Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scenes From a Morning

Lucille Linder the Second

It is 8:13 and I've already washed dishes, built a fort/doghouse and decided to stay in my pajamas until noon. It's been a big morning.

I have a couple of quick items to share.

1. The button is up on my sidebar, along with the code so that you can add it to yours, like she did. Feel free to spread the word about Operation Letting Go. We are at almost 20% of our goal and your donations have made me weepy more than once. Please give thoughtful consideration to how much you can contribute. What is it worth to give a hopeless community life-giving water? That's what I keep asking myself.

2. Silas updates.
A. Napgate

In true exasperating fashion, he has stopped taking naps. Entirely. Yesterday, he was being so quiet in there while Ruby and I colored at the table. I tiptoed back to his room to peek in on his sleeping sweetness, only to discover that he had donned one of my shirts, moved his bed to the other side of the room, rolled up his rug, climbed the bed to reach his turtle on a high shelf, and located its control panel. All in utter silence.

B. This was his idea.

Charles the bear (pronounced something like Tah-wuws) rarely leaves his hands. But what's a boy to do when he wants both hands free so he can jump from the coffee table to the floor in wild abandon at 8:05 in the morning?

3. I'm making these sometime today, though mine won't have the cute stem, because I'm very aware of my personal limitations these days.

4. I'm reading this at some point today.

5. I'm working on this at some point today.

6. Self-explanatory.

What's on your agenda today?

Or, more importantly, what will you be eating today?

I'm all ears.


  1. You weren't kidding about the bacon. I am getting ready to drink a cup of coffee, and eat a granola bar. Have a great day.

  2. On my agenda today, trying to convince my kiddos to work really hard and get today's & tomorrow's lessons done this morning so we can have tomorrow off. That's probably just crazy talk. As for what we're eating today, it will involved peanut butter I can tell you that.

  3. oh my. You done gone love that book. Me? Eating? Well - my beloved turkey sausage and a tangerine for breakfast. (My mouth just watered, honestly) - for lunch it will be roasted chicken with a sweet b'tata - fruit for a snack, and dinner tonight is Cuban Pork Tacos - minus the shell for me - and I am baking Pumpkin Cupcakes for the menfolk, but I shan't indulge. I'm in love with Silas.

  4. Uh-oh!!! Your in BIG trouble 'if' he's figured out sound travels!
    Naps are becoming few & far between at our house too. So, I've settled for 2 hrs of 'quite' time in her room (her NOT me! Ha!), but I can always hear her banging around up there. Then I holler up "Hannah what are you doing?' This is generally followed by a thump, thump, thump, thump.......thump! "I'm in bed" or "nothing mudder!"

    I'm making a triple batch of your Coopsie's breakfast sausage! :)
    And dreaming about those mini pumpkin pies & envying all who have Pinterest! I'd best go pray.......

  5. good morning, busy mama!
    elijah stuffs his gator down his back for free hands often.
    it's a stuffed animal gator, no fear.

    i may try those pumpkin bites!

    love to you, sweetie muffin! thanks for the button;)

  6. Ha! My phone takes so loooong to post I had no idea I was under her! How appropriate! :)

  7. You know, I just joined Pinterest yesterday, and your pumpkin pie bites were one of the first things I repinned! They look yummy. And I agree, stemless is the way to go. Get your tissue box out for that book! I'm going to finish my hot tea (English breakfast with honey) and tackle the mountain of laundry I've been neglecting.

  8. good luck with your busy day and good luck with no naps :-/

  9. Today I am working and then packing for my trip to chicago tomorrow. And trying to justify wearing yoga pants throughout the entire seminar and thinking my agent might drop me if I do. Wish I was hanging out with you again! Sigh.

    Oh, and I'm also going to walk around my house and complain about how messy it is but then not clean it...this seems to be a pattern with me.

    I love Charles the Bear. :)

  10. Good mornin'!

    I myself am testing out PW's pumpkin smoothie recipe today. In preparation I already have said pumpkin in the freezer, ready for pulverization.

    Three things. 1. Those are some yummy shots of the littles bright & early this morning. 2. I'm very jealous of your bacon supply. 3. I totally just pinned your pumpkin pin.

    I'm off for some hot tea & a to-do list as long as my right arm. Have a great day!

  11. Shannan,
    I made your salad last night! It was so delicious...and I'm going to have it again, tonight! I can't stop eating it! :-) Your son reminds me of my that age. I used to take him out to "run him..." something akin to walking the dog. He had to burn off his energy or he wouldn't (couldn't? that is what he said) sleep. I believed him as he got older and he would go out to run (jr. high, on) so that he could sleep. When he was little, if I didn't run him he was jumping from the sofa to the chair and back. And I'm sorry, but his naptime antics make me giggle...your son, that is. xo, Cheryl

  12. If I can get to the store before the kids are out of school today I really want to make the fried chicken recipe I pinned Saturday...

