Saturday, November 19, 2011

Every Which Way but New

Wouldn't it be funny if I started beginning every post with a random flower picture and a discourse about how I'm feeling every which way but loose? (Does that phrase mean something...unseemly? It suddenly seems like it might.)

Maybe from now on, we could all just assume that Shannan's a bit frizzle-dizzed. She's taken to making up new words. She's wearing a button down with sweatpants. She's got a big, huge eye zit but she remembered to put her earrings in.

I'm half here and half there, these days.

I blame Betty.

One moment, I'm feeling like I've lost my will to be silly. I believe for certain that I've somehow plunged myself straight into the depths of eternal seriousness.

Two seconds later? I'm finding the answers to life's pressing questions in the lyrics of Michael Jackson's Beat It. No one wants to be defeated, man.

I spent last night and most of today at the annual Advisory Board retreat for my church. (You can read about last year's retreat here, but DO NOT click the link if you are adverse to Chuck Norris.) I walked away from the meeting tired (on account of the bad-news mattress) and a little nauseous (on account of the rotten cole slaw and boiled, busted-up hot dogs), but mostly, I felt excited.

There's so much mystery and suspense and bite-your-nails-clean-off-ness to this life, if we'll just show up with our eyes open and our palms facing up. We can make life as boring as we want to. We can play it safe and watch the color drain straight out the bottom of our world. Or we can skydive.

I fell asleep on the bottom bunk thinking that maybe God is doing a new thing.

Then I thought, no, He's not new. He doesn't need to improve on his mission and his perfect purpose. He has no need for a grand re-opening.

Then I thought, "But what about New Thang? Am I really open to the possibility that DC Talk's theology wasn't always spot-on?"

Then I chalked it up to the foolishness of youth. (Theirs and mine.)

God's not doing a new thing or even a new thang. He's reigning sovereign and powerful and fiercer than fire. He's as rowdy as ever. And we're finally, just barely, catching on.

This is the life I choose, thank you very much. It's way, way better than being a pew potato.