Friday, November 11, 2011

God Save the Pumpkin

I'm hitting that all-familiar seasonal discombobulation.

It happens all the time. Every year around this time, I hit the wall.

Because it's fall, you know? I have the pressed leaves strung across my cabinet to prove it. The bittersweet wreath still hangs. I pass the pumpkin stands feeling a bit woeful. There are so many left. What's to become of them? I try to tell myself that people will buy them for Thanksgiving, but we all know they won't. Why must the pumpkin die when we have yet to bake the pie?

I don't even like pumpkin pie, if I'm being honest.

Still, those lonely pumpkins. They need rescuing.

I'll admit, this wasn't the direction I saw this post going.

November gets gypped, man. We keep the decorations up, half-heartedly, but our minds wander. If it wasn't for its good food, it'd be a goner.

Am I the only victim of seasonal displacement disorder? It's early November and driving across town last night, the snow flew so fierce that it hurt my eyes to try seeing past it. Tomorrow? A high of sixty.

I'm feeling the push to get my shopping in order, but I'm feeling an even stronger urge to resist, to just linger in simple gratitude a little while longer, to not muddy it up with rushing and festivity. I'm not ready for Christmas yet. I want to be fully here, and then fully there. Why does that always feel impossible?

We have a few great weeks to paint our hearts the glowy amber of gratitude, so I'll just go to it. The red will wait.

While I stage my resistance, I'll dream about roasted vegetables. (But duh.)

Cut one head of cauliflower into florets.
"Shred" brussels sprouts.
Toss both with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Roast on a foil-lined baking sheet at 425 degrees for 20 or so minutes.
Add to whole wheat penne pasta, chopped bacon, chopped sun-dried tomatoes.
Toss pasta mixture with this balsamic vinaigrette.
Top with gorgonzola cheese.
Serve warm or at room temperature on a marker-stained table.


  1. I am with you, November & Thanksgiving totally get ripped off! Too soon to the distraction of holiday hassle.
    I love you line "paint our hearts the glowy amber of gratitude". This pleases me so!! I will use it, hope you don't mind. ;)

  2. Hmmm, first I'm shocked and appalled that you don't like pumpkin pie!!! Secondly, November is a perfectly lovely month that contains my birthday, so I especially love it. That recipe you shared looks scrumptious!!

  3. What you get 60's ~ no fair...we only get 50's!

    I have the same melancholy thoughts in regards to Nov. probably why I wait til Dec to deck the halls around here!

    Hmmm...I have a canning jar water marked table from a vacation oops. Wonder if that would work? ;)

  4. Autumn is hanging on... She is giving it all she's got, pushing out with all her might that last effort of color among the trees and bushes. Whispering that she is still here... Reminding me that she still claims November as her own, that quiet forgotten month when fall slips into winter.

    I'm with you!!! :-)

    I have a hard time switching seasons even though I am ready for the change at the same time.

  5. Hello. I'll be right over for a bowl full. Looks delish, Farmgirl.
    I agree with the whole Thanksgiving neglect thing. It's just not right, but I find myself skipping right on over to Christmas thoughts on a regular basis. Can't seem to help it.

  6. First time I've visited and it has been oh so lovely! I love your Letting Go series--it's everything God is breathing into my heart and it's everything I know I could never do on my own. But His Grace is sufficient and all I have to do is live in it!

    I'm definitely going to post about your well project and I'll be praying for it's speedy completion and the ground work for the gospel to be dug in fertile soil!!!

    Much love to you!

  7. oh, that chair. love that color!
    bless your heart.
    i love november AND december.
    for me, it's just one long month.
    after halloween passes, i'm pretty sure i cry a little each day.
    this incredible season of gratitide, it takes over.
    november overwhelms me, emotionally. i love thanksgiving so much. what am i so thankful for? CHRISTMAS. love, born in a manger, for my wretched self.
    pretty sure i could be more articulate, but i am tired. basically, i don't rush the red, i embrace it with the amber ;)

    ps rachel reeves' posted about christmas today. i ditto each word.

  8. i tried to buy a pumpkin today and they were OUT. sad days. i try to remind myself this time of year.. we are where we choose to be. if i want to be present in november then i have to choose that. it's a seasonal discipline. ;)

  9. I know how you feel. I'm relishing the days of November right now. December will be here soon enough and everyone will be one month older.

    We rarely buy pumpkins. Last week we passed by a church that sells pumpkins for missions. The sign was gone and a gentleman was loading those pumpkins on a trailer. On impulse I stopped and asked could I buy one. He told me they were going to feed the hogs so just take what I wanted. We ended up with two orange, one white and one bumpy green. And I smile every time I look at them.

  10. You don't like pumpkin pie! What? Oh my just the thought of it has me salivating:) Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. Can't wait. That recipe is going to happen. It looked so good.