  13. P.S. to my comment..."running him," as a younger boy meant playing at the park. We went to the park after I got off work, almost every evening for some time...him, his sister and me. It was good for all of us...just 30-45 minutes or so then home for supper and baths and all that fun. You might try getting him out to play as much as possible and see if it makes a difference. It made a huge difference with my son and was the answer to the ritalin that everyone else thought he should be on. (He never was.) xo, Cheryl

  14. Good Morning!!! I love how stinkin' smart and crafty young Silas was this morning. That said, I know you are in the middle of a book (or two or three or four....)but hey, a gal can ALWAYS use a good recommendation. If you havent read "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" by Beth Hoffman, you need to get on it. Its Southern charm and wit at it's finest. The hubby and I will be testing out this bargin recipe tonight( so if it ends up being as yummy as it looks, I let you know. Have a great day with the Littles!
    -CeCi Loves

  15. Shannan, I'm with you -- staying in pj's until at least noon. Will have to dress eventually for teacher's conference tonight. Pot roast in the crock pot.

    Thinking back to when my son was done w/ naps & I had a new baby... He would have "quiet time" in his room for 1 hour in the afternoon while his baby sister slept. IT WAS AWESOME, and the best thing we ever did. As the kids grew, and we started homeschooling, quiet time was how we ended our school day. It gave us all a break from one another & a fresh start at the end.

    Happy Thursday! ~Sally

  16. Oh, that boy! Bless you real good.
    He will be a leader some day. Mark my words.
    I WAS going to make that pinterest salad today
    LOL but couldn't find any romaine yesterday
    for the life of me :/ wonder how it would taste
    sans lettuce?

  17. My agenda is consuming that awesome salad you blogged about yesterday for the 2nd time. It is YUM!!!!

  18. I absolutely adore the way that boys brain works!
    Am currently eating 300 grain bread with almond butter and agave nectar while fending off the cat with the back of my sticky hand. Have the timer set between cleanings of the shed/ future woman cave/ craft haven. Had a girlfriend give me a necessary talking to about letting go of all that doesn't serve a purpose or make me happy. Truck is nearly full. Yay! Enjoy that bacon for me, will you?

  19. be careful, it looks like some of your bacon is expired.

  20. You CRACK me up, girl!

    BTW, I am reading Sold. And every time I pick it up I wonder how you could read it in two solid hours. I can't stomach it. And that humbles me. My life is so shallow-feeling, yet I am struggling to reach for Grace meant for me, waiting for me in this life I am living now. It's opening my eyes and speaking quietly in my ear.

    I'm also savoring the yellows of the trees.

    And holding a head and cleaning puke...'tis been eight days of this. Eaa-gads! And "just a virus"...dang stomach bug! Get out! The Boy has had enough...and so has his momma!

  21. girlfriend what am I looking have a drawer of bacon? I can't figure it out and I love it!

    I joined facebook, I held off this long, so I keep going back and trying to fix my privacy settings (fail) and see if anyone wants to be my friend or write me a note, got to get it together :)


  22. LOL about the bacon. But does it say use by Aug 2011?
    Sorry about the naps. I would be devastated to lose my baby's nap!

  23. 2. A. Best
    B. Post
    C. Eveh

    And... today is Jordy's 14th birthday which probably means I do not know what's for dinner since he has not chosen his meal out yet.


  24. Thanks for the amazing letting go posts!! I enjoyed them SOOOO much! My husband and i let go of our comfort zone about a year and a half ago to move across the country to do a missions training school. And next summer we're planning to move to the middle east to tell people about Jesus!! (Since He has rocked our world, we want to share the good news!) Anyway, your insights touched my heart, and I related in so many ways. Like a million other people, I LURV your blog!!!!

  25. I have had a secret wish to build a well. Well, not to actually do the building, but to help fund one. I became much more water conscious after a trip to India where I watched women and children filling buckets and old bottles at a well ad found out they had walked miles to get to a clean water source.
    I am so excited to help contribute to your project! I plan to chip in with a percentage from the xmas budget and also for my bday in January, assuming you are still in need of donations by then. Who knows, maybe 2 wells are in the plan. Thank you for this opportunity to contribute.
    I am also giving these out as stocking stuffers : is a great org to support and the bottles are wonderful.

  26. Well I tried to be creative and work on some projects but went nowhere fast! Making Chicken Alfredo for dinner. No naps? yikes! Traci

  27. I'm PROUD to have your button on my sidebar, and I am SO excited about giving to the cause at the end of the month.

    It has become a regular habit of mine to stay in my yoga pants and thermal shirt until lunch time. I school my kids with that on

    I don't feel bad about it in the least....I get school done and laundry done and breakfast and lunch prepared and cleaned up, and occasionally I vaccum the whole house before I FINALLY close my bathroom door and get myself ready.
    WHew~ that made me tired....I'm going to get my PJs back on!

  28. Today is winding down for me. Yippy Yippy Yay.
    I am going to turn the computer off. Pray for some friends. Cuddle with Gary who is a total non cuddler. Find some trash on Bravo to watch. Think about eating bacon : ) Wish I was as cool as you to have 100 boxes of bacon. And then go to sleep.

    You always make me smile.
    Kaish loved naps. He didn't want to ever give them up.

  29. So, Flower Patch Farmgirl...I'm wondering about this button on your sidebar...I don't have a blog, but am wondering if there is a way that we can use that button on facebook...just wondering...have you thought of starting a page for it on facebook? Heavens to's hard to tell how many wells we could dig if more people see it! Just wondering, mind you...I'm just curious like that. ;-)

  30. No offense intended, but the code date on the bacon expired 2 1/2 months ago. Aren't you afraid you or the kids will get sick from it?

  31. Also a yummy treat to take a gander at!! Yummers!! When nap time is as we know it ends!! Happy Fall!