Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Where, oh where, do I begin? The possibilities are endless!

I feel like we haven't talked in ages. Is that okay?

Because I have truly enjoyed writing for 31 straight days about letting go of various monkeys on our backs, but it left a part of me feeling like I needed to sit on my hands and count to three thousand backwards and plug my ears and sing a happy song and hope-hope-hope that soon I could go out to recess and play again.

I have many things to share with you. And yet I fear overwhelming. And so, I shall pace myself.

1. This salad. You may have seen a version of it floating around Pinterest, but I dare say mine is slightly superior. I can't stop eating this salad. I've tried, and I can't.

Chop romaine and a couple of ripe pears (the best ones almost feel overripe), then add cooked, crumbled bacon (I scored Oscar Meyer pre-cooked bacon for $1.29 a box at my beloved Dented Can. I bought twelve boxes and you know you would have done the same), toss on some dried cranberries, chopped walnuts and then sprinkle with gorgonzola (it calls for Feta, but my way is Beh-tter.) Now, for the clincher: Mix TWO parts balsamic vinaigrette to ONE part poppyseed dressing. The regular recipe calls for the opposite proportion. Trust me.

It's best served with an ice-cold Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. No diet pop. Sorry.

2. So, as of this very moment, we have earned 7% of our fundraising goal for Operation Letting Go. (I just decided right now to call it that. It works.) Seven percent, in less than 24 hours.


I'm already trying to maneuver keeping everyone motivated while not alienating people or boring everyone to tears. I'll do my best to only offer timely updates and such. But I'm so pumped to dig deep and give big. I decided today that I'm not making any extra purchases this month in honor of our cause. This is important business. I don't want to miss it. I love the idea of living out the gospel this way and changing lives while we do it. And I LOVE that so many of you have expressed your enthusiasm. Your comments throughout the day kept me giddy in the midst of Siley fits and needle sticks.

I rhyme without even trying, yallz.

Some of you have asked about the button. Feel free to copy the logo and provide the link to the fundraising page ( http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/flowerpatchfarmgirl/shannanmartinsfundraisingpage ). It thrills me silly that you want to spread the word. There's a button on my sidebar now, which links directly to the page. I'm trying to figure out a way to get the text box with the button. I've put a call in to my people. Once it's up, you'll easily be able to grab it and it will link directly to where you need to go. Until then, you can rue my untechnological self along with Cory, my high school computer teacher, and my ex-boss, for whom I telecommuted with dial-up internet service.

3. This one.

He's wiley. Maybe you knew that?

I know, I know. He looks like the dreamiest boy ever. And he is.

He told me the most convoluted story at bedtime tonight about splashing Ruby with water in the bathtub at Nana's house and I sniffed his shampoo hair and smooched his neck while he talked and I knew again that I couldn't possibly love him more.

But if you happened to be anywhere near the Quest Diagnostics lab in Goshen today somewheres around 3:30, you probably heard him screeching, "NO, Mommy!" and wailing over his "button", which is actually the pink pedometer I took from him when he first started his fit. It was out. of. control. Homeboy means business with his stubborness and general attitude. He's glass half-empty. And that's an understatement.

So all of that to say, some things just don't change.

You can live in a quiet farmhouse out in the middle of a field with a dreamy kitchen and barn that makes you cry, or you can live in a 1950's punchline of a cozy cottage smack dab in the middle of town.

Wherever you go, there you are.

We're still us, through and through. I can't tell you how comforting that is.

Also? You light up my life. Ain't no playing.


  1. You make me laugh and laugh. I have been eating that salad for a very long time. With apples though. : )


  2. I've tried all manner of salad similar to yours but never with that dressing combo. I'm going to give it a try! And I have the worst time with pears - it is like one day there are not near ripe and the next day they are too ripe. But my search for the perfect pear will carry on.

    And, I'm glad you are back to telling us about the various hodge podge of happenings in your life. But, I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to miss your Letting Go days - I seriously loved that series of yours!

  3. I was wondering if you'd bubble over or take the night off? Now we know! :)
    Gotta try that salad ~ must!

    Loved the Letting Go, but I'm ready to 'let go' of Letting Go...I've missed you Flower Patch Fun Girl!!! :)

  4. I am just thankful for this space, whether you are letting go or letting it all out. And that salad looks divine!

  5. This was the dreamiest post ever.

    Am I invited over to feast on that salad and those scrumptious Siley cheeks?

    Thanks. I'll be there directly.

    Sigh. So glad you are back. Loved the 31 days. Love the everyday You even more.

    You rule the school sister friend.


    P.S.- Laundry basket pic- All Time Fave

  6. Oh yes. I am in love with just such a salad...I NEED salad in my life because lately I've been living on random bits of food I'm finding in the couch cushions.


    You're back!!! :) I'm a happy girl too. But I loved your series and think you did a whiz-bang job on it, my friend! :)

  7. I just pinned your version of the salad. Hope that's okay. I'm planning to eat it for lunch for the rest of forever. Looks delish. I may have to substitute and apple for the pears tomorrow though - since I'm in my jammies and I'm not venturing out to the Walmart right now.

