turkey day! :) Or crankberry salad day, whichever.

  2. Why yes, I am stalking your'd you guess?

  3. I CANNOT handle cranberries.....except in muffins and even then, only sparingly. But I think its more if a texture thing than a taste thing for me

    Unsolicited toddler kisses have the power to make the worst day ever the best day ever.....every time!!!!


  4. My son stopped playing one morning last week, said, "Kiss Mama!" and ran in to give me a kiss. Only time. Be still my heart!!!!

    I make cranberry chutney: whole cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple and whatever nuts I have on hand. Love it best on leftover turkey sandwiches.

  5. my three year old boy has only been mine for about ten months now, and he has just in the last few weeks starting saying things like "mom, you are beautiful" and "i love you so much" and "can i hold you" and other seriously melting phrases :) baby boys are so great!

  6. i just ran and told my honey that "shannan is almost done with her book." and he said, "awesome. i'm so happy for you." even my man knows how much i want to read it. dontchya feel special?! : )

  7. Cranberry salad? I'm so glad you asked! We call it "cranberry fluff" in our family, because our version is made with real whipped cream, marshmallows, and cranberries & apples ground up in an old fashioned meat grinder. The recipe is ancient and came from my great grandma. Thanksgiving would absolutely not be the same without it!
    Have a wonderful and safe holiday!!

  8. sticky bunz added to the weekend menu? done.

    shannan, enjoy your whirlwind, praying your thanksgiving is delightful! i am so grateful for you. xo

  9. 4. Deliciousness!
    11. If they're dried, sweetened and accompany a yummily dressed salad, then I'm in. If you're talking about jello like consistencies, then no thankyouverymuch.

  10. Sticky Bunz creates extra curves instantly. Add dimension to your denim in a very natural looking way. Just stick them to the inside of your favorite panties.

  11. Not a fan of cranberry salad.
    I haven't forgotten about the well. I shared the link with my family and I think we're going to donate instead of doing an adult gift exchange.
    Hope your Tuesday is great!

  12. I LOVE cranberry salad. (Is that what you meant by our "position?")

  13. Yay...a kiss from your sweetie. That is parade worthy. Now i need a sticky bun. Thanks for that unwanted craving!

  14. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Filled with sticky rolls and sticky fingers.
    Filled with wrestling and socializing and unreal love.

  15. Not a fan of cranberry salad or in any gelatanous form, however, I have a cranberry chutney recipe from Williams Sonoma w/fresh ginger and orange and it is amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Be safe in your travels!

  16. Definitely cranberries! I grew up eating the sauce (cook them down on the stove with just sugar and water). But when I started making them myself I determined it's far easier to control the consistency by making the cranberry orange relish. Now the jarred stuff, not so much. I prefer cranberries on my stuffing and turkey to gravy. Reading the comments this puts me in a major minority! Blessings!

  17. Ok. drooling over those sticky yummy buns. awesome. I must have contracted the same "wash sheet virus". I do the same and also dust and sparkle my house before i leave it. Love the Silas smooch. Yes, swoon-worthy! Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

  18. Happy, happy Thanksgiving, sweet Shannan. I love following your fun, exciting, crazy life!

  19. the only cranberry i like is made of juice or dried like a raisin. but maybe i have never tasted a properly made cranberry salad. i'm willing to have my mind changed on that one. those sticky buns look amazing, by the way. hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, unsolicited toddler kisses, and many counted blessings.

  20. So happy for your unsolicited Silas kisses and sweet words from Calvin! That's the stuff that gets us through, eh? As for cranberry salad, no please. Especially if it's *gulp* chunky. Eek.

  21. Sticky buns = yummy.
    Cranberry salad = ????hmmmm????a little it gelatinous?
    2nd big wet kiss and your kid being proud of you = true joy
    Raising $ for clean water = you are walking the walk
    and that's what I love about you.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving Shannan & family!!!

  22. Conclicted about pretty much anything cranberry.
    Not at all conflicted about sweet little boys and how the little things they do and say can make for a fabulous day. Have fun with your people this weekend!

  23. 1. I will make sticky bunz in honor of you and I am pretty sure I will have a banner waved high in delight from my restless natives!
    2. I will donate to the well!
    3. I feel your anxiety with having a dentless vehicle, mine is rust free and no sign remains left on the bumper when I hit the neighbor's car, which blended in wtih the snow :-)
    4. I am thankful for you!

