Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scenes From a Morning

Lucille Linder the Second

It is 8:13 and I've already washed dishes, built a fort/doghouse and decided to stay in my pajamas until noon. It's been a big morning.

I have a couple of quick items to share.

1. The button is up on my sidebar, along with the code so that you can add it to yours, like she did. Feel free to spread the word about Operation Letting Go. We are at almost 20% of our goal and your donations have made me weepy more than once. Please give thoughtful consideration to how much you can contribute. What is it worth to give a hopeless community life-giving water? That's what I keep asking myself.

2. Silas updates.
A. Napgate

In true exasperating fashion, he has stopped taking naps. Entirely. Yesterday, he was being so quiet in there while Ruby and I colored at the table. I tiptoed back to his room to peek in on his sleeping sweetness, only to discover that he had donned one of my shirts, moved his bed to the other side of the room, rolled up his rug, climbed the bed to reach his turtle on a high shelf, and located its control panel. All in utter silence.

B. This was his idea.

Charles the bear (pronounced something like Tah-wuws) rarely leaves his hands. But what's a boy to do when he wants both hands free so he can jump from the coffee table to the floor in wild abandon at 8:05 in the morning?

3. I'm making these sometime today, though mine won't have the cute stem, because I'm very aware of my personal limitations these days.

4. I'm reading this at some point today.

5. I'm working on this at some point today.

6. Self-explanatory.

What's on your agenda today?

Or, more importantly, what will you be eating today?

I'm all ears.