  8. I lov-uh, lov-uh, loved the 31 days series but WELCOME BACK!

  9. i made that very salad... well, the one on pinterest. i didn't love it, but it was good. i must try your version. i'm sure i'll be hooked.

    i really hope hope hope and pray you meet the goal! i know you will because our God is BIG! i would love to help out but (this is where my excuse comes in) our heater has broken twice in the last two weeks and is operating at a questionable rate tonight. ugh, such problems of "rich" people.

    you light up my life, right backatchya!!!!

  10. i have trouble writing on command, so I'm really impressed that you did it for 31 days. AMAZING!
    As far as extra purchases...um...12 boxes...well, you are lucky it wasn't 13, because once you hit 13 boxes of bacon, it becomes extra. 12 is just good planning...or something.

    As soon as I recover from the financial wormhole that is Chiropractic care, I will be donating. I got time right? ;)

  11. Dear Flower Patch Farmgirl,

    How do you count to three thousand backwards? Where do you start?

    Send salad immediately.

    Hold the bacon.

    Your Anonymously Loyal Follower Sarah

  12. Oh, bless you. I was honestly thinking just this morning that I need a good recipe for a salad with pears (that need to be used) and gorgonzola, and here you are. I may even eat this for breakfast.

    I admit I'm going to have to fudge on the dressing a bit, because I dug a bottle of poppy seed dressing from my pantry, and it's dated 2008. So it will be more along the homemade lines.

  13. Wonderful to know that location is only that....a location!
    Glad to have a post with random bits, love it. More importantly, LOVE that you added a fb share button!! Yea!! :)

  14. Hey! I love your title. That is exactly how I feel after writing on one topic for 31 days. Phewww!
    I'm a new reader; I really enjoy your writing.

  15. I needed a new salad now that figs are out of season. I'm all over this one. I can always count on you for an awesome salad. Enjoy your freedom ffpg.

  16. yum! i want that salad...but i want someone else to make it. does that sound lazy :)

  17. So, you're letting go...of letting go? Sorry, I couldn't resist. That salad is amazing. I'm more of a bleu cheese gal myself, so I might have to alter it a bit!

  18. 12 boxes of bacon!!! I am calling Hoarders. Better yet I am calling our boss Jaymes! Loved the series, but I am glad you are back. I want the button when you get it but I will have to have one of my tutors/daughters put it up for me. (shame on my lack of tech abilities)

  19. Can you add paypal as an option for donation/payment to the water fund.

  20. There is so much joy in this post! Made me smile big. :)

  21. that salad looks awesome and the only thing i don't have is the Gorgonzola...me thinks i need to have that to have the salad be complete....

  22. I would think your mid-century ranch pantry is already pretty full with all that tea you're hoarding.

    What you would you recommend to an anonymous reader that thinks your salad looks divine, but (gasp!) doesn't like gorgonzola OR feta?

  23. Shannan,
    Can't wait to try the salad...GOSHEN? That is where Doug's family lives...do you know Paul & Michele Steury? That is Doug's brother...
    xo, Cheryl

  24. P.S. Just friend requested you on facebook...Cheryl Lindsey Bennett=Whosyergurl in Bloomington, IN :-)

  25. 1. Welcome back! And thanks for your dedication to the Letting Go series...for saying what needed to be said.

    2. I want to make myself a second lunch just so I can eat that salad, but I have no gorgonzola (I agree that it's a million times better than feta) so I'll have to hold out for another day. Plus, my pears are not quite ripe yet.

    3. I'm praying about the well and my pocketbook.

    4. I love Siley all cozied up in the laundry basket. Looks like the perfect spot for a nap.

  26. Hey Sweetie,
    So glad your back to your regular posting self. I'm way behind on your series but determined to finish this week. Cant believe you made it through the whole month! That takes a lot of determination.

    So my mouth is watering at the thought of your salad ... and the Dr Pepper. I know I have pears ... Maybe bacon? But I'm surely going to have to go out for gorgonzola ;)


  27. I pinned your salad. You had me at bacon and gorgonzola.

  28. Hi! Just started reading your blog for just a short time (random how I ended up here...BUT I KNOW it was God! seriously...I was on pinterest and saw your dress..in a rabbit trail to find your dress, I ended up on your blog. BUT...The really cool part is, it was like a week before we were traveling to Seoul Korea to pick up our daughter!!) Anyhow, I dug right into your adoption posts and have been SOOO thankful for your honesty. You have a gift of writing from the heart! Just wanted to say that I've seriously pondered your thoughts and found them to be a great encouragement to my soul. We haven't been home a month yet...but it's going well. And I've been really trying to be honest with my emotions and let the grief (letting go of what "was"...we have two boys 9 and 10 yrs), fear, exhaustion etc. just run it's course! (all the while trying to focus our compassion on "baby girls" transition!) So...thanks a million for everything! We'll probably never meet...but I pray God's blessings on you and your family and your journey!! :) Isn't He so good to give us a part in HIS STORY! Sincerely~ Carolyn

  29. I shouldn't read things in backwards order, get the bacon now, trying to figure out the water, will keep reading :)

  30. Oh I get the freedom part!

    Love your need for randomness, but it is so not!

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your 31 Days before bed.