  11. I am trying to fight the urge to whip out the Christmas decor, I know I am way early. But I love the way my house gets cozier with all the twinkling lights and I really don't decorate so the Christmas stuff helps! I am thankful for Thanksgiving, my pumpkins are still on my porch, frost and all!

  12. i love fall as much as you, and i refuse to think about RED until it's time to think about RED, and it's not time!!!

    love that orange it in your house? And, if so, how have I never seen it before? That chair should have a post all to itself. for real.

    okay, last thing...I'm gonna roast those vegetables and do exactly what you said to do, but I HAVE to your kids eat this as a meal without complaining????
    If they don't complain, then you KNOW your kids are perfect, right?

  13. I enjoy reading your blog. I agree that November gets lost. I think we need to do our best to focus on what is here and now. That is something God has been teaching me for quite some time. Thanks for the thoughts.
    I too do not like pumpkin pie! :)
    Happy November!

  14. I am teetering on the fenceline of perfect balance over here. I love them both but know myself well enough to know I must get things in order now for later or else later will be spent in a tizzy and be left full of regrets. So, I spinkle in the shopping and appreciate the beauty of the leaves and the thrill of their descent, the hot apple cider, and the pie, oh the pie!

    I love thee. Get with the pumpkin pie program, sister!


  15. I still have a few pumpkins outside and have thought of spray painting them a silver for thanksgiving...but have yet to do it. The orange seems a bit odd in November...and my fall wreath is still on the door. What to do? Too early (IMO) to set up winter decor and like you, I'm not ready yet. I did switch out the orange lights on our topiaries for a mild blue. And...that's about all I can muster up right now. I still have half dead tomato plants to get rid of and a few chairs that need to come inside.

    Yet I cannot make myself do any of it.

    Nice to know I'm in good company.

    I do love pumpkin pie though! I could eat it constantly.


    Have a fabulous weekend!


  16. Pumpkin pie is my favorite thing next to the stuffing on Thanksgiving! And that recipe looks amazing! By the way, I bought turkey bacon the other night and I am making the yummy looking bacon salad tonight that you were talking about last week!

  17. November has typically been my mid-life crisis month. Not much going on, anticipating the crazy of the holidays, slight autumn melancholy=too much time to think and wonder what in the world I'm doing with my life. I need to get a new November hobby.

    And I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie either, or I'd eat away my angst;)

  18. I agree that November and thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) gets the shaft! I love this relaxed tme of the year. :)

  19. i feel the same way about those sad little pumpkins!!
    and that pumpkin chair you have in that picture is sooo yummy.
    i do love the pumpkin's my fave. warm with a little whipped cream. mmmm.
    that little recipe up there looks like something good on a cold autumn night.
    i just wanted to let you know that you are featured on my blog today.

  20. mmmm...that pasta looks oh so yummy...i just might have to try it some night soon. :) oh...and i'm really diggin the pumpkin colored chair. my mom has one very similar that she's bringing me next time she comes to visit...eekkk...i can hardly stand the wait. :) happy weekend!

  21. Ooh, yum...looks delicious. And...yes, not much time to enjoy November. I miss you, friend!!!

  22. I concur ... November gets ripped off. Christmas music has been blaring in every store I've been in since 11/1 ... prompting us to buy more & more, earlier & earlier? ... I'm not sure why they do it but I think we should take the time to give thanks before we deck the halls. I love, love, love Christmas but it has to wait it's turn :)

  23. you had me at gorgonzola.

    mmmm. I want to make this right this smackin' second!

  24. 15 minutes ago we drove past a pumpkin patch closed up - and I lamented - 'oh all those homeless pumpkins'. Now, I adore anything pumpkin, except soup - cause that's just wrong. Will your roasted veggies be ok on a marker stained quilt? I hope so. : -) I'm just here. November. It's not Christmas, it's not July - it's this fabulous place of limbo. Just let go - you know how to do that now, right? Free fall baby - right into the dead leaves, and the brussel sprouts - there'll be plenty of time for decking halls and glitter - in a couple weeks. xo

  25. "I'll admit, this wasn't the direction I saw this post going." -so I've decided this is what it is I love about you and your writing, it's like I called you up and you're telling me what's on your mind, there is no going back and re-writing it's train of thought (is that the right saying, train of thought, that sounds weird to me). Anyways of course it had bacon in it!

    ps-our kroger has pumpkins on sale for 18 cents, still they sit :(

  26. So true - about the pumpkins and too-early red! Loved this post!

  27. Well said. Every year around August I start getting excited for fall because I know that shortly after Fall starts, it's time to start thinking about the Holidays. This year, I'm trying so hard to pace myself. At this time, I'd normally be browsing the Christmas aisles and buying peppermint ice-cream and planning Christmas. But, this year, I've made a conscious decision to avoid the Christmas aisles at the store. Although I did buy peppermint icecream, I am trying to live in the here and now.