Monday, November 7, 2011

Seeing the Voice

Coming off a weekend where our dead bolt locked itself without us inside the house, Silas single-handedly took out our furnace, and Cory hit a horse and buggy, today was a pretty good day.

The horse was fine, as were all the Brethren.

Our van? It looks like it belongs in a demolition derby. For those of your keeping score, this would count as our third accident in the nine months that we've owned it.

There's no good reason why today felt so bright. It was dreary and drippy and I did lots of chores.

But the secret is getting out, I think - actively hunting down God's love, His wild beauty, His knack for knowing me so well, it turns the lights on. My dim, dusty heart gets a break from itself and I can see that this life is a gift, and every day in it.

I wish I could tell you that I always choose to flip that switch, but I don't. I spent far too much time wallowing and feeling tired. I waste too many heartbeats feeling like a martyr or being lost in a fog of uncertainty.

But today? Today we walked to the pre-school in our rain boots and on one of the hundreds of steps, amid the wasted, washed-up foliage that hasn't made our knees weak in ten days running, I saw a leaf that reminded me of exactly who I want to be. It was full-on crimson at its core and the red bled out to the edges.

I want my heart to beat so true that there's no other option but for it to bleed out to the rest of me, to paint my pale places bright.

This is how God spoke to me today. It wasn't in an online sermon or a Bible study, not today. Today it was one little leaf that I bent low and plucked up.

I'm thankful today that I was looking.

**As of today, we are 25% of the way toward building our well for people who currently have no clean water. It's thrilling to watch that number grow. What could be better than God choosing to work through us? Nothing, that's what. I did discover today that the link for the button on the side-bar wasn't properly linking to the fundraising page. If you pasted the button into your blog (I hope you have!) before today, you may want to check it and see if it's doing what it should do. If it's not, use the updated code. Spread the word! You guys rock.**