Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Freeze

Cory usually doesn't up and leave us for overnights. If anyone goes, it's usually the Mama, and most of the time, the little people are with her, leaving the Daddy back to bring home the bacon.

{Total sidenote because it just sprang to mind: When I was a little girl, I thought endsmeat was a terrible dinner option, more hideous than liver and onions. (I was going to say Spam, but I rather liked Spam as a child.) "We can't make ends meet". I heard that once or twice when I was young and it didn't really scare me, it just made me think, "Crap. We can't even make endsmeat." (Or something like that. Probably not so much the "crap" part, because I wasn't allowed to say that, so I'm sure I didn't think it, either.)}

But anyway, Cory left us to fend for ourselves last night. I went to bed early. Like, 9:45 early, which is almost legendary. Looks like he's officially the one to blame for my late nights.

Won this beauty in a giveaway! Holla.

I had trouble sleeping, though. I was so shivery cold. I'm usually the one too hot at night. I got out of bed to put socks on. I curled up in a ball. I convinced myself that I was coming down with a dread disease. I dozed. I woke up thinking, "I can't believe how much warmer I am with Cory in bed. Huh."

Calvin woke up at 6:45 with a gusher of a bloody nose that lasted a strong 20 minutes.

Oh, and the thermostat read 56 degrees.

The furnace was out.

Except it wasn't out so much as it was turned off.

I'll give you one guess.

I didn't even know you could turn a furnace off.

Silas knew.

It was annoying for a minute and then sort of Pioneer-feeling.

And then just stinking cold.

But now the house is toasty warm and the kids are in bed.

We just watched the full hour of The Lawrence Welk Show, wherein Calvin announced "I like pink." I really had no idea. Ruby spent her time practicing her bow (she almost whacked her head on the coffee table at one turn) and tap dancing and Irish step dancing and gushing about the pretty girls in the pretty dresses.

(Did I just use a derivation of the word "gush" twice in one post? Intellesting.)

A lady in a Western get-up with a bright blond poodle perm took the stage singing a familiar song. Calvin yelled out, "Ruby River! That's exactly how you look when you get out of the bathtub!"


I hope and pray that the random never ends around here.

And speaking of random, please watch this. It's my favorite SNL skit of all time. It's totally clean and hilarious. (There's an ad at the beginning, but just wait it out. Totally worth it.)

Kristin Wiig is my girl crush.

It might, in fact, be 4 minutes of your life that you will never get back, but the good news is, tonight's the time change. You'll still be 56 minutes ahead.