  24. I don't touch cranberry salad. Cranberries are noticibly absent all together from our Thanksgiving festivities. I'm trying to find a way to incorporate them that I actually like...

  25. I prefer my cranberries to be floating in water in my blue mason jars. Add a little floating votive and swoon!

    Very excited about 1., 4.and 5., 7., and 9!!!

  26. I love cranberry salad, especialy my Aunt Wilma's recipe. She's gone now, but tomorrow I will make her salad and lovingly tote it to my daughter's house on Thursday, all sparkly crimson and beautiful in a glass bowl that once belonged to my mother-in-law (also no longer with us). I will savor each bite as I remember past Thanksgivings spent with those I loved. I will reflect on all the faces around those Thanksgiving tables of years past, so many of them now absent from our family circle, but present with Christ. And we will go about the business of making holiday memories that will one day sustain my children and grandchildren until we're all reunited again.

  27. I haven't even asked my husband how many signs we've sold bc I can't wait to be surprised at the end of the month....can't WAIT to give to the fresh, clean water well...

  28. I am a thumbs down on all things cranberry unless they are in muffins, as someone else posted.

    Your sticky buns are known as "monkey bread" in the South and it's/they are simply fabulous. Which reminds me that I can use this as an excuse to buy myself a pretty bundt pan on black friday.

    The well is still on my list. I am giddy at the opportunity to contribute.

    Have a blessed holiday!

  29. Not a fan, I must confess. We're doing an Italian spread this Thanksgiving... so excited.


  30. That prayer is doing a number on that Siley-boy, I tell ya!

    Cranberry salad. Hmmmmmmm.... maybe if it's fresh? I don't know. Sort of reminds me of the potential lunchroom disaster.

    Have a blessed day!


  31. firstly, sooo making those sticky buns
    secondly, Woody Allen? I have to ask!

  32. Okay. No joke. My dr just told me to avoid eating too much sugar, including bread-type items. I'll be making these anyway.

    Cranberry Salad? What's that? Seriously. Do you mean like whole-berry cranberry sauce, or what?

  33. not crazy about cranberry salad with the nuts and celery and stuff that my mom used to make. I always make my own cranberry sauce with the juice of an orange and a bit of zest. YUM!

    totally making the sticky buns. i'm going to be some kind of hero around here for that! thanks for the prod!

  34. If you must make a cranberry salad, skip anything that jiggles and make this:

    spinach and field greens, lots!
    2 cans drained mandarins
    2 cups craisins
    candied almonds, see below
    some yummy homemade vinegrette, your choice(you can try using some balsamic vinegar, oil, sugar, and some mandarin juice from the orange cans

    candied almonds:
    3 cups whole blanched almonds or a mix of whole and sliced- combine in a pot with 3/4 cups white sugar-cook over medium-high, stirring constantly until sugar caramelizes aroung almonds and they smell AMAZING! Let cool completely(try not to eat them all first) and toss with salad

  35. #6 As a former Pre-K assistant I think you would be hard pressed to find a child that doesn't socialize with their neighbor at that age! The ones that don't are the painfully shy ones that the teacher would like feedback from.
    #10 I have never had cranberry salad that I know of. I love cranberry sauce and cranberry chutney and feel slightly undecided about cranberries IN my salad.


  36. Just posted about the well on my blog!! Yay!! God's got this!!

  37. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Farmgirlie!

  38. Lunchtime in Liverpool UK today with my lovely cousin Jean we had (amongst other tapas) a rocket, apple, cranberry salad with toasted almonds, it was really nice and our day out was super.

  39. Personally, it depends on who made the cranberry salad. My grandma's is good and I like Clinton's cousin David's. That's about it though. (Yes, his male cousin makes the cranberry salad for his side. LOVE IT!) Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. I want your whirlwind trip was Colorado.

  41. Wait until they're thirty and tell you they love just gets better!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

  42. Just had to come back and tell you thanks for the sticky bun inspiration! It made for a yummy start to our Thanksgiving. I'm quite sure this recipe will become a regular!

    So what did you do with the cranberries???

    Hope you're having all sorts of fun back home!